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Conceptual Magic is a type of magic in Lucid Adventure and is exclusive to players alone.


It is advanced magic that cannot be blocked because it's completely different from any other magic.[1] It is a spell made from the concept of someone's Personal Attribute. Usually, it's made with Person-Type Personal Attributes.[2]

Since it's from their Personal Attribute where they use their certain characters as your occupation, it usually depends on the weapons, skills and spells they use...as well as their personal history and background.[2]

The spell takes the 'Concept' of that person's past or things other people know about them and turns it into a spell with mana of their Personal Attribute. Unlike Dragon Magic or Ancient Magic, it's a totally individual and personalized type of magic.[2]

That's why there are so many different types. It can be anything from a weapon to a vehicle or even some kind of space. The possibilities are endless.[2]

According to Tempest, many Rankers have their own Conceptual Magic which is the reason they don't reveal much about themselves as they don't want anyone using Concept Destruction against them.[2]

List of Conceptual Magic

Conceptual Magic User(s)
Departure - Santa Maria
Turtle Ship x Santa Maria
Turtle Ship
Sea Currents
Apples of The Goddess
Punishing Hubris
Even Dogs Shouldn't Be Bothered When They're Eating
Rule - Chess
Dance of Death
Bier Litter
Stone Sentinel Maze

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