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I am the Dragon of Light, the coordinator of the world that you call Lucid Adventure
 ― Dragon of Light[source]

Lahru,[7] more commonly known as the Dragon of Light,[1] and also known as the Dragon of Good,[4] was a Primordial Dragon in Lucid Adventure. She was one of the two Dragons created by Han Gun-Jae to act as a balance to The Four Gods.[1] She was The Coordinator of the World.[2][3] As one of the Primordial Dragons, she held one of the last two pages required to complete the Absolute Quest.[8]

After Han Gun-Jae sealed Zero, he entrusted Lahru with his heart and tasked her to use it against any non-human that tried to open the gate to the real world.[9] Due to the machinations of a one of the Four Gods,[5] the Dragon of Light fought the Dragon of Evil for over a millennium and their blood soaked the earth, leaving magic and technology in the world. By the time they discovered that it was part of the God's scheme, both had weakened too much.[5] The Dragon of Light who went dormant after getting injured in the long battle with the Dragon of Evil.[10]

After the Gods were destroyed, The Dragon of Light felt a shift in the balance of the world and chose Elixir Plant Guild and started giving them powers.[10] During the Demon King's Army invasion of Charming Castle, the Dragon of Light intervened directly and aided Stone in defeated the Demon King Ge Des.[3][11]

After Hardcore Leveling Warrior acquired the power of the Demon King, the Dragon of Light began to move. Both her and the Dragon of Evil subjugated the Nightmares in the human realm before they set off to the Demon Realm.[12] Alongside Dragon of Evil, Stone and Heart Heater, the Dragon of Light was transferred to the Demon World via Choco Bibi's Superscale Mass Transfer in order to confront the Demon King - Hardocore Leveling Warrior.[13] She backed Stone as he faced off against Hardcore Leveling Warrior, but Stone eventually lost,[5][14][15] which led Dragon of Light to jump in and protect him.[7]

After Vinjure sacrificed himself in order for Hardcore Leveling Warrior to stop Hardcore Leveling Warrior's rampage, Dragon of Light became the last obstacle for the Absolute Quest and No Name's final target.[16] Dutifully carrying out the last mission given to her by her creator,[9] Dragon of Light used the power of Han Gun-Jae's heart and faced off against No Name in order to stop No Name from opening the gate to the real world.[9] After a fierce duel, Dragon of Light was killed by No Name and the Absolute Quest was cleared.[6]


In her humanoid form, The Dragon of Light has long white hair, white eyebrows and green horns. Her body is covered with light green-like scales and she has large lizard like tail protruding just below her low back.[17] She has white sclerae, light green irises and black pupils. She talked with her eyes closed most of the time.

In her dragon form, she had two antler like horns, white feather like scales with very light green going down her spine and multiple wings.[6] When Han Gun-Jae met up with her, her whole body looked like it was covered by a layer of grey rocks.[9]


The Lahru appeared to be in a pensive mood most of the time. Lahru loved peace, which is the reason Han Gun-Jae entrusted his heart to her.[9] She cared about Lucid Adventure and took her role as a balancer very seriously. She was so worried about it's destruction, that she broke the rules and summoned Stone directly into the game to save it.[3] She was determined to follow the will of The Creator and lead the game to the right ending, which is why she started giving Elixir Plant Guild her powers once she felt a shift in the world.[10]

Her sense of duty could be seen during her battles with Vinjure. She could have used the power of The Creator's heart to defeat Vinjure at any time during their countless battles, but she saved The Creator's Heart for the moment that The Creator prophesised would happen when a non-human in the form of No Name wanted to open the gate to the Real World.[9]

As seen during her battle with No Name, Lahru had no fear of death and put her life on the line during her fight with No Name without a single shred of hesitation.[9]

As can be seen during her first conversation with Stone, she sometimes referred to herself in the 3rd person.[3]

Major Battles


  • (To the Dragon of Evil): "Right. We're just balancers of this world".[18]
  • (To Stone): "I am the Dragon of Light, the Co-ordinator of the world you call Lucid Adventure."[3]
  • (To Stone): "As long as you follow me, the Dragon of Light, closely, saving the world won't be too difficult"[3]
  • (To herself): "No matter what...I have to save this child!"[7]
  • (About the Dragon of Evil): "Vinjure...!! Once again you...your using a method that will destroy everything...even yourself...!!"[7]
  • (To No Name): "That ship [Ark of Salvation]....will sink here. Daughter of Zero."[9]
  • (To herself): "Vinjure and I have fought countless times in the past. But I never went all out in any of those fights. That was for this last moment."[9]

