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Lies that Deceive the Body[1] is a skill of Constant's Personal Attribute, Liar.


Constant tells a lie that can buff himself or a target's body.[1][2][3][4]

The range of the buff has not been revealed, but it has increased Constant's speed and also fully regenerated The Best Swordsman's body for an unspecified amount of time.[1][4]

Like all his other personal attribute skills, he uses this after he has released his restrainer, which mixes his own power with Nightmare.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 116 After using Lies that Deceive the Body Constant dodged Firecracker's Fireball from a point blank range. Constant then dodged a Nightmare buffed Top Baldhead's blow and counter attacked with a blow of his own; Constant and was able to spin behind Top Baldhead and kick him in the back.Constant was fast enough to instantly close the distance on a Firecracker who was on a hill and knock her out with a blow. Constant was fast enough to easily catch Open Your Mouth, here Comes the Healing who was using High-Power Booster.[1]
Season 2 Episode 56 Constant used Lies that Deceive the Body during his duel with Grian Den.[2] Constant was fast enough to insantly get behind Grian Dien but he was hit with Grian Dien's magic.[3]
Season 2 Episode 58 Consnat used Lies that Deceieve the Body to which enabled him to instantly catch 2 of the 3 Nightmare Crows that stole Grian Den's Soul Fragment from him.[5]
Season 2 Episode 89 Constant used Lies that Deceive the Body on The Best Swordsman's body that was ruined, incapable of regeneration and also had 0.3% mana remaining. The skill returned The Best Swordsman's body back to its best condition for an unknown period of time.[4] The buff eventually wore off as The Best Swordsman prepared to duel Hardcore Leveling Warrior alone in the narrowed field of Uldolmok.[6][7]

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: Line Webtoon Translation Issues

'몸을 속이는 거짓말' is incorrectly translated as Physical Deception in Episode 116 by LINE Webtoon. In Season 2 Episode 56 and Episode 57, it is incorrectly translated as Body Fooler by LINE Webtoon.

'몸' means "Body". "을" is particle indicating the direct object of a verb; Like other Korean particles, 을 (eul) is a postposition. It marks the preceding noun as the direct object of the following verb. '몸을' means "One's self, One's Body".

'속이는' means "deceive, cheat, trick (sb into doing / sb out of sth), fool (sb into doing), play a trick (on); (거짓말로) lie; (돈을 빼앗기 위해) swindle (sb out of sth)"

'거짓말' means "lie, (formal) untruth, (formal) falsehood; (악의가 없는 사소한) (informal) fib, lie, (informal) fib, tell a lie".

The correct translation is Lies that Deceive Body, Lies that Deceive the Body, Lies to Deceive the Body, Lying to Deceive the Body or A Lie that Deceives the Body.

Notes & Trivia

  • Unlike Lies that Deceive Me which increases all of Constant's physical level to a Divine Level, Lies that Deceive the Body only buffs his speed.