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Lucid Balls[1] are items that provide a variety of functions that aid regular users and Rankers in the Lucid Adventure.


Lucid Balls emerged after the God of Combat died and the divine power of The Gods was absorbed into the world.[2][1]

Lucid Ball ranks each of the users powers based on the world itself, with the limit being set by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who himself had reached the humanly limit.[1] The first ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior's combat power serves as the 100% reference value.[3] The closer a user's measured value is to the reference value, the closer they are to Hardcore Leveling Warrior's combat power.[3]

It became the basis for the a new Ranking System.

Lucid Ball also became a tool that holds information of players like their various stats or qualifications. It is used as a means to identify oneself in various situations in the game.[1]

The Lucid Balls of Rankers have special colours.[1]

Lucid Ball Skills

  • Peek: Allows the user to analyze the target. The higher the skill level, the more information you can get from the target.


Notes & Trivia

  • Although not explicitly stated, the reference value that uses Hardcore Leveling Warrior's combat power may be the "base" Hardcore Leveling Warrior without any buffs. In Season 2 Episode 23, Heriach's combat power kept rising as he used his True Awakening. This will have to be confirmed by the author.
  • During Stone's battle with Ge Des, Stone's combat power reached 99.27% of the Lucid Ball reference value set by the rank no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior which caused Zhuge Kongming to question if Stone had surpassed Hardcore leveling Warrior.[3]