Lie (Tentative Name) is the Personal Attribute of Constant.


Lie grants Constant a form of mind manipulation[1] which involves lying to both himself and others, including the Gods. Constant can even deceive the system which allows him to buff his stats to divine levels.[2]

His power also allows him to wipe the memories of his targets.[1]

Constant combines 'Lie' with Nightmare to increase its effects even further. The constant use of this skill with Nightmare seems to have warped Constant's mind somewhat.

According to Nathan Han, Constant can only use his 'Lie' skill when he's in a state of panic and can't use it without Mochi's stabilizer skill.[3]


Even at Level 40, Constant had still not unlocked his Personal Attribute which worried him.[4]

It was finally released during the Zara Guild's infiltration of Cobalt Castle. Constant feeling that he would be blaed for Armes capture relaesed his Deceiver while he was under the Nightmare status and his eyes glowed a purple colour and he was able to use Hypocrite's Lie, which is an area skill that makes people within the area believe his lies without question or suspicion.[5]


During his visit of Cobalt Castle, he was able to make Sad Smile's staff turn against him and attack him, which most likely has something to do with him his personal attribute. Their eyes where glowing indicating a form of mind control[6]

When he was slashed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior he somehow switched places with Sad Smile's Chef and was unharmed. When he was attacked by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Hell Fire, he was somehow able to appear behind Hardcore Leveling Warrior and was replaced by one of Sad Smile's employees. When he was leaving Cobalt Castle, he somehow made Sad Smile's underling stop Hardcore Leveling Warrior from following him.[7]

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Notes & Trivia

  • The name and Personal Attribute of Constant has not been officially revealed, but Nathan Han referred to it as 'Fooler' in Episode 161.
  • Constant's Personal Attribute was not released even after his Level was over 40 which means that it is not a Skill Type Personal Attribute.
  • A fan theory is that his Personal Attribute is Loki, the God of Lies & Mischief and is either Person Type or Transcendental Skill Type.


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