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Liu Bei (tentative name) was a player in Lucid Adventure. She was a member of the Giga Empire.[1][2]

Liu Bei was amongst the many Giga players that took a last stand when a Giga castle was sieged by New Nightmare. She and the others fell to Queen No Name's Stream of Destruction and were quickly defeated.

Before she crumbled away, she questioned No Name's actions and whether she finds it fun burning all their memories to ashes. She was then deleted from the game and has lost her memories of Lucid Adventure.[2]


Liu Bei is a small woman with long espresso brown-colored hair, thick eyebrows and eyelashes, and large earlobes. She most often wears satisfied expression with her eyes constantly narrowed to slits, rarely ever opening her enough to reveal her emerald green and white eyes.

When working undercover, she wears a white turtleneck shirt with a large spruce blue colored cape, brown pants and boots. When working under Giga, she wears the Black Piebald Horse Set, a full black armour set.



Liu Bei is a deceitful and persuasive person as she fooled the leader of Calmon Guild, Monde, into thinking that she was a newbie and was able turn the majority of the Guild's members, who are very well-known for their loyalty, against their own Guild. She is also very confident of herself as she believed she could open Dark Land's Gates for the Giga Empire in just a few months even if their Guild Master is a ranker.[1] She also loves drinking and getting wasted.

Despite all this, she can be sentimental, an example of this is her surprising love and care for the Giga Empire which she highly values. She also loved playing Lucid Adventure with her fellow members and despised anyone that would ruin it. She questioned No Name's cruelty, asking if it was fun burning all their memories to ashes as she crumbled away.[2]


Giga Empire

Liu Bei highly valued the Giga Empire, regarding it, along with the others, as their precious guild that they've built together with their own hands. She and the Giga members made their last stand against the Queen of Nightmare, No Name, in an attempt to guard it from collapsing.

Zhuge Kongming

Liu Bei knew of Kongming as she states that it was their first time meeting in person, meaning that they already knew each other but never directly met. She considers him as someone she didn't need to visit three times in order to have him by his side.

She seems to have been Kongming's associate that was known for destroying guilds from the inside and the reason many guilds perished.



Liu Bei played Monde as she pretended to be a newbie and a friend to him until her betrayal. She thought he was dumb for declining her offer to join Giga but nonetheless thought they could've been good friends had he joined Giga.

Monde, on the other hand, thought she was just a newbie that needed his help.



Liu Bei displayed little of her capabilities in combat but she is a very fast opponent as she displayed her speed when she immediately appeared right behind Monde, covering a great distance between them by just leaping.[1] She also wore the same armour that Zhang Fei and Xiang Yu wore, suggesting that she is highly skilled and possesses great power in her own right.[2]

However, her true talent lies within her deceptive abilities. Though no one knew of her, she was the reason why many guilds perished because of "spies".[3] She is very proficient in persuasion as she was able to persuade Calmon Guild's guildmates, known very well for their loyalty, against their own guild. She was so persuasive that Zhuge Kongming thought that she was using mind control.[1]

Based on the skill she has shown, she is also capable of leadership.[2]

Combat Style

Liu Bei is a dual sword user and a fast player, using her speed to move around her opponents, preferably from behind.

Skills Tree

Liu Bei's Skills

  • Monarch's Command: The exact effect of this skill is unknown but it seems to be a skill that buffs her allies.



  • Double Swords: Liu Bei dual wields two swords in combat, both have yellow handles and white blades.



Infiltrating Calmon

Liu Bei acted like a newbie who was at risk of dying until she was saved by the Calmon Guild's Guild Master, Monde.

After infiltrating the guild, she was able to persuade and made friends with everyone in the Guild, and won them over on her side instead of the Guild's.[1]

Fall of Calmon

During Giga's raid on the Calmon's Guild Castle, she started her betrayal, eliminating those still loyal to the Guild and came to Monde's location. She told him to open the gates to his castle, promising that things will be easier for him but the request was rejected by Monde who then launched a blast of light blue magic at her.

