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For a demon warrior, the most glorious way to die is to die in a battle...!!
 ― Le Rajie[source]

Le. Rajie, also known as Rajie, was a great demon in Lucid Adventure and the former Familiar of Dark. He was the husband of Bekanea and father of Le Celinna.

After he was defeated by Zero, Rajie was imprisoned in the top floor of the Black Magic Dungeon. He became Dark's familiar after he was defeated by Hardcore Leveling Warrior during Dark's Job Advancement. From then on, Rajie assisted Dark throughout multiple quests and aided Dark's Party in winning the last ever Combat Tournament.

After the Combat Tournament, Rajie was released by Dark from his servitude and returned back to the Demon World.[1][2] Rajie became enraged when the Demon Elders accepted Nightmare, which led to demons dying from Nightmare experimentation. Rajie led an anti-Nightmare faction to face the Elders but they were eventually defeated. Rajie was imprisoned in the Demon Elders Tower. He was eventually forced to accept Nightmare by Le Zilk which completely took over his mind.

Rajie engaged the now King Dark in combat and was able to speak to Dark clear minded one last time, requesting that Dark gives him a glorious death. After a fierce battle, Rajie is eventually killed by King Dark and dies with a smile on his face.[3]


Le. Rajie is a grey-skinned demon with two large black horns and a muscular build. His hair is black and has constantly changed throughout the journey, from short length hair to blade length hair. He also has a black tattoo running down his eyes.

In the past before being sealed by Zero, Lazie was a young demon with two large black horns and he wore full dark-colored armor with the exception of his legs, wearing black pants instead. When he was first shown in the Black Magic Dungeon, he had a very muscular build and only wore black pants. His hair had grown to blade-length and he no longer had his two massive horns, instead two dark spots took their place.

When he became Dark's familiar, he had reverted into a small child. His hair was still long, he didn't have any horns still and he wore a red tang suit. When he devoured Ligos' horns in the Subjugation Round, he grew into a teenager of average height, neck-length hair, he now had grown short horns and he wore full black plated armor with grey pants. Dark soon fed Le Rajie his own horn and the latter grew again. His hair was still the same but his armor changed again. He wore grey body armor with a magenta medallion on the chest, dark-colored waistcloth, black boots and black clothing underneath it all. His two large horns had retained their original size as well.

After he absorbed Dark in the semi-finals of the PVP Round, he was half naked, only wearing the yellow shorts of Dark. He soon reverted back to his original appearance back in the past with short black hair, full black armor and pants. His horns remained the same. This was his appearance until his capture during his rebellion in the demon world.

Le Rajie is now shown to be having the same appearance he had during his time in the Black Magic Dungeon but this time, he had his two massive black horn. His left eye was now black and blue, and a light blue insignia of Nightmare had grown on his forehead.




At first, Le. Rajie had an arrogant and boastful personality as he would often judge other people's fighting styles just like when he scored how Sora's atacks were and he had even thought Sora was Team Dark's tribute to him.[4] Another example is that he had even remarked that he didn't remember being defeated by Wolf Man even though he was and he immensely boasted when he fought against a transformed Taoist Kim.[5] Although he is arrogant, he respects the people he fights with as shown when he became Dark's familiar and said that although he was made a subordinate of Dark, he did not regret the fight he had with them.[6]

He has a sly nature as he had deceived Dark and absorbed his body when Dark wanted to merge with him in the semi-finals.[5] Underneath all this however, Le. Rajie is a soft and caring person as he had become friends with Dark and acknowledged him, even teaching his own skill, Bear Hunt.[7] Le. Rajie was enraged as well when the Demon Council forced Nightmare on all demons in the demon world, killing children and the elderly.[8]

Le. Rajie is a proud and renowned powerful demon. As such, he loves fighting and is capable at adapting during a fight. He tutored Dark on what to do during their fights and he had figured out what Taoist Kim was doing again and stopped it. As a proud demon, he refuses to take Nightmare and looks down on people such as his uncle, Le Zilk, for taking Nightmare. Le. Rajie also has a soft side towards cute and fluffy things.[9]




Le. Rajie's subordinate and wife. They have known each other for a long time as she had been his subordinate even before he was sealed by Zero. She had remained as his subordinate even during his long absence. As both of them made a child, they both had loved each other very much.[8]

Le Celinna

Le. Rajie loves and cares for his son as he is his flesh and blood, even proclaiming and giving him his name as the new "Le. Rajie" before his death through Dark. Rajie had even also taught him his own personal skill, Bear Killer, much like Dark but in person and possibly longer.[10]



Le. Rajie's former master and friend. At first, they were enemies although Le. Rajie admitted that Dark can put up a fight with him whilst under the influence of the Goblin Pendant.[9] When he became Dark's familar, he became subservient to him as he was defeated but stated that he did not regret the fight they had.[6] Throughout their journey, they became close friends, Le. Rajie tutored Dark in the art of demon magic and physical combat, they protected each other on multiple occassions as well. When he betrayed Dark, Dark exclaimed the times they fought together and asked whether the connection he felt between their souls was all a lie to which Le. Raji said yes and told him why he even bothered serving Dark.

