Lucky Three! Three Cards is a skill used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior after flipping Lucky Coin and Golden Lucky Coin.


Hardcore Leveling flicks the Golden Lucky Coin and is presented with a set of cards representing various abilities Hardcore Leveling Warrior has seen. He may pick three. Each card acts as a consumable item that allows him to use the corresponding skill.


Cobalt Castle Infiltration

During the Zara Guild's infiltration of Cobalt Castle, Hardcore Leveling Warrior encountered a Cobalt Golem. To face the Cobalt Golem, HCLW flicked the Lucky Coin and got access to a selection of skills.[1] He ended up picking Immortal Barrier, Freeze and Water Needle and he could use them in the form of playing cards.[2] These cards ultimately aided him in defeating the Cobalt Golem.

The Combat Tournament - The Subjugation Round

After getting knocked down by a Nightmare powered Rigos, Hardcore Leveling Warrior with his #3 Ranker powers temporarily restored, used the Golden Lucky Coin skill[3] and gained access to a selection of skills. He picked Choco Bibi's Teleport, Lime's Healing Bubble and Light's Chain Holy Light and they were in the form of playing cards.[4] These skills ultimately aided him in defeating Rigos.[4]

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