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The last is a super deadly - collaboration of my cuties-!!! And- I'll end you with a really dope and cool skill-!!!
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Lacerate (節),[2][3] also known as Perfect Lacerate,[1] or simply Lacerate,[4] is a divine skill in Lucid Adventure. It was created by the Absolute God of Lucid Adventure, Han Gun-Jae. It is the true and complete form of Moonlight Flash.[2]


Input Command: ↑ ↓ + (Cancel while slashing) + ↑ → ↘ ↑ ↓.[5]

Stat Requirement: The player requires a very high intelligence stat to use this skill.[5]

The user performs a slash that completely cuts off the form of the target's existence from its concept.[1]

It is the the true and complete form of the Moonlight Slash skill. To perform Lacerate with a sword, the user gets into a stance, their hair and clothing start to rise like the wind is blowing them upwards, and then the user lunges forward slashing the target. Unlike its imitation, Moonlight Slash, Lacerate(節) cleanly cuts through the target and prevents them from regenerating.[2]

The difficult Input Command and the high Intelligence stat requirement make this skill extremely difficult to use. Novelist Han was able to use this skill because he is one of the forms of Han Gun-Jae, The Creator of Lucid Adventure.[6] Hardcore Leveling Warrior was only able to use this skill whilst he had equipped the partially recovered Memory of Cintamani as well as investing all his remaining Lucky Coin buffs into the Intelligence stat during his duel with No Name and after returning back to his Rank No.1 form, which made him and All-Stat and equipped him with the Golden Armour Set.[7][8][3]

The Best Swordsman is still unable to use the complete version even after using his 100% True Awakening which increased his power and buffed his intelligence stats to an extreme level.[9]

As a divine skill, the destructive capability of the skill is extremely high and it may be the strongest skill in the game.

When Lacerate(節) was used by Novelist Han, the skill had enough force to split the clouds in the sky, destroy the twisted rocks in the skills pathway and negate a Lucky Coin-buffed undead Monster's instant regeneration.[2]

The Memory of Cintamani and The Treasured Sword of the Knights shattered after Hardcore Leveling Warrior used used Lacerate(節) on No Name.[8]

Equipping both The Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths and +16 Treasured Sword of the Brave, The Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior executed Lacerate(節) on the Nightmare Light. The attack power of the skill so high, that is was strong enough to destroy both Nightmare Light and completely overwhelm his Black Nightmare Dragon attacks, a skill that was able to destroy God's Arena which should not have been possible for a mortal according to God of Combat.[3][10] The force of the skill was so powerful that despite Hardcore Leveling Warrior being several miles above the Tomb of Swords, the skill's after effects was able to illuminate the whole Tomb of Swords.[10] Light's body had to be stitched back together and treated weekly and 14 years later (Lucid Adventure time), Light's body still has not fully recovered from the effects of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lacerate(節).[11][12] Both of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's swords shattered immediately after using the skill.[10]

Lacerate (節) can be used without swords as shown when Sword Master used it to defeat Zero and the Giga Foot Soldier[13][14] and the Demon King - Hardcore Leveling Warrior used it on the Dragon of Evil and the two Ancient Dragons.[15][16]