After Dark got his body back by beating Le. Rajie's heart, he had told him that he won't punish him since Dark really thought they were friends for a while and that he'll release him after the PVP Round.[5] Their friendship was not a lie after all, as Le. Rajie protected Dark in the final round, jokingly calling him a kid and acknowledging him as his master.[11]

During the two years after the PVP Round, Le. Rajie had taught Dark his own technique "Bear Hunt". He had said that Dark wasn't physically gifted and recommended that he should just focus on his magic. After Dark told him his reasons, Le. Rajie smirked as he already knew he would say that and told him what to do. As he left for the Demon World, Le. Razie promised to return after Dark had completed his training.[7]

Le. Rajie considered Dark as the King of all humans and the greatest black wizard as they fought each other once again for the last time in the Demon World. As their fight comes to an end with his death, Le. Rajie was shockingly impressed that Dark can now handle dragons and was glad, knowing that Dark no longer needed him, saying that the future was now in Dark's hands.[3]



Le. Rajie has always disliked Nightmare and this was even fueled further by his experience with Zero, he hated and despised it even more, making a rebellion when the Demon Council had decided to use Nightmare on all demons.


Le. Rajie knew Rigos as one of the strongest demon but he didn't believe that Rigos could face the God of Combat. He was enraged when he knew that Rigos sided and used Nightmare.[12]


Zero was the first person to have defeated Le. Rajie. He was extremely enraged when Zero humiliated him by taking both his horns. He held a grudge against her for a long period of time, swearing revenge and to the point that he didn't care if he was honorable when he kills her, stating that all that matters is that he humiliates and kills her for what she did to him.[9][5]

Le Zilk

Le. Rajie's uncle. For partaking in Nightmare, Le. Rajie thinks lowly of him and said that he was just a puppet of Nightmare.[8]

Skills & Abilities


Le. Rajie is a renowned powerful demon whose skill, Bear Killer, is well-known all throughout the Demon World that even Gulrand and Ro Tishushu recognized it when Dark used it against them[13][14] and even Ligos who was the strongest demon at his time, knew who he was. He had a winning streak of fights and was only defeated by Zero at his prime.[9]

Even when his horns were removed, he was still considered powerful by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and was able to match Dark blow for blow who had been buffed by the Goblin King Pendant that amounted to three million dollars.[9] He is able to recover from fatal wounds like when Taoist Kim blew his entire midsection and when he was sliced through waist completely by Heart Heater.[15]

Power Progression

Throughout the series, Le. Rajie grew in power in the company of Dark's Party as he faces off against multiple strong and powerful opponents. Le. Rajie was able to acquire the horns of the Great Demon Ligos during the Subjugation Round, allowing him to grow in power.[16] He was able to take back one of his horns albeit through Dark, restoring less than half of his former strength back to him.[17]

He was able to fully regain half of his former strength when Dark gave him his horn. The empowered Great Demon then overwhelmed Taoist Kim who was transformed as Shudderwock.[18]

De-Horned Rajie

De-Horned Le. Rajie who was imprisoned within the Black Magic Dungeon faced off against Dark's party. He was noted by Hardcore Leveling Warrior to be very strong.[4] In his battle against the party, Rajie displayed great physical capabilities and magic despite in his severely weakened state.[9]

Physical Abilities: Le. Rajie displayed great physical capabilities and was confident he could take on the party despite the number of buffs they had.

  • Strength: Rajie's punch created a blast when it was blocked by Sora.[4] Rajie possessed great strength that he could destroy objects from a distance with his fingers alone as he snapped his fingers at Dark, creating enough force that accurately shot the Holy Water Potion. He stopped Sora's charge and preventing her from moving just by grabbing her own sword. His blow sent Sora flying to a wall and incapacitated her.[4] Rajie was able to match Dark in power despite the latter being buffed by the Goblin King's Pendant, even overwhelming him twice.[9]
  • Durability: Rajie was able to break free from the petrification of Medusa's Gauntlet immediately.[4] Rajie wasn't bothered by Dark's attack, who was buffed by the Goblin King Pendant, calling it sloppy and obvious.[9]
  • Speed: Rajie instantly appeared before the party in front of Hardcore Leveling Warrior who was immediately surprised and almost got hit were it not for Sora's intervention.[4] Rajie matched Dark's speed, who was buffed by the Goblin King's Pendant, and kept up with him in a flurry of blows in the air, even managing to out speed him in their first bout.[9]

Leaf Dungeon Arc

Le. Rajie, who was now a child, fought alongside Dark's party in the Leaf Dungeon and fought against Bamboo Spear Man.

