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The Main Characters Party also known as Dark's Party, Team Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Party and Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior was the main focus and protagonists of Season 1 of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior Webtoon, with Hardcore Leveling Warrior acting as the de-facto leader.


The team originally composed of Dark, Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Sora in the beginning up until the PvP Round where Heart Heater became a part of the team after a player that Hardcore Leveling Warrior recruited failed to meet with them.

They were the final champions of the last Combat Tournament in Lucid Adventure.

Current Members



Dark's Job Advancement Quest

SS Secret Grade Quest

Preliminary Round

Subjugation Round

Pooh Upooh Request Quest

Siege Round

PvP Round



Main Series

Hardcore Leveling Tank


Notes & Trivia

  • It was hinted through a silhouette pose in Episode 108 that the fourth member of team was Heart Heater.
  • The team was chosen by The Absolute God however they weren't given any blessings unlike the other teams in the PvP Round.