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Lies that Deceive Me is a skill of Constant's personal attribute, Liar.


A skill that enhances Constant's physical ability to a divine level. Constant has to release his restrainer to use this skill.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 103 Constant used Lies to Deceive Me to face Han Gun-Jae. Despite the buff to his physical abilities, Constant could still not catch Han Gun-Jae who was in his incomplete form.[1]

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: Line Webtoon Translation Issues

'나를 속이는 거짓말' is incorrectly translated as Self-Deception by Line Webtoon.

'나를' means "me".   

'속이는' means "deceive, cheat, trick (sb into doing / sb out of sth), fool (sb into doing), play a trick (on); (거짓말로) lie; (돈을 빼앗기 위해) swindle (sb out of sth)"

'거짓말' means "lie, (formal) untruth, (formal) falsehood; (악의가 없는 사소한) (informal) fib, lie, (informal) fib, tell a lie".

The correct translation is Lies that Deceive Me, A Lie that Deceives Me, Lying to Deceive Myself or Lies to Deceive Oneself.

Notes & Trivia

  • Presumably the physical abilities raised are Constant's strength, speed and defense.
  • Constant was also able to survive a blow from Sword Master's God's Hand and not die right away. Han Gun-Jae suspected that he had a revival Nightmarization skill.[1]