Physical Abilities: Despite being a child, Rajie possesses notable physical capabilities.

  • Strength: Rajie as a child is capable of defeating a full grown Bear.[7] He was able to defeat the tenth floor boss of the Leaf Dungeon with a single blow.[19]

Flight: Le. Rajie is capable of flight and could levitate and stand in mid-air as if on solid ground.

Preliminary Round and Subjugation Round

Le. Rajie while in the company of Dark's party fought against multiple strong opponents throughout the round and was even able to acquire the horns of the Great Demon Ligos, who was once known as the strongest demon, allowing to grow in power and in height as well.

Physical Abilities: Le. Rajie possesses notable physical capabilities until he received the horns of Ligos which enhanced him greatly.

  • Strength: After absorbing Ligos' horns, Rajie grew and was able to defeat a Giga Assassin in a single blow.[20]
  • Durability: Rajie is able to block Manager Kim's punch with his own arm. The latter noted that the demon was pretty strong. [21]
  • Speed: Rajie was able to keep up with Manager Kim's accelerated punches although he was overwhelmed in the end.[21]

PvP Round Semifinals + Finals

Rajie was able to gain half of his former power back through Dark's Demonic Horn Sword. In the company of Dark's party, Rajie fought against Wolf Man and was able to overwhelm Taoist Kim who transformed into Shudderwock. However he had temporarily devoured Dark with his Black Magic and was able to use Dark's power for himself.[18]

Physical Abilities: Rajie displayed great physical capabilities.

  • Endurance: Rajie was able to take on Shudderwock's attack and still live even after being pierced through his chest. He was able to take on a barrage of bullets from Shudderwock although it dealt a great deal of blood, even making Rajie cough bursts of blood.[18]
  • Speed: Rajie was fast enough to cover a great distance to protect Dark just in time from Shudderwock.[18]

Enhanced Physical Abilities: After receiving one of his horns back, Rajie gained half of his former strength back and displayed immense physical capabilities.[15]

  • Enhanced Strength: Rajie kicked away Shudderwock's grenade right back at him. Rajie was able to destroy four of Shudderwock's protective charms and even critically injure Shudderwock. Rajie tore through Shudderwock's clones, which boosts Shudderwock in power depending on how many clones he has, instantly killing them.[15]
  • Enhanced Durability: Rajie was able to block multiple of Shudderwock's bullets with his bare hand without suffering any damage; for context, the bullets critically injured Rajie before absorbing one of his horns. He was able to block Shudderwock's kick with one arm albeit he summoned his former armour prior to this.[15]
  • Enhanced Speed: Rajie was so fast that he instantly appeared before Shudderwock as soon as he sensed him. His attack speed was so fast that he killed all of Shudderwock's clones in quick succession within seconds.[15]

Energy Wave Detection: Rajie sends out multiple waves of energy around his surroundings and allows him to detect any beings even those cloaked in invisibility.[15]

Regeneration: As a demon, Rajie was capable of regeneration from the start but as he gained his former strength back, his regeneration was strong enough for him to completely regenerate from Shudderwock's shotgun that blasted through almost his entire midsection to his left leg.[15]

Black Magic Proficiency: After absorbing Dark as well, Rajie was able to own and use the latter's power for his own with ease.[15]

Combat Style

Le. Rajie is a brawler and mainly uses his fists to fight. He also uses magic but only to further enhance the power of his attacks such as Bear Killer.


Rajie is forced to nightmarize by Le Zilk and activates the horn of Ligos that he had devoured back then, granting him the deceased Great Demon's overall power and control over ice, even his own sword, Bloody Blizzard.

Enhanced Physical Abilities: As a result of Nightmare, Le. Rajie's physical abilities is enhanced after Nightmarization.

