Lu Bu is the strongest Hero Type Personal Attribute in Lucid Adventure.[1]


'Lu Bu' was a Warlord in the Late Eastern Han Dynasty. His Courtesy Name is 'Fengxian'(奉先). A traitor, stubborn, not good enough to be a hero but the only reason people remember him is because of his Absolute Strength. In the Era of the Warriors, there's a legend that no one could fight him in his prime.[2]

Lu Bu

Immense Attack Power: Lu Bu had maxed out his base strength stat out 999 at the time of the Siege Round. A single blow from Lu Bu was enough to send Hardcore Leveling Warrior flying across The Best Food and caused him some damage despite him equipping the High Defence Armor.[1]

His strength stat has been 900 since he was level one due to his personal attribute. This even applies to the Siege Round, where players stats and level were reset to Level 1.[2]

A simple projectile thrown was strong enough to critically damage and destroy the magic defense towers and an unskilled slash with his sycthe was enough to destroy all the defense towers in Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Team Castle Eastern Wall.[3]

  • Strength Enhancement: Lu Bu is able to further enhance his immense strength by 1.5x using his One-On-One Combat skill, which took his strength stat to over 1300. He was able to easily parry a Moonlight Slash from a Hardcore Leveling Warrior with a strength stat of 500 with just a simple block with his scythe. The air pressure he created by simply swinging his scythe was enough to push Hardcore Leveling Warrior back. An unskilled slash from his scythe was enough to split the ground of the Siege Round open and create a huge crater. A single unskilled blow from Lu Bu caused over 5000 damage and was strong enough to completely destroy Hardcore Leveling Warrior's five barriers.[2]

Enhanced Speed: His speed stat is unknown but it is further increased from the muscular strength given to him by his 999 strength stat.[4] After using One-On-One Combat, he was faster than Hardcore Leveling Warrior's casting speed time.[2]

Polearm Proficiency: Like the real Lu Bu, Lu Bu appears to be proficient using pole arms. He was first seen using a scythe during the start of the Siege Round but later changed it to a spear, which is the flagship weapon of the real Lu Bu.[3]

Horse Riding Proficiency: Just like the real Lu Bu who rode on his Red Hare, Lu Bu appears to be proficient in riding a horse as he was able to ride on Managerpark38 in his horse form.[3]

  • Strength Sharing: Lu Bu is able to share his immense strength stat with his Managerpark38 in his horse mode whilst riding him which allowed them to breach the walls of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's team Castle.[3]

Xiang Yu

Giga had a top secret project where they copied and overlayed personal attributes on top of each other. The success rate of that top secret project was below 0.1%, but the first successful case was born out of the odds was Xiang Yu. When Lu Bu was at Giga, he took a part in different tests and experiments. Dark theorises that this technology had similarities to Nightmare.[5]

Xiang Yu was able to combine Lu Bu with his own personal attribute, Xiang Yu, and use Double Personal Attribute. How much of Lu Bu Xiang Yu was able to access has not been revealed.


Translation Issues

The personal attribute's name, 'Yeo Po' (Hangul: 여포, Romaja: yeopo), is the Korean form of the Chinese name 'Lu Bu' (Hanja: 呂布, Pinyin: Lǚ Bù). Line Webtoon has been incorrectly translating the personal attribute as 'Fengxian' since it was introduced in Episode 74. There has no explanation for this and it still does not make any sense as to why the personal attribute is called 'Fengxian'.

Interestingly, 'Fengxian' (Hanja: 奉先, Pinyin: Fèng xiān) (Hangul: 봉선, Romajabongseon) is actually the Courtesy Name (Korean: 자, Chinese: 字) of the real life Lu Bu.

In the description of Lu Bu, Line Webtoon translates the following "자는 봉선(奉先)" as "His Nickname is Fengxian". '자' (romaja: ja) is the Korean form of the hanja '字' (pinyin: zi) which means 'Courtesy Name'. A Courtesy Name is a name traditionally given to Chinese men at the age of 20, marking their coming of age. It was sometimes given to women upon marriage. The practice is no longer common in modern Chinese society

Notes & Trivia

  • The personal attribute is based on the character of the same name, Lü Bu. In the In the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Lü Bu is portrayed as a nearly invincible warrior but an incapable leader who is further marred by character flaws.
  • The Lu Bu personal attribute is the reason that Lu Bu became the youngest person to ever be scouted by Giga.[1]
  • In the Naver Webtoon series God of Highschool, the Charyeok of Yu Mi-ra is Yeo-Po Bong-Seon (Lu Bu Fengxian) who is also based off the real Lu Bu.


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