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Magic-Neutralizing Armor is an armor set that was worn by Hardcore Leveling Warrior during both The Preliminary Round and The Siege Round.


The Armor is capable of deflecting magic, causing even high tier magic that would one-shot people comparable to Hardcore Leveling Warrior level at the time to simply sting a little without doing any real damage

The magic deflection was first believed to be a personal trait of Hardcore Leveling Warrior but it was later revealed to be the result of the armor.[1]

It is not immune to physical damage and cannot be repaired once it is damaged. The armor was damaged quite heavily during Hardcore Leveling Warrior's clash with Zero during the Subjugation Round.

He discarded it soon after for the High-Defense Armor.[2]


The Armor completely negated The Flame of Death skill of Manager Park with Hardcore Leveling Warrior even boasting that it felt "really warm".[3]

Light's Holy Light stung Hardcore Leveling Warrior's body but did no damage but the Holy Grace skill caused his face to bruise a little when it came into contact with it directly.[4]

Notes & Trivia

  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior claimed that the magic neutralizing ability was his own ability to other characters and even we, the readers were fooled. It wasn't until Episode 51 that it was revealed that the Armor was neutralising all the magic attacks he was receiving.


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