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Only those gifted with overwhelming powers are the ones still standing. Everyone else is nothing but a waste of space.
 ― Light

Han Gun-Soo, known as Light in Lucid Adventure, is the 2nd son and the youngest child of Giga's Chairman, Han Sung-Gong. He was the former Vice President of Giga and the former Lord of Totoras. Light is not officially a Ranker, but based on the power he displayed in the PvP Rounds, he was estimated to be Ranked No.3 under Giga's Ranking System.[11]

He participated in the the last ever Combat Tournament in order to win 'God's Gift' and gain his fathers recognition. His team was defeated in the final by Team Dark.[12]

Due to the Divine Skill used on him by Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the PvP Round Final, Light's character had to be 'stitched back together' and he was relegated to support role by Giga while he recovered.[13][12][14] 14 years later (2 years in reality), Light has still not fully recovered from Hardcore Leveling Warrior's attack, which is limiting the number of skills he can use.[15][16]

After his father, Han Sung-Gong, was deleted from Lucid Adventure by his older brother, Han Gun-Ho, he became the new Emperor of the Giga Empire.


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Real World

When Han Gun-Soo was 16 years old, he was shown to have short black hair and was shown wearing a gray collared shirt, black pants and black shoes.

After his team was selected by the God of Blessings, his father had talked to him in real life, Han Gun-Soo had now grown and wore a black black suit with a red necktie. His hair had also grown out a bit as well. When he was interviewed by the media, he was wearing a long sleeved cream colored collar shirt layered with a V-neck vest with blue coat over it, and blue pants.

After two years, he is shown wearing a dark-colored suit and a blue necktie.

Lucid Adventure

Light is a young man with creamish gray hair, gray eyes, and an unusual hairstyle. Unlike the other members of his family that played the game, he did not have horns, instead Light's hairstyle was similar to that of a bunny's ears lying down with eye length bangs and two longer side bangs that frame his face.

From the beginning until the start of the PVP Round, Light wore a white short coat with a leather belt wrapped around it in his midsection, cream colored collar shirt underneath the coat, he wore white pants and cream colored gloves and boots. He had a white collared cape around his chest and golden lion shaped shoulder armor on his right shoulder.

During the PVP Round, Light changed his outfit and wore half a coat on his right side and it was pinned by a blue cloth that covered his entire left shoulder and arm. He had a popped collared vest underneath and wore similarly colored pants, gray boots and light brown gloves.

After two years later, he reverted back to his old outfit.


Han Gun-Soo is a proud and self righteous person. He looked down on people that didn't work for Giga, often calling them 'trash' and 'useless'. He refused to think that they could even be stronger than him. He only ever respects his father and strongly dislikes his siblings. Although he is willing to cooperate and offer a modicum of respect towards those that choose to work with Giga. He thinks that those with overwhelming power like him will always trample over everyone.

Despite all that, Han Gun-Soo has a superiority complex. He denied his older brother's help and told him that he can handle all by himself. He refused to believe that Carter Han had grown stronger even after the latter had beaten him that one time. He had also profusely refused to believe that a low life like Hardcore Leveling Warrior was more powerful than him and went into a mental breakdown because of it. He seems to have an inferiority complex as when he suddenly commented in a meeting that some people in Giga must think he was an idiot because they refused to share information regarding Nightmare. Han Gun-Soo doesn't like being criticized for his job as well, he had lightly grazed a member of the Special Squad with a spell when the member said that Han Gun-Soo missed a few details.

However, Han Gun-Soo does seems to have a small sense of justice as he told his older brother, Han Gun-Ho, that he didn't need his cheap tricks and berated him for being greedy and that he was sickening in every way.

Major Battles

Season 1

  • Light vs Team Dark (Elimination Round)
  • Light vs Dark (Dark's Birthday)
  • Light vs the 200 Interviewees
  • Team Light vs Team Choco Bibi
  • Team Light vs Team Ultimate Healer
  • Majin Light vs Ultimate Healer
  • Team Light vs Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  • Majin Light vs Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  •  ??? Light vs Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Season 2

  • Light vs Dark

Video Games

Playable Appearances

Translation Issues

See also: Name Variants#Han Gun-Soo

The character's real world name, 한건수, literally translates to "Han Gun-Soo". For some unknown reason, Line Webtoon has changed the character's name to "Lucas Han". This wiki uses the original translation which the author of the series intended.

Notes & Trivia

  • Light made his first appearance at the end of Episode 10 and was revealed as the Vice President. His Lucid Adventure name and real name were revealed in Episode 11.
  • Light was erroneously called "Lord of Bromorten" in Episode 132. The Lord of Bromorten is his older sister Han Soo-Ah as was revealed in Episode 26.
  • Light is the second person that Dark wanted to enlist to find Hardcore Leveling Warrior.
  • The author revealed that Dark's birthday is March 20th.[10]