The Last Card was a card skill used by Yopi.


As the name implies, this is Yopi's final and most powerful card.[1]

The skill is so powerful that the God of Combat had to personally intervene to stop Yopi from using it against Han Sung-Gong.[1]

With the Last Card, Yopi is able to summon the most powerful entity in the game, 'The Creator', Han Gun-Jae.[2]


Instance Description
Episode 174 During the battle between The Gods and Zero, Yopi used his Last Card to summon Sword Master. Under the direction of Yopi's will, Sword Master summoned the Sword of Deletion and proceeded to deliver a powerful slash that dissected God of Combat, God of Time and Space and Zero. Sword Master then sliced up the three beings into pieces completely destroying them, which led to a rewriting of the rules of Lucid Adventure.[2]

Translation Issues

The name of the card is Last Card. When the name of the card was introduced in Episode 107, Line Webtoon incorrectly translated it as 'Ace in the Hole'. Since then, it has been correctly translated as 'Last Card'.

Notes & Trivia

  • Zero Hypothesised that Han Gun-Jae used the last of his "fading power" to give this skill to Yopi.[2]
  • Yopi most likely received it from Han Gun-Jae when they first met at the Purple Phoenix Nest.[3]
  • It is unclear if the card can be used only once.
  • Fans have noted that the blow back from using the skill is similar to the blowback the users of the Infinity Gauntlet receive after snapping their fingers with all Infinity Stones equipped. This episode came out very close to the release of Avengers: Endgame.
  • It is ironic that the God of Combat stopped Yopi from using the card against Han Sung-Gong, but was later killed by the same card.
  • The resulting explosion caused by Sword Master's destruction of The Gods was enough to burn the entire left side of Yopi.[2]. In AE 1, Pooh Upooh told Drip Soup that Yopi was dying. It is most likely from the explosion caused by the destruction of the Gods but this has not been confirmed.
  • In the Yu-Gi-Oh! series, there is a card called The Creator.


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