Majin Light

Majin Light is the Majin form of Light.


Due to the Blessings from God of Blessings, Light is able to flick 10 Lucky Coins successfully which greatly amplifies his mana. His mana exceeds 9999 which takes Light's Level beyond the human limit. He becomes Majin Light, a transcendent Being.[1]

As a Majin, Light's body is made of mana and he becomes magic itself. Light can cast magic spells as soon as he thinks of them in his head and without the need for any incantations, gestures and with no casting delay. The power of each magic spell is 'destruction' itself. This power is based on his ability to read mana and magic like writings.[2]

In his Majin form, Light defeated Choco Bibi, Cocomori and Drip Soup single-handedly, despite the latter being buffed by both the Eye of Space and Blessings of Baby Angel.[1]

He was also able to easily defeat Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Heal - FRI13, despite the latter being buffed by God of Death as well as using powerful skills.[2]

Transcendent Magic Power: In his Majin form, Light's mana exceeds 9999 and is beyond the human limit. His mana caused the 60% Holy Knight Drip Soup to shiver and caused the earth in the Valley of Pain to shake.[1][3]

Magic Negation: Light was able to Negate Choco Bibi's Spatial Distortion, which was used to redirect Dolce back at Light. Light was able to do this multiple times and eventually overwhelmed Choco Bibi.[1]

  • Teleportation Negation: Being in the realm of Light's Majin form cancels teleportation magic. 60% Holy Knight Drip Soup's teleportation magic was instantly cancelled when he was within a certain distance from Light.[1]

Magic Replication and Magic Enhancement: Majin Light was able to copy and enhance Choco Bibi's magic from the earlier Round.[1]

Magic Weaponry: As a Majin, Light is capable of wielding Dolce, one of the 6 swords of the Majin.[1] He defeated a Blessings of Baby Angel buffed Cocomori who is capable of cutting magic with her sword.[1] In the semifinals, Light was able to use Dolce without Majinization.[4][3] The reason for this has not been revealed.

  • Telekinesis: Majin Form Light is able to telekintically control and fight with Dolce without moving an inch.[1]

Enhanced Swordsmanship: In his Majin Form, Light defeated a Blessings of Baby Angel buffed Cocomori who is capable of cutting magic with her sword.[1] In his base form, Light was able to evenly Spar with Dorong, a player whose swordsman skill was almost at master level.

  • Magic Swordsmanship: Light in his base form was able to use Magic Swordsmanship to defeat Dorong. Dorong described Light's power as overwhelming.[3]


Translation Issues

Main Article: Majin Translation Issues

'마인화 라이트' is translated as 'Demonic Light', 'Demonic Form Light' and 'Demonized Light' by Line Webtoon. As noted in the Majin page, '마인' does not simply mean 'Demonic' and is a lot harder to translate to English. The complications with translating the word is detailed below.

The author does a bit of word play here. '마인' (romaja: main) is how you would write the Chinese word '魔人' (pinyin: mórén, hiragana: まじんrōmaji: majin). A 'Majin' generally refers to a person with a supernatural power or ability (but can also mean magician/sorcerer etc). While '' can mean 'demonic' or something 'supernatural' or 'magical', '' can mean 'human' or 'man' (not as in male but in 'mankind').

In the context of this series, '' (romaja: hwa) is the Korean form of the hanja, '' (pinyin: hua), which means 'to change; to transform' or 'to become; to turn into'. When added as a suffix to a word, in this case, 魔人化 (마 인 화 ) , it denotes "change into ...". Akin to English -ize and -ization or -ification. '' can also mean 'form'.

'마인화' can therefore be translated as 'Majinize' 'Majinification' or 'Majin Form'.

'마인화 라이트' can therefore mean 'Majinized Light', 'Majinified Light' or 'Majin Form Light'. For simplicity, this form would be called Majin Light, but either one can be used. Possible full English translations are 'Magic Being Form Light', 'Magic Person Form Light' or simply 'Magic Form Light'. In the comic '마인' are people/beings composed of pure magic. Light's magic has gotten so powerful he can change his 'being'.

Finally, remember '魔人' is pronounced Moren in Chinese, 'Majin' in Japanese and 'Mine' in Korean. Due to Majin being more popular in the anime/manga lexicon (through the introduction of Majin Buu from Dragonball), it has been used in this wiki. So 'Moren Light' and 'Mine Light' would be appropriate. In fact, this form appears as a one of Light's costumes in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Idle RPG game and it is called 'Mine Light' in the English version of the game.

Notes & Trivia

  • This was listed as Light's Personal Attribute in Episode 164. It is most likely an error by the author as Light needs 10 Lucky Coin buffs and God of Blessing's Blessing to activate this mode. Hopefully this will be resolved in future Episodes.


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