  • Enhanced Strength: The power of Rajie's punches indirectly collapsed the entire underground tower and its surrounding area as he attacked Dark.[23][24] His punches also sent Dark flying over large distances, cracking the ground wherever Dark is sent to.[24]
  • Enhanced Durability: Rajie was able to take on numerous attacks from Demonic Dark and be unaffected by it, even mocking Dark for its lack of power.[3]
  • Enhanced Speed and Agility: Rajie is able to keep up with Demonic Dark in the air, blocking his attacks, evading, and attacking as well as they move through the air.[24]

Enhanced Ice Magic: As a result of merging with Ligos' horn, Rajie is capable of wielding powerful ice magic, freezing the entire volcanic region with no visible sights of the volcanic wasteland it once was.[2]

Enhanced Swordsmanship: Rajie's becomes a powerful and proficient swordsman as he wields the Bloody Blizzard. He is incredibly fast, unleashing multiple sword attacks at once that Dark notes that he must dodge.[2]

  • Minor Telekinesis: Rajie is able to use his sword without even touching it and is able to move the sword in high speeds as it stabbed Dark in the back, surprising him.[3]

Final Nightmarized State

After Rajie had his final conversation with Dark and asked him for one last fight, he reaches the final stage of his nightmarization, emitting vast amounts of ferocious nightmare mana that far surpassed the nightmarized ancient demons that Sora, Lu bu, and Choco Bibi fought.[3]

Tremendous Physical Abilities: As the final state of his nightmarization, Rajie's physical abilities are further enhanced to a tremendous effect.

  • Enhanced Strength: Rajie's basic attacks now instantly destroys and shatters Dark, instantly killing him numerous times.[3]
  • Enhanced Durability: Rajie took on the full power of Dark's attacks even with the three summoned Hell Liches. Such is his durability that he could only be ended by a superior being, the Ancient Dragon Chupa.[3]

Powerful Ice Magic: Rajie's basic attacks freezes Dark instantly upon contact and is able breath a large ice beam with a large range, instantly freezing and shattering anything in its path.[3]

Skill Tree

Black Magic

  • Lazie's Orb of Black Magic: Rajie creates a massive orb of red violet energy in both his hands that is able to cause large explosion.

Dark Magic

  • Hellsing: Rajie creates a large ball of blue energy in their palm before blasting a large flame beam at the target.

Demonic Skills

  • Demon Fist: Rajie delivers a strong punch that is able to shatter metal.
  • Demon Jab: Rajie delivers a sharp blow that that targets a specific part of the target.
  • Blood Burning: The skill enhances the user but at the cost of the your own health.
  • Demonic Sphere: Rajie creates a large light blue ball of energy that is able to cause a small explosion.
  • Demon God's Bone Wall: a large shield/wall that is completely immune to magic.
  • Demon's Blood: A passive skill that quickly heals all of Le. Rajie's injuries.

Rajie Style Kill Fist Skills

  • Bear Killer: Rajie's personal skill that delivers a powerful blow or a flurry of extremely powerful blows to the enemy
  • Bear Heart Snatch: The third verse of Bear Killer that targets and violently removes the heart or any body part of an enemy.
  • Dragon Heart Punch: Dark's style of Bear Killer that pierces through beams and deliver a powerful blow to the target.

Other Skills

Nightmare Skills

Ice Magic

  • Ice Spear: A powerful spear made out of ice that freezes the target and incases them in a pillar of ice.
  • Frozen Field: An AOE ice spell that freezes a large radius around the target and turns the area to ice


  • Great Demon Rajie's Essence: contains the essence and mana of the Archfiend Le. Rajie. When absorbed, part of Rajie's memory is gained.


  • Bloody Blizzard: the legendary demonic sword of Ligos. Freezing damage +100%. The sword was originally shattered by a headbutt from Hardcore Leveling Warrior but with the power of Nightmare, Rajie was able to restore the weapon.



Le. Rajie is a member of the Le Family and was a renowned powerful great demon known for his Rajie Style Kill Fist - Bear Killer.[14] He was on a winning streak until he fought Zero who defeated him and took his both of his horns. He was enraged and attempted to kill Zero for humiliating him but was immediately stabbed by numerous swords. Soon after, he was sealed inside the Black Magic Dungeon and a quest was created for him.[9]

Season 1

Black Magic Dungeon Arc

Le. Rajie was first shown sitting and complaining about the noise that Team Dark were making on the bottom floors.[4] As Team Dark came to his floor, he was shown to have killed his "summoner" and that he was waiting for them. As Sora was being buffed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Dark, Le. Rajie allowed them to do so but shot their holy water buff. After this, both started fighting. Le. Rajie caught Sora's sword attack and liked her spirit but was angered when Sora started to use her fists. He tried to retaliate by grabbing Sora but she dodged and petrified him with the Medusa's Gauntlet. However, he was able to break free immediately and knocked Sora into a wall, knocking her out.[4]

