Magic Sword - Dolce is one of the 6 swords of the Majin. It is a one handed sword with a a unique double-helix design.


Stats: Not revealed

As one of the 6 Majin Swords[1], Dolce is an extremely powerful weapon.

It is a weapon only 'Majins' can use. Just by landing it, it neutralises all the magic of the target.[2]

It was first summoned by Light after he turned into a Majin.[1] Light was then able to summon it without becoming a Majin in the PvP Semi finals.[3] The reason has not been given.

Light was able to use Dolce to easily block the gigantic Sword of God used by The Ultimate Healer.[4]

Majin Light was able to use Docle to disable the #1 Ranker powered HCLW's magic immunity.[2]

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Notes & Trivia

  • A few translation notes:
    • When Light first summoned Dolce he used the words 'Summon Magic Sword' (마검 소환) in Episode 134. this is translated as 'Summon Demonic Sword'
    • The second time he summoned it he used 'Magi Summon' (마기 소환). This is translated as Magic summon.
    • Dolce is called one of the 'Six Demonic Swords' by Webtoon. '마인의 6검중 하나' translates to 'One of the Six Swords of Majin'.
  • Some fans believe the Sword's design was inspired by the Fierce Deity Sword from Legend of Zelda series.


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