She remained stoic and then suddenly appeared right behind him, leaping a great distance over. She remarked she thought that they could've been good friends before slicing his head and arms off. After that, she and the other members celebrated by drinking and getting wasted before opening the gates.

After the gates were opened, she met with Zhuge Kongming, saying that this was the first time that they met in person and offered him a drink. Kongming politely declined and introduced himself instead. After a short conversation, they went somewhere private to continue their discussion.

Zhuge Kongming questioned Liu Bei on how she pulled it all off, noting that Calmon's guild members are very loyal. Liu Bei avoided the question and said that she just made friends with everyone. She then asks Kongming who's the next target guild to which Kongming states is Jay-An Guild. However, he stated that the real problem comes after that which is Dark Land. Liu Bei told Kongming to give her a few months and she'll be able to open the gates of Dark Land.[1]

Season 2

Unnamed Arc

Liu Bei is among the last resistance, with Zhang Fei, Heriach, Apple, and Bubble, guarding the last unnamed castle of the Giga Empire. She used Monarch's Command on her allies, presumably granting them a buff. After a Nightmare Warship crashed, she ordered them all to focus as the real fight starts now with No Name landing in front of them.

After cornering No Name, Liu Bei loudly declared that Giga will never perish, as she states along with the others that they'll protect the guild they've built with their own hands no matter what. However, they were all swept up by No Name's Stream of Destruction, instantly defeating them.

Before she crumbled away, Liu Bei states that they didn't come this far for such an end. She questions No Name's actions and whether she enjoys burning all their memories to ashes. These words left a mark on No Name as she suddenly thinks of Armes. Liu Bei curses as she crumbles away, deleted from Lucid Adventure and all her memories relating to the game.[2]


Major Battles

Notes & Trivia

  • Many fans were very disappointed and complained how this character was handled. All complained about stories hinted in the past not being developed. They talked about the underutilization of Liu Bei's character, and how she did not infiltrate Dark Land like it was proposed in AE 6.
  • The character's name was never revealed in the series. Liu Bei is used as placeholder till the character's name is revealed. Naver fans universally call her "Yubi", the Korean pronunciation of Liu Bei.
  • Although this has yet to be confirmed, the Giga spy in AE 6 was hinted to be Liu Bei. The hints were:
    • Ear lobes: The woman has large earlobes. Liu Bei, is said to have had ears reaching to his shoulders, similar to many statues of Buddha.
    • Double Swords: The woman used two swords. In Romance of the Three Kingdoms novel, Liu Bei wields a pair of double edged swords called shuang gu jian (雙股劍)
    • Three visits: Liu Bei went to see Zhuge Liang and finally had an audience with him after three visits. This was referenced when the woman said she to Zhuge Kongming: "I didn't need to visit you three times to have you on my side, huh?".
    • Friends: Liu Bei was good at making friends Liu Bei was well liked by his contemporaries. Liu Bei made friends with famous and heroic people and many youths had struggled to attach to him. The Giga spy said "I made friends with everyone...".
    • Liu Bei, courtesy name Xuande, was a warlord in the late Eastern Han dynasty who founded the state of Shu Han in the Three Kingdoms period and became its first ruler. Culturally, due to the popularity of the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Liu Bei is widely known as an ideal benevolent, humane ruler who cared for his people and selected good advisers for his government. His fictional counterpart in the novel was a salutary example of a ruler who adhered to the Confucian set of moral values, such as loyalty and compassion.
      • Liu Bei, Guan Yu and Zhang Fei took an oath of fraternity in a ceremony in the Peach Garden and became sworn brothers from then on. Their goal in taking the oath was to protect the Han Empire from the Yellow Turban rebels. The oath bound the three men, who would later play important roles in the establishment of the state of Shu Han during the Three Kingdoms period. It is also often alluded to as a symbol of fraternal loyalty.