He then tried to punch Hardcore Leveling Warrior but it was immediately blocked by Boing Boing Sword who he had found adorable and blushed. After this, he then attempted to blast them away with his magic but it was deflected by Dark who was being buffed by Goblin King's Pendant and found it funny. Both engaged in a flurry of blows until Le. Rajie got upper hand and kicked Dark into the ground. Le. Rajie thought Dark was done for before the latter punched him into a wall. They both engaged in a flurry of blows once again with Le. Rajie slowly getting the upper hand once again as Dark's buff was waning. As he was about to kill Dark, his right arm was sliced off by Hardcore Leveling Warrior who had Kubaba's Holy Sword.[9]

Le. Rajie was furious and in his last attempt, tried to blast them away once more with Hellsing but was surprised to see Hardcore Leveling Warrior who had blocked the attack and disappeared. He was then shocked when Hardcore Leveling Warrior appeared behind him and tried to use his magic to fend him off but to no avail. As Hardcore Leveling Warrior was about to defeat him, Le. Rajie smiled in response. He was then sealed into Dark's ring and became his familiar.[25]

Back in Heart Heater's house, Dark summoned him but was surprised alongside everyone else to see that Le. Rajie was a child. Le. Rajie then said that he was glad of their fight and explained that he is a child right now because Dark's power is still weak and that he has to grow strong for him to grow. Sora then covered him with a cloth as he was naked as well and Team Dark went out to buy him clothes.[6]

Leaf Dungeon Arc

Le. Rajie was shown flying towards Bamboo Spear Man who had lodged his sword into a wall with Hardcore Leveling Warrior blocking it. Le. Rajie's attack was dodged by Bamboo Spear Man who shrunk his sword towards Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[26] Before this, he was shown with Team Dark completing most of the dungeon's floors.[19]

He was then shown once again alongside Hardcore Leveling Warrior rushing towards Bamboo Spear Man who then stabbed him in the chest and used him to slam Hardcore Leveling Warrior into a wall.[27] Le. Rajie was returned back to Dark's Ring until the end of the arc.

Preliminary Round Arc

As Team Dark engaged a fight with Team General Manager Park, Dark and Le. Rajie fought against Assistant Manager Kim.[21] Le. Rajie blocked Assistant Manager Park's blows until a direct hit caused him to back away. Le. Rajie and Dark then used their skill combination, Devil x Dark Magician Mode which merged them together. They were then able to defeat Assistant Manager Park and returned back to their forms.[28]

Subjugation Round Arc

As Ligos appeared, Le. Rajie told Team Dark and their allies that he knew Ligos and that he was once known as the Strongest Demon.[29] After Ligos finished off most of their allies, Le. Rajie appeared and confronted him, saying that he was a traitor that broke the taboo and merged with Dark.[12] Ligos recognized and thought he was disgusting for serving a human now. After Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated Ligos, Dark received Ligos' horns. Le. Rajie was extremely thrilled about the horns.[16]

As Dark dealt with the soldiers of Giga, Le. Rajie killed a Giga assassin that was about to attack Dark. Le. Rajie thanked Dark for giving him Ligos' horns.[20]

Siege Round Prelude Arc

When Team Dark and the others were holed up inside the hidden base of the Hohoians, Le. Rajie appeared and told Dark that the Hohoians have his horn, which was the Demonic Horn Sword.[30] Le. Rajie wanted to kill all the Hohoians as his horn called for him. As Dark received the sword, Le. Rajie was getting his power back through Dark. They then merged and, alongside Sora, engaged fighting against the Beard Gang. As they fought, Le. Rajie instructed Dark on his skills and told him about his first original skill, Rajie Style Kill Fist - Bear Killer.[17]

After these events, he was always shown merged with Dark in completing dungeons.[31]

Siege Round Arc

While Hardcore Leveling Warrior confronted Lu Bu, Le. Rajie and Dark starting farming and killing Orc balls until a real Orc came and then retreated. Then, when Bubble came to their base and attacked, Le. Rajie blocked her attacks and stood guard on their base until the siege.[32] As Team Lu Bu sieged Team Dark's base, Le. Rajie merged with Dark and fought against Bubble to prevent her from destroying the base from above.[33]

Pooh Upooh Retrieval Arc

Le. Rajie was summoned when Dark and Hardcore Leveling Warrior were attacked by Scallion Head and Dongchun.[34] Le. Rajie unintentionally blocked Hardcore Leveling Warrior's way and tried to punch Scallion Head as he was about to escape but missed.[35] They then accompanied Pooh Upooh and Lime in retrieving Pooh Upooh's body.

