Lee Ji-hoon, also known as Master Swordsman in Lucid Adventure, is the former Vice Guild Master of the Zara Guild and the current Guild Master of Master Swordsman's Guild.


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Master Swordsman alongside a few members of the |Grass Roots Guild are telepored to Dark Land and he walks into Quest House eager to help find Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[1] He is surprised by the amount of people that were prsent to form the alliance with Dark Land. Dark tells Master Swordsman that he fought Nightmare Master Swordsman which elicitis a scoff from Master Swordsman. He then greets Sora and is surprised that her Ego Sword can walk and talk. He listens to Heart Heater's briefing on Karma how to find Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Karma pieces and deduces that they have to find them before their enemies do. Dark then tells everyone to get a move on so they can find Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[2]

Notes & Trivia

  • Sehun Kim revealed the following information about Master Swordsman in a twitter post[3]:
    • His real name was is '이지훈' (translation: Lee Ji-hoon).
    • 전직전기설비기사 루어벤 때문에지금은 관둠(백수) (translation: Luerben, a former electric equipment company has stopped him no (unemployed))
  • During Dark's fight with Nightmare Master Swordsman, it is implied by Dark that he fought Master Swordsman during the two year time-skip, claiming that Master Swordsman put up more of a fight than his Nightmare Counterpart.[4]
  • Master Swordsman's personal attribute has yet to be revealed, but fans have speculated that it is Admiral Yi Sun-sin. This is due to his water affinity attacks. His admiral attire further confirmed fans suspicions.
    • Master Swordsman spoke about his own Conceptual Magic in Season 1 and fans have speculated that it is Yi Sun-Sin's Turtle Ship, which is similar to how Armes creates Christopher Colombus' Santa Maria.


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