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Main Character_Berserk is a passive skill of Tac's personal attribute, Kim Gu.


Kim Gu first entered the 'Mad-Max' Mode when he found out his friend, Kim Byungsik (Korean:김병식), had gone to recuse Kwon Summer (Korean: 권여름) alone.[1]

In this state, his aggression, speed, power, stamina and durability were raised and he was able to quickly recover from blows and counter attack immediately.

Kim Gu was previously driven into a corner by Kang Dong-hyung's (Korean: 강동현) kicks, but after entering 'Mad-Max' mode, he knocked him out with a J.R.I.R. Crush.[1] When Kang Dong-Hyung regained his consciousness and attempted to attack Kim Gu, but the force and pressure from Kim Gu's spirit forced him to his knees which left him embarrassed.[2][3]

Kim Gu defeated multiple rain makers and defeated Go Sung-kook (Korean: 고성국) in a single blow using Teethbreaker Lv. 3 J.R.I.R. Crush.[4]

In this state, he was able to take the full swing of a baseball bat to the back of his head and not even flinc and deliver a blow strong enough to break a person's shin.[5]

The problem was that in this state, Kim Gu could not distinguish friend from foe and attacks indiscriminately. He attacked Kim Byungsik when he attempted to calm him down[5] and had to be headbutted to the ground in order to regain his sense.[6]


It is a hidden skill straight out of a cartoon character that is activated when Tac's precious comrade dies in front of him.[7]

Tac's eyes glow bright red and he goes berserk and becomes extremely powerful. According to HCLW , it is a super overpowered skill.[8]

The buff has a time limit so Tac's opponent can survive if they are fast enough to avoid his attacks.[8]

A blow from Tac in this mode was capable of severely injuring HCLW, despite the latter absorbing the blow with the Sword of Honor.[8]

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Notes & Trivia

  • The skill seems to based on a common manga trope where the main characters of the series gets a sudden power up when their comrade is critically wounded/dies and can overcome overwhelming odds. It is a form of plot armour.
  • The skill mirrors Kim Gu's 'Mad-Max' Mode as described above.


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