As they were within the vicinity of Scallion Head's tower, the tower retaliated and Le. Rajie carried Dark in dodging its attacks until Hardcore Leveling Warrior cut down the entire tower.[36] He then merged with Dark as they fought against Scallion Head's members.[37] After the battle was finished, Dark and Le. Rajie went around to find Pooh Upooh's body. Le. Rajie found Pooh Upooh's body however, destroyed.[38]

Dark's Birthday Arc

Le. Rajie was also there when Dark celebrated his birthday albeit within Dark's ring. When Dark saw his grandfather wounded, Le. Rajie merged with Dark and confronted Light, beating him back and guarded Dark's grandfather with Demon God's Bone Wall.[39]

PvP Round Prelude Arc

When the duel with Akira began, Le. Rajie merged with Dark and rushed him but they were easily defeated by Akira.[40]

After Team Dark settled in Luo Kingdom and started hunting wolves, they encountered Wolf Man. Le. Rajie was summoned once more and both he and Dark engaged in a duel with Wolf Man. Le. Rajie rushed in to punch Wolf Man but the latter dodges it and Dark's arrows. Whilst Wolf Man was distracted by the arrows, Le. Rajie tried to attack him from behind but Wolf Man blocks his attack.[41] When Wolf Man emanated his aura, Le. Rajie noticed it and thought he was completely different from before but Dark calmed him down and linked his skill, Déjà vu with him as Wolf Man charges at Le. Rajie.[42]

Le. Rajie predicted and dodged the attack which allowed Dark to shoot, however, Wolf Man dodges this by moving to the side but was met with Le Rajie's punch but it did no damage and Le. Rajie's was stabbed in retaliation by Wolf Man. Seeing Le. Rajie severely wounded, Dark was worried and summoned him back inside the ring. They merged together and attempted to attack Wolf Man from behind but failed as the latter saw through their plan.[42]

PvP Round Quarterfinals Arc

Team Dark faced off against Team Tac. Dark and Le. Rajie faced off against Pooh Upooh and charged at her. Le. Rajie took to the air and used Demon Sphere to attack Pooh Upooh but it was sliced in half by Pooh Upooh's summon, Kikares. Pooh Upooh's Blood Golem tried to blast away Dark with hellfire but Le. Rajie returns to Dark and blocked the attack with Demon God's Bone Wall.[43]

As the battles continues, Le. Rajie and Dark dealt with Pooh Upooh's hordes of undead alongside Sora. After Pooh Upooh possessed Hardcore Leveling Warrior and charged at Heart Heater, Le. Rajie blocks her path and hit him with Hellsing. As he was about to get hit with Moonlight Slash, Sora blocks the attack with her own Moonlight Slash. Hardcore Leveling Warrior casts multiple Hellfires but Le Rajie helped Dark dodge them all and charged at him. They dodge Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Moonlight Slash with Deja vu. They acted as a decoy so that Sora is able take him out.[44]

PvP Round Semifinals Arc

Team Dark faced off against Team No Name. Le. Rajie came out and pushed back Wolf Man, who was held in place by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, with his punch. Le. Rajie and Hardcore Leveling Warrior have a small banter and charged at Wolf Man and Taoist Kim's summons, Taoist Cabbage and Taoist Radish. Le. Rajie attacked Wolf Man but was blocked and slammed into the ground. Le. Rajie backed away and predicted Wolf Man's attack, dodging his skill, Beast Claw, and retaliated with Rajie Style Kill Fist - Bear Killer, directly attacking Wolf Man from all sides then blowing him away with his magic. However, Wolf Man recovered quickly and attacked Le. Rajie from behind, knocking him down. Le. Rajie was cornered alongside Team Dark by Team No Name but the tables turned quickly as Dark summoned The Knights.[22]

Le. Rajie and Team Dark rode on Heart Heater's dragon, flying above No Name's ship and then dropping to attack Team No Name.[45] He fended off numerous monsters with his magic while onboard. After No Name dissipated her ship, Le. Rajie, Heart Heater and Dark along with the Knights faced off against Wolf Man and Taoist Kim.[46] As Taoist Kim was transforming, Le. Rajie told Dark that it was the same transformation as theirs and was ordered by Dark to stop the transformation but it was too late as Taoist Kim already transformed to Shudderwock and instantly appeared infront of Dark. As Taoist Kim was about to stab Dark, Le Rajie swooped in and took the stab instead to save him. Le. Rajie then acted as a shield for Dark when Taoist Kim started shooting at them. Seeing Le. Rajie severely wounded, Dark stabbed Le. Rajie with his own horn in order make their possession more powerful to fight against Taoist Kim but instead, Le. Rajie devoured Dark and took over his body.[18]

