Lucky Man is a passive skill of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's personal Attribute, Absolute Luck. 


When Lucky Man is activated, Hardcore Leveling Warrior unintentionally avoids and opponents attack and can even end up accidentally dealing a critical damage to an enemy.[1][2]


Listed in chronological order

Instance Description
AE 4 As Hardcore Leveling Warrior is about to be stomped by Mama Queen Rabbit, he felt he couldn't dodge but Lucky Man is activated and he accidentally trips on a rock and successfully dodges the attack.[2]
Episode 43 As Ligos created a spear made out of his blood and was about to pierce Hardcore Leveling Warrior with an unavoidable attack. Lucky Man was activated and Hardcore Leveling Warrior slipped on the ice, avoiding Ligos strike and even dealt a critical hit to Ligos by accidentally kicking his jaw in the same move.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • In Episode 164, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Personal Attribute is listed as Lucky Man in his infobox. We know that he said his Absolute Luck was his personal attribute in Episode 25. It has been assumed by this wiki that Lucky Man is a passive of Absolute Luck.
  • Some fans believe that Lucky Man is a prerequisite for Lucky Punch, but this was never stated in the webtoon. In fact, Hungry Ghost was able to activate Lucky Punch without Lucky Man. 
  • Korean literal translation: "System: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's - Lucky Man - Conditions fulfilled! Use Lucky Punch, the ultimate of Hardcore Leveling Warrior". Line Webtoon: "System: Hardcore Leveling Warrior can now use - Lucky Man-! Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses Lucky Punch". The confusion seems to stem from Hardcore Leveling Warrior using Lucky Punch after Lucky Man conditions were fulfilled. Until the author himself confirms that Lucky Punch can only be used after Lucky Man, this wiki will not write that they are dependent on each other.  
  • There appears to be a setting error in AE 4. Lucky Man is meant to be a passive of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's personal attribute, which the author said is a Class Type. Class Type's can only be unlocked after Level 40 but Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses Lucky Man at Level 12.  


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