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Han Sung-Gong

Han Gun-Soo is the second son and the youngest child of Han Sung-Gong. Han Gun-Soo appears to want recognition from his father and won't forgive the person that disrupts the world he made.[5] He is constantly competing for his father's recognition with his siblings, Gun-Ho and Soo-Ah. He was desperate to win The Combat Tournament in order to get God's Gift in order to be a step closer to his father as well as to not let him down.[6][7] 

Han Gun-Ho

Han Soo-Ah

Han Gun-Jae

Han Sung-Hyun

Han Sung-Hyun was Han gun-Soo's uncle. Han Gun-Soo believed that Sung-Hyun was a loser just like his 'son' Gun-Woo.[8]

Han Gun-Woo


Secretary Kim

General Manager Park

Secretary Park

Hungry Ghost

Team Lu Bu

Dark's Party

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Yopi Land



Grass Roots Guild

Choco Bibi


God of Combat

Sweet Potato Head 고구마머리 Episode 144

God of Blessings


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