"Only those gifted with overwhelming powers are the ones still standing. Everyone else is nothing but a waste of space."

Han Gun-soo (Line Webtoon: Lucas Han), also known as Light in Lucid Adventure, is the 2nd son and the youngest child of Giga's Chairman, Sam Han. He is the current Vice President of Giga and Lord of Totoras.

He is currently participating in the the Combat Tournament in order to win 'God's Gift' and gain his fathers recognition.

Light is not officially a Ranker, but based on the power he displayed in the PvP Rounds, he is estimated to be 3rd in the Rankings.[2]

Later on after the events of the PvP round during the timeskip, Lucas would find himself 'back together' but unable to fight due to the Divine Skill used on him by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He now for the time being does support for Giga.

Due to his actions and role since his introduction, he is one of the major antagonists of the series.


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Sam Han

Nathan Han

Sua Han

Roy Han

James Han

Carter Han


Secretary Kim

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Secretary Park

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Hardcore Leveling Warrior

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God of Combat

Sweet Potato Head 고구마머리 Episode 144

God of Blessings

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As the Lord of Totoras, Light has access to the following skills:

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Five Years Ago

5 years ago, a 16 year old Lucas Han had dinner with his father, Roy Han, James Han and Carter Han. He left the dining room along with Carter when the adults wanted to discuss business.[3]

Giga Vice-President, Lord of Totoras & Master Magician

At some point, Lucas Han became the Vice-President of Giga Group and the Lord of Totoras. He also completed his 5 job advancements to become a Master Magician.[4][5]

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Discover Your Personal Attribute

Combat Tournament Preparation

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The Hohoians

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Siege Round

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Trial of the Dragons

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Escape from Seoul

PvP Final Round



What Giga Does

Light is in Totoras still recovering from his loss to Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the PvP Round Final. The parts slashed by Hardcore Levelig Warrior are stitched up by a Giga machine and it informs him that it would take him some time to recover due to being wounded by a divine skill.[6]

Secretary Kim contacts him, informing him that it was decided during the meeting that he should rest from battle and take on more support duties while he recovers. Light then heads out to do some other backhand deals with Korean senators.[6]

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Lucid Adventure

Notes & Trivia

  • Light made his first appearance at the end of Episode 10 and was revealed as the Vice President. His Lucid Adventure name and real name were revealed in Episode 11.
  • Light was erroneously called 'Lord of Bromorten' in Episode 132. The Lord of Bromorten is his older sister Sua Han as was revealed in Episode 26.


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