In chronological order.
Instance Description
Episode 108 Han Gun-Jae (Sword Master) used a swordless Lacerate to behead Zero in order to stop the curse from spreading to the core in her head and destroying Lucid Adventure in the process.[14]
Episode 63 Novelist Han executed Lacerate with The Treasured Sword of the Knights that split the clouds in half before splitting a monster outside Cobalt Castle in half. The monster did not regenerate unlike before when it was cut by Novelist Han's Moonlight Slash.[2]
Episode 106 Han Gun-Jae (Sword Master) used Lacerate to destroy a Giga foot soldier that was guarding him during Giga's invasion of Yopi Land.[13]
Episode 158 All of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's remaining Lucky Coin buffs were invested in intelligence and Hardcore Leveling Warrior used used Lacerate for the first time to neutralise the True Awakened No Name's Conqueror's Sword as well as defeat No Name.[7][8] The Memory of Cintamani and The Treasured Sword of the Knights were both destroyed, but No Name was killed. No Name did however get revived as she had an extra life.[8]
Episode 167 The Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior equipped both The Treasured Sword of the Knights and the +16 Treasured Sword of the Hero and was able to use Lacerate to defeat a Light that had succumbed to Zero's Nightmare.[3][10] Both of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's weapons after he used the skill.[10]
Season 2 Episode 98 The Level 3 Demon king - Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Lacerate on Dark's Party, but it was countered by The Best Swordsman's Origin (元), which also caused Hardcore leveling Warrior's sword to break.[17]
Season 2 Episode 98 After his sword was broken by The Best Swordsman's Origin (元), The Level 3 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Chimera) used Lacerate with his bare hands on Dark's Party, but it was neutralised and turned into food by Sora's Chef Knife.[17]
Season 2 Episode 100 Hardcore Leveling Warrior launched a near-perfect Lacerate at Dark's party and the Turtle Ship which killed Chota, Werewolf, Lu Bu instantly.[18] The Best Swordsman barely cancelled out part of the lacerate with his own lacerate and admitted that Hardcore Leveling Warrior's was near perfect unlike his. Sora could only block part of the slash using her Kitchen Knife and said that the skill was more than she could handle.[18]
Season 2 Episode 104 While locked up in The Best Swordsman's Uldolmok field, The LV. 66 Demon King Chimera Hardcore Leveling Warrior executed Lacerateand it clashed with The Best Swordsman's Origin (元).[19] Both skills neutralised each other.[20]
Season 2 Episode 107 In order to create an opening to attack, The Best Swordsman sacrificed his leg to Hardcore Leveling Warrior's sword slash and used the opening it created to sneak behind Hardcore Leveling Warrior and bisect the Demon King with Lacerate (節) . Hardcore Leveling Warrior fell into Uldolmok, but due to the Demon King passive, he instantly regenerated.[20]
Season 2 Episode 107 The Demon King Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Lacerate to not only kill, but delete The Best Swordsman from Lucid Adventure.[20]
Season 2 Episode 109 Hardcore Leveling Warrior used a swordless Lacerate to bisect the Dragon of Evil's left arm that had his Demonic Sword - Demon King Sik.[15]
Season 2 Episode 112 Demon-King Hardcore Leveling Warrior used a swordless Lacerate to bisect Regina.[16]
Season 2 Episode 112 Immediately after bisecting Regina with a swordless Lacerate, he used another swordless Lacerate to bisect the Ancient Dragon standing next to her.[16]



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Translation Notes

Issues and Errors (Naver vs. LINE Versions)

There are two versions of Lacerate in the series, The true form: 'Lacerate(節)' (Korean: 절(節)) and the incomplete form 'Lacerate(切)' (Korean: 절(切)). literally translates to 'incision'; 'section'. '切' literally can mean 'to cut; to slice; to carve; to mince' with a knife; it can also be translated to 'to cut off'; 'to disconnect'.

The complete version were correctly written as 'Lacerate(節)' by LINE Webtoon in Episode 63 and Episode 167.

In the LINE Webtoon translation, Lacerate(切) is not written and only appears as 'Lacerate' in Episode 86, Episode 92 and Season 2 Episode 14. This led to the English readers to not even be aware of the difference between the complete and incomplete versions. As of yet, there has not been an explanation by LINE Webtoon for the omission of the '切' hanja.

'쌍절' (Twin/Double Lacerate) is incorrectly translated as 'Twin Slash' and 'Double Slash' by LINE Webtoon in Season 2 Episode 48. It is incorrectly translated as 'Twin Slash' in Season 2 Episode 53 and Season 2 Episode 89.

In Season 2 Episode 54, The Best Swordsman used the Lacerate(切) with his Last Turtle Ship, The Last Skill - Artillery Fire of Victory x Lacerate (切). The (切) was included but the Lacerate was incorrectly translated as Slash by LINE Webtoon.

In Season 2 Episode 89, LINE Webtoon once again incorrectly translated Perfect Lacerate (완벽한 절) as Perfect Slash.

International Translations

Name Platform Language
節(節) (Jié(Jié)) LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
Lacerate (節), Lacerate, Slash LINE Webtoon (English) English
Lacération LINE Webtoon (French) French
LINE Manga Japanese

Theories & Assumptions

As noted above, there are two distinct Lacerates, Lacerate(節) used by Novelist Han in Episode 63 and Lacerate(切) first used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior in Episode 86. The author has never explicitly stated the differences between the skills.

