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Yeo Bong-Sun, also known as Bong-Sunny[1] by his close friends and known as Lu Bu in Lucid Adventure, is a former member of Giga. When he was in the eighth grade, he became the youngest person to ever be scouted for Giga.[3] He was a member of Team Giga No.9 that took part in the Combat Tournament and got eliminated by Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior during the Siege Round.[3][4] After his loss in the Combat Tournament, he was let go by Giga and has resented them since.[1]

After the two year time skip, he became a student of Lucid High alongside Dark, Wolf and Chota.


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Real World

Yeo Bong-Sun is a tall tanned young man with unkempt blonde hair. When at work, he wears a creamish gray hoodie, black pants and shoes. At school, he wears a white uniform with pale green shirt underneath, blue pants, and black shoes. At home, he was shown wearing white shirt, green pants and black socks.

Lucid Adventure

Lu Bu was a short dark-skinned kid with gray hair. His large spiky black eyebrows spanned and merged with his hair. He wore a black muscle fitted sleeveless shirt with green armor covering his neck and two small orange spikes on the back. He wore two large gauntlets that acted as a limiter and a green scaled waist armor with black or pinkish leg armor and green boots with two raptors each.

Now, Lu Bu's height changed similarly to his real life height but had kept his hairstyle from the beginning. He no longer wore armor, instead, he wears a dark green jacket with white shirt underneath, red cloth that hanged around his waist and a piece of green armor on it, dark green pants and black shoes.


Due to his overwhelming strength, Lu Bu favours resolving his problems through brute force rather than through strategy.[5][6] Lu Bu tends to be bored when facing weak opponents and gets a thrill out of fighting strong opponents.[7] He respects strength and power and was seen showing disappointment with his own teammate's lack of strength.[8] Because of his own strength, he tends to look down on those who are weaker than him and see them as nothing more than a nuisance, which ultimately contributed to his teams defeat.[9]

His overconfidence combined with his short-temper and lack of tactical intelligence meant that he could be exploited by characters who rely more on strategy such as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who provoked him into revealing his weakness during the start of their Siege Round match.[10]

His single-mindedness in defeating Hardcore Leveling Warrior caused him to neglect the actual objective of destroying Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Team buildings which ended up costing his own team the match. He also lacked the ability to adapt to different circumstances as shown by his inabilty to dapt to Team Hardcore Leveling Warrior's surprising Hohoian tactics.[9]

As he's an eight grader, his insults tend to be juvenile such as when he referred to Hardcore Levelling Warrior as "dog poop" (개똥, gaettong) and a "pussy" (쫄보, jjolbo).[5][11]

Major Battles

  • Lu Bu vs Dark (Multiple Fights)

Other Appearances

Video Games

Playable Appearances

Translation Notes

Issues and Errors

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Game Name

The characters player name, "Yeo Po" (Hangul: 여포, Romaja: yeopo), is the Korean form of the Chinese name "Lu Bu" (Hanja: 呂布, Pinyin: Lǚ Bù). LINE Webtoon has been incorrectly calling the character "Fengxian" since he was introduced in Episode 74. There has no explanation for this and it still does not make any sense as to why they call the character "Fengxian". The character's name is correctly translated as "Lu Bu" in the English version of Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Idle RPG.

Interestingly, Fengxian (Hangul: 봉선, Romaja: bongseon, Hanja: 奉先, Pinyin: Fèngxiān) is actually the Courtesy Name (Korean: 자, Chinese: 字) of the real life Lü Bu.

Real Name

The player's real life name, "Yeo Bong-Sun" (여봉선), is a play on Lu Bu's real name and Courtesy name. "Yeo" (여) is the Korean form of "Lu" (呂), Lu Bu's surname. "Bong-Sun" (봉선) is the Korean form of "Fengxian" (奉先), Lu Bu's Courtesy Name. LINE Webtoon has used a translation of the Korean and Chinese and call him Fengxian Yeo. For consistency of language, the full Korean form will be used in this wiki.

In the real world, Yeo Bong-Sun is called 'Bong-Sunny' by his friends. Both Kim Ki-hoon and Seo Chan call him Bong-Sunny in Season 2 Episode 18. LINE Webtoon incorrectly translates this as Fengxian.

International Translations

Name Platform Language




呂奉宣 (Lǚ fèngxuān) 呂布 (Lǚ Bù) LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Yeo Fengxian Fengxian LINE Webtoon (English) English
Lü Bu LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Notes & Trivia

  • The character is based on a real life character of the same name, Lü Bu. Lu Bu is described in historical and fictional sources as an exceptionally mighty warrior that was also notorious for his temperamental behaviour. He switched allegiances erratically and freely betrayed his allies, and was noted for his poor planning and management skills. In the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Lü Bu is portrayed as a nearly invincible warrior but an incapable leader who is further marred by character flaws.
  • Lu Bu made his first appearance in Episode 74. His real world debut was in Season 2 Episode 17. His real name was revealed in Season 2 Episode 18.
  • The mechanical horse Lu Bu is seen riding in Episode 105 has been speculated by some fans to be Managerpark38. This has not been confirmed.
  • It appears that Lu Bu is no longer associated with Giga in Season 2, but this has not been officially confirmed in the Webtoon.
  • Lu Bu is a fan of Jaguar Toe and Huu.[12]
  • The author revealed on the official Hardcore Leveling Warrior instagram page that Lu Bu's birthday is August 4th.[2]