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Lucky Punch is Gambler skill. 


It is one of the ultimate skills of Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It can be used if when he fulfils the Lucky Man condition.[1]

After activating Lucky Man, a roulette wheel spins above Hardcore Leveling Warrior's head as he raises his hand. He then punches the opponent as the Roulette wheel spins and deals damage to the target based on the five numbers that appear on the wheel, ranging from 00001 to 99999.[1]

It seems like this Roulette wheel is unique to Hardcroee Leveling Warrior as when Demon used Lucky Punch, there was no Roulette Wheel.[2]


Subjugation Round

After activating Lucky Man and stunning Rigos with a kick, Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Lucky Punch on Rigos, dealing him a damage of 99999.[1]

Giga's PvP Round Recruitment

Hungry Ghost attempted to use Lucky Punch on Light but he was hit by Light's Blade Whirlwind.[2]

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