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Let's Overcome this Together is a Naver webtoon series. Staying Healthy Together is the English version released on Line Webtoon.


The series was created as a way for Naver webtoon creators to encourage its readers after the mass outbreak of the corona virus in South korea. In each episode, various authors of famous Naver webtoon series give words of encouragement, with some even telling the readers how to stop the spread of the virus.

The are 60 episodes which include famous Naver webtoon series such Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Tower of God, Gosu, Descent of a Goddess (True Beauty), Windbreaker and Hellper.

Staying Healthy Together

A series for staying safe during the COVID-19 outbreak. Brought to you by the WEBTOON staff and Original Creators around the world. For the most recent information about the novel virus COVID-19.

The English version called Staying Healthy Together was released on Line Webtoon. The Korean Webtoons already on Line Webtoon were translated to English such as Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Tower of God, Descent of a Goddess (True Beauty), Gosu as well as Line Webtoon exclusive webtoons such as Unordinary, Rebirth and SubZero. It was published from 20 March 2020 to 4 April 2020 and had 54 depisodes.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Dark and Sora are infected with the Corona virus which continuously depletes their health. The Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior appears behind the pair and uses Perfect Cure to completely restore their condition and rid them of the virus.[1]

Kim Sehoon then appears and gives the readers advise, telling them to wear a mask when they go outside and to wash their hands with soap to prevent the spread of the virus. Finally, he encourages the readers to stay healthy.[1]


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Notes & Trivia

  • The episode is listed as '열렙전사 - 김세훈 작가님이 응원합니다' on Naver Webtoon which translates to 'Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Author Kim Sehoon Cheers for you' on the Naver Comic website.
  • '코로나' (romaja: kolona) literally translates to corona. '코로나19' has come to stand for 'covid-19'.
  • The characters in the thumbnail for the Staying Healthy Together are Blyke and Remi from the Unordinary series.


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