Lali Luga has the appearance of a middle-aged man with a fat-like body, he has short slick black hair, a toothbrush moustache and a mole on the right side of his face.

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Not much is known between the relationships between Lali Luga and his children and grandchildren. Although, both his grandchildren show deep concern and worry for their grandfather, which could mean he would of been seen as a supportive and caring figure to them.

Novelist Han

Lali Luga usually supplied Novelist Han with paper and pens and talked to him a couple times. Although they weren't exactly acquainted with each other, they seem to be on good terms.



Lali Luga was a merchant and the owner of the Lali Luga General Store of the Cobalt Castle as well being the grandfather of the two Luga children - Laling and Lawrence.


The Undead in Cobalt Castle Arc

During the journey of Ethan and Novelist Han traveling towards Cobalt Castle, they encounter a group of undead monsters and after eliminating them, one of the zombies were revealed to be Lali Luga. At his dying breath, warns novelist han about the strange magic occuring around Cobalt Caslte

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