Le. Rajie returned to his full power, catching every single one of Taoist Kim's bullets, even flicking one back and blocking Taoist Kim's powerful kick with one arm. Dark was enraged at this betrayal and questioned him as to why. Le. Rajie then answered that it was he never wanted to serve Dark and the oath of loyalty he took was fake. He only intended on using Dark to escape the Black Magic Laws and force his soul and mind together. Le. Rajie started to fight against Taoist Kim by blasting him away with his Orb of Black Magic. Whilst he was rejoicing on his newfound power, Taoist Kim attacked by surprise, meeting him with a series of kicks and shot him down with his Magic Club No.2 Shotgun, leaving Le. Rajie with massive hole in his body and bleeding. Taoist Kim tried to finish him with his skill, Dying Gift No.3, but Le. Rajie kicked it back to him and revealed his regenerative power, boasting that Taoist Kim will never beat him. Taoist Kim became invisible once more but Le. Rajie used his energy waves and found out where he was, then using his fully powered Bear Killer to attack Taoist Kim, destroying his shield and still hitting him full force. Le. Rajie rushes in, forcing Taoist Kim to use a skill that made multiple clones of himself, making him more powerful with each clone. Le. Rajie was undaunted and proceeded to kill them all with his skill Rajie Style Kill Fist - The 3rd Style - Bear Heart Snatch, killing Taoist Kim as well.[15]

Soon after, Le. Rajie fought with Heart Heater who demanded him to return Dark's body back. Le. Rajie preoccupied Heart Heater with The Knights[47] and started rushing towards No Name who he thought was Zero, wanting to kill her for the humiliation she gave to him. However, Le. Rajie stopped midway and violently coughed up blood. He then tried to stop and lock up Dark who released himself and was punching Le. Rajie's heart. But Dark beat Le. Rajie in his own body, saying that they share spells which is why he got out and that he was the student of the first Black Wizard, Darkist. Dark told Le. Rajie that he should just seal Le. Rajie up with an even stronger binding spell but didn't as Dark really thought of Le. Rajie as a friend which surprised the demon himself and told Le. Rajie that he'll release him after the tournament was over. Le. Rajie returned Dark's body back to him as a result.[5]

PvP Round Final Arc

Just as Dark was about to get hit with Hungry Ghost's skill, January - Cry of the Crane. Le. Rajie protected Dark with Demonic Barrier and jokingly called him his master. This led to Dark being able to use Wind Up on Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[11]

Ragnarök Arc

Le. Rajie protected Dark once again by punching a Nightmare Puppet away from him and stood guard beside Dark as he gave his speech to the players.[48][49]


Rajie's Kill Fist

Le. Rajie was now released by Dark and just as he was about to leave for the Demon World, Dark asked him to teach him his skill, Bear Killer, before leaving to which Rajie agreed to do so. When they were training, Dark was about to use magic until Rajie scolded him. After Dark was beaten, Rajie told him the reasons why he was beaten and recommended that he should just focus on his magic but Dark disagreed and declared that he'll learn his skill no matter what. Rajie smiled in gesture, knowing Dark would say that.

He then gave Dark instruction on how to completely master Bear Killer and after he completes all the instruction, Rajie himself would teach him in person. After Dark finished his training, he wondered where Le. Rajie had been now that he's ready.[7]

Season 2

Demon World Arc

When Dark, Sora, and the others came to the Demon World, Dark called out to Rajie through his old ring but instead of Rajie, Bekanea came instead.[50] They soon learned that Le. Rajie has been captured and imprisoned by the Elder Demon Council. When Le. Rajie returned to the Demon World and found out about the Demon Council using Nightmare on the rest of the demons, he was enraged and launched a rebellion against the Royal Army. He fought alongside his fellow demons but fell as Nightmare was too overwhelming, he was imprisoned as a result. His uncle, Le Zilk, imprisoned Rajie in order to convince him to partake in Nightmare.[8]

When Dark invaded the prison and used his energy waves, Rajie sensed and smiled, knowing who it was immediately. As Dark and his group were dropping down to where he was, Le. Zilk called Rajie a disgrace to their family but Rajie bit back by saying Le Zilk was just a pawn of Nightmare. Seeing that Rajie was impossible to persuade, he took out a Nightmare concoction, to which Rajie angrily refused, and stabbed him in the forehead, causing Le Rajie to scream in anguish, enough to be sensed by Dark who was leagues above them.[8]

Dark finally came to his destination but was met with Nightmarized Rajie charging at him with his signature move, Bear Killer, causing the entire prison to collapse and punched Dark outside of it.[51] Both engage in a fistfight in the air with Dark trying to convince Rajie to tell him where Hardcore Leveling Warrior was as a favor. Rajie found his attacks weak and denied his favor, saying that Dark will have to beat him for him to tell the answer.[24]

