Lacerate x100 is a more powerful version of Lacerate and is used by the God of Lucid Adventure, Sword Master.


Sword Master executes 100 consecutive swordless Lacerates on the targets.[1] The skill requires a lot of power as Sword Master was tired and bleeding from his mouth after using this skill in his incomplete form.[1]


Instance Description
Episode 103 While in the air, Sowrd Master exectuted Lacerate x100 on Giga's GF-999s. It completely obliterated the 9 magical aircraft's despite them having physical shields activated.[1] Only one Aircraft was unharmed and that was due to Han Sung-Gong's personal attribute, Oedipus.[1][2]

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Notes & Trivia

  • It appears Sword Master used this skill without a sword and used his bare hand.


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