Map of Taste[1] is a skill of Sora's taster class.


A skill that makes Sora stronger as she consumes various foods that exist in Lucid Adventure.[2] Sora first unlocked this ability after unlocking her taster class.[1]

The map of taste first appeared as an unexplained skill icon in Sora's skill window, but Sora had a feeling that she got stronger whenever she ate food.[2]

During Sora's duel with Lila in the PvP Round semifinals, Sora completed the first page of the Map of Taste by activating the final taste, The Taste of Never Giving Up, which restored Sora's HP from 0 to 1 and allowed Sora to change jobs from a swordsman to a great sword warrior.[3]

After consuming the Hohoee Chips (Kimchi Flavor), Sora completed the high-level food collection for the B class Taster class and her taster class got upgraded from C class to B class. The map of taste changed from an unexplained skill icon in Sora's skill window to a map form once Sora collected a certain number of foods.[2] The new form of the map of taste showed the complete food lists that Sora needed to consume, the level of difficulty to acquire said food items and the stat enhancement that each food item gave Sora.[4]

The foods that Sora had already consumed prior to the map form being unlocked, such as Hohoee Chips (Kimchi Flavor), Fire Flower Salad with Salamander Sauce and Moon Rabbit's Half-Moon Rice Cake showed the stat enhancements that Sora gained by consuming them, while the foods that had not yet been consumed by Sora did not show the stat enhancements that Sora would gain from consuming them.[2] The list contained a thousand food items.[4]

Sora left Dark Land and spent a year collecting the food items for the map of taste which included the Ice Crown Superluxury Parfait, the Scrambled Eggs of a Giant Mysterious Bird, Kraken Takoyaki, Furious Hyena Skin Noodles, Elephant King Snot Jelly, Steamed Paw of Horn Bear and at some point an Imoogi Soup.[4]

Sora acquired the final item for the Map of Taste, the Tail of the Dragon of Evil after she was unwavering under the fear effect of the Dragon of Evil.[4] Sora consumed the Roasted Tail of the Dragon of Evil after Master Chef Lila cooked it for her, which led to Sora completing the map of Taste.[4] Sora triggered the effect of eating the Dragon of Evil's flesh during her battle with Nightmare Sora and this led to Sora unlocking the one and only class, and her job changed from Taster to The Hero of Taste, making Sora the True Hero of the Era.[4]

During Sora's battle with Apple, the Map of Taste effect was activated when Sora consumed the Heavenly Peach Root, Grilled Angel Fish and Hidden Holy Water which led to Sora gaining 10x the healing effects from food and 2x the extra buffs she the buffs from food.[5]

The Map

Items are listed in order of acquisition level difficulty, not by order of acquisition
Food Level



to Acquire

Stats Acquired after


Korean LINE
해금시 획득 능력치 Stats Earned Once

Items is Unlocked

Korean LINE
입수난이도 Level

of Difficulty

Furious Hyena Skin Noodles[4] Unknown
  • Unknown
Elephant King Snot Jelly[4] Unknown
  • Unknown
Steamed Paw of Horn Bear[4] Unknown
  • Unknown
Hohoee Chips (Kimchi Flavor)[2] C[2]
  • Taste: -1[2]
  • Mental Strength: +1[2]
Fire Flower Salad

with Salamander Sauce

  • Fire Attribute Resistance +5[2]
  • Stamina +3[2]
Moon Rabbit's

Half-Moon Rice Cake

  • Intelligence+1[2]
  • 50% chance of ignoring sleep magic[2]
Fried Huge Snapper A-[2]
  • Unknown
Scrambled Eggs of a Giant Mysterious Bird[2][4] A[2][4]
  • Stamina +1%[4]
  • Fear Resistance +30[4]
Kraken Takoyaki[2] A[2][4]
  • Attack Power +2%[4]
  • Evasion +1%[4]
Mandrake Pickles soaked in Angel's Tears[2] A+[2]
  • Unknown
Ice Crown Superluxury Parfait[4] S[4]
  • Cold Resistance: +50[4]
  • Regenerative Power +2%[4]
Imoogi Soup SS[2]
Roasted Tail of the Dragon of Evil[2] SSS[2][4] Sora's job changed to the True Hero of the Era, a one and only class.[4] Sora's job changed from Taster to Hero of Taste.[4]


How to Obtain


Notes & Trivia

  • Description of the Map of Taste skill covered up

    It was the first skill that was unlocked when Sora unlocked her taster class.[1] As can be seen on the picture on the right, the exact description of this skill was covered up in Episode 23. It was unknown the exact effect the skill had on Sora until Season 2 Episode 91.
  • There is a bit of inconsistency with the skill. In Episode 153, the skill seemed to be in pages as the Taste of Never Giving Up completed the first page of the Map of Taste. Then in Season 2 Episode 91, it is said that the skill has a map form and we never hear about the page form again. Hopefully this is explained by the author in future chapters.
  • Despite completing the Map of Taste in Season 2 Episode 92, it appeared that the Map of Taste skill still gave Sora buffs as shown in Season 2 Episode 24. The exact mechanics of the skill was never really explained.
  • Sora said she spent a year calling the thousands of food items for the Map of Taste.[4] It is never stated if this is real world time or Lucid Adventure time, but the latter has been assumed, which would mean she spent 7 real world years collecting the food items.


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