A flashback happens to when Rajie was about to leave for the Demon World with him looking for Dark but Heart Heater came in his place instead because he was resting. Rajie then noted that Dark must be training hard and as he was about to leave, Heart Heater told him that he was the reason why Dark and Rajie met, saying that he got hold of information that a member of the Le Family was inside the Black Magic Dungeon and thanked Rajie for fighting together with Dark all this time. Rajie smiled, saying that he never knew a day would come when a Dragon Knight would thank a Demon. Rajie told Heart Heater to send his thanks to Dark but took it back, saying that he'll do it himself once they see each other again.[2]

Returning back to the present, Dark is still trying to convince Le. Rajie to come to his senses but latter merely replied that he was more himself than he ever was before. As he blew Dark back with his blow, Rajie proceeded to throw an Ice Spear at him and imprison him but Dark dodges and appears behind him, punching Rajie into the ground. Rajie used Frozen Fieldto cover the entire area in ice, ranting about Dark's whining, and summoning Bloody Blizzard. Rajie then slashed numerous sword slashes at Dark who tried to block it but was grappled and slammed into the ground by Rajie's The Hands of the Deceased. Rajie then stabbed Dark in the section between his shoulder and neck. He questioned Dark on why he wasn't going all out to which Dark replied that he promised his wife and chile, Bekanea and Le Celinna, that he'll bring Rajie back to them. Rajie was quiet for a brief moment then proceed to disregard his family and he'll tell Dark instead what Hardcore Leveling Warrior's condition is in. He told Dark that Hardcore Leveling Warrior's soul is rotting, surrounded by Nightmare and that he's most likely dying minute after minute whilst Dark was playing hero. Rajie was shocked to see Dark pull his sword out by force, wanting him be enraged even more. Dark told Rajie that he's still not giving up on him and proceeded to deliver a powerful punch to Rajie, forcing him to drop his sword and blown away to a small icy mountain.[2]

Dark then barraged Rajie with numerous powerful blows that end up shattering the mountain they fought on, sending Rajie flying once more, with Dark then finishing him with his magic. However, this doesn't defeat him and Rajie summons his sword to stab Dark and held him in the air, turning him into ice and shattering it but Rajie was shocked to see Dark alive and even breaking his sword. Dark summoned the Dragon's Hand to smash Rajie and held him in the air. Rajie told Dark that he'd be foolish to try to enter his mind but Dark shrugged this off. As Dark entered Rajie's mind, he found the real Rajie and met the Mysterious Nightmare. The Mysterious Nightmare tried to corrupt Dark but was completely nullified by Dark's The Protection of the Absolute God. Rajie then talked Dark that it's too late for him and that he wants to die fighting him, The King of All Humans and the Greatest Black Wizard. Soon after, Rajie reached the final stage of his Nightmarization and Dark honored his last wish by fighting him by himself, his personal attribute, Time has finally cool downed. Rajie charges in, freezing and shattering Dark instantly but Regression is in effect, so Dark revives back. With each revive, Dark hits Rajie and the latter destroys him for the last time with a powerful beam. Dark says his farewell and summoned the Ancient Dragon, Chupa, causing Rajie to panic in fear. As Rajie is being destroyed by Chupa's breath, he was proud that Dark no longer needed him and that Dark taught him that humans who he had belittled were strong, not from their power but from their hearts and thanked him for everything as he faded away.[3][10]


After Rajie's death, Dark received Great Demon Rajie's Essence, giving him the power of Rigos and Rajie himself, and promoting his class from Black Wizard to Dark Emperor. Dark was also bestowed with the knowledge of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's location.[10]

Le. Rajie also gave his name to Le Celinna, making his child the new Le. Rajie.[10]

Major Battles

  • Le Rajie vs. Zero
  • Le Rajie vs. Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Sora and Dark
  • Le Rajie and Dark vs. Wolf Man
  • Le Rajie vs. Taoist Kim
  • Le Rajie vs Dark

Translation Notes & Issues

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

레·라지에 is translated as Le.Lazie by LINE Webtoon.

레·라지에 is actually pronounced Le. Rajie.

Notes & trivia

  • 'Le Rajie' (레·라지에) is based on the 14th of Solomon's 72 Demons, Lerajie. Other spellings of Lerajie include Leraje , Leraie, Leraikha, Leraye, Loray, Oray.
  • The back of Rajie was first seen in Episode 7. He made his full appearance in Episode 8. His name was revealed in Episode 9.
  • Rajie was involved in all of Dark's class changes. In Episode 11 Dark became a Black Wizard after Rajie was defeated. In Season 2 Episode 70, Dark became a Dark Emperor after Rajie is defeated.