  • (Han Gun-Jae): "You guys are the final observers. You will become Light and Darkness respectively, to keep and eye on Zero and the Gods. Let's create a fun world together. I'm counting on you guys."[19]
  • (Han Gun-Jae): "In the last moment, if non-humans....try to open the gate, use this power [Han Gun-Jae's Heart] to guard the gate. That is your mission, Lahru."[9]
  • (Dragon of Evil): "You've lived for endless years, yet you're as soft-hearted as ever, Lahru. Do you still not understand that you can't protect everything in a fight?"[7]
  • (No Name): "I'm here to take your life. Dragon of Light."[9]

  • (By Heart Heater): "It is said that the two dragons were made to balance the gods."[1]
  • (By Dragon of Evil to Dark): "I got this wound from fighting that bitch, The Dragon of Light'.[1]
  • (By Heart heater): "The Dragon of Light, who went dormant after getting injured from the long battle, felt a shift in the balance of the world. The Dragon chose a guild [Elixir Plant] and started to give them powers."[10]
  • (By No Name): "Mana so clear and full of presence....!! It's definitely the mana of the primordial dragons...!! The last mission to complete the Absolute Quest. I will definitely take them down..!!"[8]
  • (By Heart Heater): "If he's [Hardcore Leveling Warrior] really able to wield the power of the Demon King, the only ones who can go against such a being, are the two Primordial Dragons, the Dragon of Light and the Dragon of Evil."[12]
  • (By Heart Heater): "What's certain is that in this world where the Gods have disappeared, there is no one stronger than the Primordial Dragons."[5]
  • (By Narrator): "The first two dragons were created to monitor them. The two dragons were as powerful as the gods, and they were protecting order in their respective realms. A pair of Dragons, Good (Light) and Evil (Darkness), were one body. The dragon's offspring's thrived and flourished and multiplied to fill the world. This was also the will of The Absolute God. With the intention of destroying the the two Primordial Dragons, one of the four Gods deliberately corrupted the children of the Primordial Dragons. It was to steal their forbidden power. As a result, The Dragon of Evil ate his own children up as punishment which led to a conflict with the Dragon of Light who was enraged by such a actions. Light and Darkness started to fight. The two dragons, who gnawed at each other for thousands of years, finally found out that it was the God's scheme, but both dragons had already become too weak. The power left behind by the disappearance of the gods due to Yopy was also absorbed by the ancient dragons. The two dragons have their mission, 'The Will of the Absolute God', Which is to prevent the two worlds from crossing paths."[5]

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    Notes & Trivia

    • The Dragon of Light was first mentioned in Episode 137. She was first seen in the series in Episode 174. Her real name, Lahru, was first revealed by Vinjure in Season 2 Episode 111.
    • Although the Dragon of Light is a dragon, she may represent the Phoenix. Her backing of the Elixir Plant Guild further adds credence to this theory as the Elixir Plant is a mythological plant that is said to grant immortal life. Her silhouette in Season 2 Episode 9 is closer to that of a giant bird than that of a dragon. Her clones appearance in Season 2 Episode 39 shows her with feathers, further showing that she may have been inspired by the Phoenix mythology.
    • Dragon of Light is the second being seen in the game granting a personal attribute directly to a player. The first was Zero in Episode 104, when she granted Han Sung-Gong the Oedipus personal attribute. Ironically, Zero was the former Co-Ordinator of Lucid Adventure and the Dragon of Light is current the Co-ordinator of Lucid Adventure.
    • Hardcore Leveling Warrior called Dragon of Light and Dragon of Evil "Yonggary" (용가리, Yonggari) (LINE incorrectly translated this as simply "dragons") in Season 2 Episode 111. This was a reference to Yongarry (sometimes spelt as "Yongary"), a giant dragon-like Kaiju originating from the 1967 South Korean film Yongary, Monster from the Deep. The film and its title character were produced to rival the success of Toho's Godzilla films during the mid-60s.
    • The relationship between the Dragon of Light and Stone is similar to that of Naruto and Kurama.
    • In the Star Wars series, Lahru was a Anx Grandmaster of the Jedi Order during the High Republic Era