Lucid Balls are items that provide a variety of functions that aid regular users and Rankers in the Lucid Adventure.


Lucid Ball emerged after the God of Combat died and the divine power of The Gods was absorbed into the world.

Lucid Balls rank each of the users powers based on the world itself, with the limit being set by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who himself had reached the humanly limit.[1]

It became the basis for the a new Ranking System.

Lucid Ball also became a tool that holds information of players like their various stats or qualifications. It is used as a means to identify oneself in various situations in the game.[1]

Lucid Balls's of Rankers have special colours.[1]

Lucid Balls

User Rank Colour Notes
Live or Die by Style 2 Top 1000 Black (Red R)
Dark 3 Marroon (White R)
Secretary Kim unknown Maroon (White R)

Lucid Ball Skills

  • Peek: Allows the user to analyze the target. The higher the skill lvel, the more information you can get from the target.[2]

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