Because Hardcore Leveling Warrior used a Lacerate with a different hanja to Novelist Han, as well as Hardcore Leveling Warrior saying that he did not understand the skill completely, it has been logically assumed by Korean fans that Lacerate(切) is the incomplete version of Lacerate(節). This assumption is further supported by the fact that Hardcore Leveling Warrior used the 'complete' version in his final fight with Nightmare Light, where he had his Rank No.1 powers which put him at a level that surpassed the humanly limit and pushed him to the realm close to the Gods.

There is also another theory that there are 3 distinct versions of Lacerate. This is because there are moments when the skill is used that it is not accompanied by any hanja and it is simply Lacerate (절) by itslef. This includes the swordsless Lacerate Hardcore Leveling Warrior used on Scallion Head in Episode 94, the Lacerate x100 used by Han Gun-Jae in Episode 103, The swordless Lacerate used by Han Gun-Jae in Episode 106 and Episode 108, The Lacerate Hardcore Leveling Warrior used on Magna in Episode 126 and the Lacerate used on No Name in Episode 148.

Some fans believe that this is a separate Lacerate and the rank the power scaling of Lacerates as Lacerate(節) > Lacerate > Lacerate(切); while most fans simply believe there are only two versions, Lacerate(節) and Lacerate(切). The confusion increased when we saw The Best Swordsman using a Lacerate(切) after using his 50% True Awakening and then using a Double Lacerate without the Hanja in his 100% True Awakening.

This wiki has gone with the former theory and we assume there are only two version of Lacerate. With the exception of Han Gun-Jae, we will be operating under the assumption that when the author does not put any hanja it is the incomplete version, Lacerate(切), being used. As more information is revealed this will be changed.

In Episode 158, the general consensus amongst most fans is that Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Lacerate (節) on No Name because he put all his remaining buffs into his intelligence stat and spoke about remembering "the old man's skill". The author did not put a skill name when Hardcore Leveling Warrior performed the slash.

Notes & Trivia

  • '절' is translated as 'Lacerate' by LINE Webtoon. literally translates to 'section', 'verse', 'clause', 'Buddhist Temple'. The skill is translated as 'Temple' in the English version of Hardcore Leveling Warrior: Idle RPG.
  • The skill is sometimes called True Lacerate, God's Lacerate and Divine Lacerate by some fans.
  • The skill is so powerful that Hardcore Leveling Warrior believes that it can make him one of the best again.[4]
  • Lacerate(節) is confirmed to be a Divine Skill by the Computer healing Light.[11]
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior said this after he used Lacerate on No Name in Episode 158: "간신히 성공했다-!! 무슨 스킬이 .. 이래 .. !! 아이템이 버티질 못하다니 ..". This was mistranslated by LINE Webtoon as "I barely made it-!! How the hell are her skill so powerful...?! she shattered my items into pieces..."; This is incorrect as it implies that No Name's skill destroyed Hardcore Leveling Warrior's head gear and sword. In fact the correct translation is "I was barely successful-!! What kind of skill is this...this is..!! I can't believe my items did not hold out...". It was the Lacerate skill that shattered Hardcore Leveling Warrior's items not No Name's skill.
  • It should be noted that both times Hardcore Leveling Warrior used the skill, his items shattered.
    • In Episode 158, Both the Memory of Cintamani and the Treasured Sword of the Knights shattered after he used it against No Name.
    • In Episode 168, both the Treasured Sword of the Knights and the +16 Treasured Sword of the Brave shattered after he used this skill on Nightmare Light. It is unclear if his swords shattered because Hardcore Leveling Warrior cut both Nightmare Light and his Nightmare attack and was infected by Nightmare or if it was because the power he used while he was the No.1 Ranker overwhelmed the durability of his weapons and shattered them.
  • As said by Novelist Han, the Moonlight Slash skill is a copy of this skill. It is unclear when and how The Best Swordsman even saw Novelist Han performing the skill.
  • Curiously, the cross slash variation of The Best Swordsman's Double Lacerate is identical to Lacerate (節) Hardcore Leveling Warrior used on Light in Episode 167/Episode 168. It us unclear why Hardcore Leveling' Warrior's skll is not named 'Double Lacerate (節)' like that of The Best Swordsman.