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Long Padding Man is a healer from Dark Land.


Long Padding Man is a lime green skinned person with oval yellow eyes, a cartoon face on his head and a tiny snow hat floating above him. He wears a long padding jacket, black gloves, black jogging pants with three white stripes, and black shoes.





As a member of Dark Land, Long Padding Man supports the kingdom by healing those in need. He gets worried when his 'patient' tries to leave when they are not fully healed.[1]


Not much has been shown but Long Padding Man is on friendly terms with everyone in his guild even though he was a bit insulted by Akira comparing him to Lime.

Skills & Abilities

It is unknown if Long Padding Man has any combat prowess, but he has been shown to be an extremely proficient healer.

Healing: As a healer, Long Padding is able to heal other characters. Although his healing ability is not as quick as Lime's, he was able to remove the curses and poisons from Akira's body.[2] He was able to heal Heart Heater after the latter's body had been severely damaged from being 100% controlled by the Dragon of Evil. He healed the large scars from Heart Heater's body.[1]

  • Vital Scanning: Long Padding Man was able to sense the state of the person's physical condition he is healing. He was able to see that Heart Heater's mana veins had burst like rubber hoses bursting from excessive pressure.[1]



Long Padding Man became a member of Dark Land at some point during the 2 year timeskip.

Season 2

Summit Arc

Long Padding Man healed the injured Akira after Akira's loss to Yopi. He removed the curses and poison from Akria's body.[2]

Long Padding Man was in Quest House healing Heart Heater after the latter body was heavily injured from being used by The Dragon of Evil. Heart Heater suddenly becomes conscious and interrupts his treatment. Long Padding Man protests that his treatment isn't over but Heart Heater tells him he is fine. Long Padding Man folded his arms and did not look happy about not being able to finish the treatment.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • The first picture of Long Padding Man was actually revealed on Sehun Kim's blog on 31st of January 2020, almost a month before it was released on the website. He accompanied the picture with the words: 다크랜스 소속 힐러; 생긴것과는 다르게 실력이 좋다; 본체는 꼭대기의 살색. This translates to 'Dark Land Healer'. Unlike how he appears, he has good skills'. 'The body is flesh-colored at the top'.[3]
  • It is unclear if the character is a player or an NPC.


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