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God of Comics Kim Sehoon
 ― Naver Fans[source]

Kim Sehoon (born March 9), also known as Hohoee, is a South Korean manhwa and webtoon artist. He is the creator, writer and illustrator of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior webtoon. He produces the webtoon through his production company, Studio Hohoee.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Kim Sehoon has stated that he came up with the basic idea of Hardcore Leveling Warrior whilst he was studying at University. He was also inspired by several MMORPG series including Vindictus, Mabinogi and Ragnarok Online.[1]

He wanted to create a world of escapism, where people could escape their dark realities in the real world through the game world such as Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He incorporated a lot of his personal experiences into the series.[1]

In 2013 or 2014, Kim Sehoon already had a picture of Lucid Adventure on his blog, but he scratched it. He already had a picture of Hardcore Leveling Warrior, although the overall characters design changed by the time the series came about. The idea of logging into Lucid Adventure and the House of Beginnings was already formulated in 2013 and Kim Sehoon even posted a thread about it on dcinside.com.

Kim Sehoon put the first Episode of Hardcore Leveling Warrior as a Challenge Manhwa on the 24th of August 205. After the first 6 Episodes, Hardcore Leveling Warrior became one of the Best Challenge on Naver on the 30th of October 2015. By the the 15th of November 2015, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was promoted as a Webtoon. The first Episode of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior was posted on Naver on the 23 of January 2016.

Future Works

In a 2017 interview, Kim Sehoon has stated that he has not thought of any future projects at this moment due to being preoccupied with The Hardcore Leveling Warrrior series. He did state that he does think about Heart Heater's back story.[1]

In a blog post in November 2020, Kim Sehoon said that little by little he is preparing a few pieces of work other than Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He said that one of them is about the Knights. The other story is about Heart Heater with the title maybe being "Heart Heater". He also said that it is difficult to write and illustrate alone and perhaps he would need a different artist to do both projects.[2] This is based on the experience he had serialising two webtoons at the same time when he worked on Mabinogi Heroes: For the First Time in my Life in 2017 alongside Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[1]

Pen Name

Kim Sehoon's pen name he uses is Hohoee (호호이). His pen name is used as a basis for the names of several things

  • Hohoee Life - A short Webtoon Kim Sehoon published on Damu Webtoon.
  • Hohoee - the name of Kim Sehoon's Youtube and Twitch channels
  • Hohoee World (호호이월드) - Kim Sehoon's blog on Naver
  • Studio Hohoee - His production company
  • Hohoian - The name of a race in Lucid Adventure.


Kim Sehoon's character avatar is a pink-coloured figure with a spherical-shaped head, 2 large white eyes, limbs with no fingers or thumbs and a large thumb like protrusion on top of it's head. His avatar sometimes wears a green frog costume.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Webtoon

There are several instances where motifs of Sehoon Kim have appeared in Lucid Adventure as easter eggs.

  • Kim Sehoon's avatar has a wanted poster in Heart Heater's office and has a bounty of 309 G.[3] It is unknown what he did to incur the bounty.
  • One of the weapons thrown at him during the ambush by the Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union had Kim Sehoon's avatar's face on it's pommel.[3]
  • The pommel of the Random Sword is Kim Sehoon's character's head.[4]
  • The name of Hohoee 25 is based on Kim Sehoon's name and the emblem of Hohoee 25 is shaped like Kim Sehoon's avtar's head.[5]
  • His avatar's face is on the heads side of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lucky Coin.[6]
  • The pink hoodies used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and his alliance members during the Subjugation Round is modelled after Kim Sehoon's own avatar.[7]
  • Dark's diaper's had Kim Sehoon's avatar's head on it.[8]
  • In Dark's flash back, the capsule toy vending machine had Kim Sehoon's avatar and his avatar's face on it.[9]
  • The toy Han Gun-Woo got from a toy dispenser was Kim Sehoon's character.[9]
  • Kim Sehoon's avatar appeared in the 'vegetable tuna and cracker' advert before the start of Team Dark vs Team Yopi Land's match.[10]
  • Sehoon Bank is most likely named after the author.[11]
  • Hohoee Bank is a bank in the real world. Kim Sehoon's character avatar was seen on Han Gun-Woo's bank book.[12]
  • One of Yopi's tamed monsters had the motif of Kim Sehoon's avatar.[13]
  • The pink slimes where being farmed for EXP by Yopy and Akira.[14]
  • Kim Sehoon's avatar is on the bag of Hohoee Chips. The chips are in the shape of Kim Sehoon's avatar's head.[15]
  • The shape of Kim Sehoon's avatar's head is seen on Ko Eun-Woo's (Choco Bibi) t-shirt.[16] Inside of the emblem, the words 'STD HHE', which may mean 'Student Hohoee'.[16]
  • The shot glasses used in Hot Gukbap have Kim Sehoon's avatar's face on it.[16]
  • The beverage that Kim Jin-Woo drank in the Friendship Bathhouse had Kim Sehoon's avatar's head as a symbol.[16] The name of the beverage was covered by Kim Jin-Woo's hand, but the parts uncovered by his hand read "Hoohee Bana..." (호호이 빠나) (LINE: Hohoi Bana).[16]

Notable Works

Year Title Credited as Platform(s)
2012 Hohoee Life Writer and Artist Daum Webtoon
2014 - 2015 Cut Across the Sky Writer and Artist NODE COMICS
2016 - Present Hardcore Leveling Warrior Writer and Artist Naver
2017 Mabinogi Heroes: For the First Time in My Life Writer and Artist Mabinogi's Nexon; Battle Comics
2020 Let's Overcome this Together <Hardcore Leveling Warrior> Writer and Artist Naver
2020 Hardcore Leveling Tank - World of Tanks Writer and Artist Naver


Kim Sehoon

Hardcore Leveling Warrior-related Sketches


Notes & Trivia

  • He got married on June 23, 2017. Episode 75 was published the day after his wedding and Naver fans congratulated him in the comment section.
  • He has two daughters
  • As revealed on a facebook post, he has a dog called 'Albino' (흰둥)
  • One of Kim Sehoon's favourite webtoon at present is Your Target (당신의 과녁). He made a sketch of the main character on his blog.
  • Kim Sehoon was awarded the Encouragement Prize (장려상) at the 2014 Webtoon star contest (웹툰스타 공모) for his work 'Cut Across the Sky'.
  • White Knife, a story envisioned by Kim Sehoon

    In 2015, Kim Sehoon wrote a facebook post about a envisioned a story he envisioned in the past he called 'White Knife'. The wolf that can be seen in the cover on the right can bee seen in Episode 35 when Choco Bibi is describing the rules of the Subjugation Round. He said he might finish the story at some point in the future.
  • Kim Sehoon enjoys video games. In fact, the reason he took on the story for Mabinogi Heroes is because he played the Mabinogi game. These days, he hasn't played any games becuase of his tight schedule with his webtoon, but he watches broadcasts of games from different BJs.[1]
  • Kim Sehoon said he likes all his characters, but his favourite is Dark because he is the easiest to draw and does not take much time to paint.[1]
  • Kim Sehoon admits that he is not good at naming skills. If he wants to use a name that looks a bit more cool, he looks at foreign languages and uses a combination of those words and ideas that comes to his mind.[1]
  • He stated in an interview that he admires Youngsoon Yang, the Author and Artist of the Webtoon Denma link.[1] So he got the idea of the AE from that work. For example
  • In Wacom 2018 (South Korean Comic Con), Kim Sehoon did a demonstration sketch. The video can be seen here.
  • Kim Sehoon's sketch for 'The Sound Your Heart' challenge on Naver Webtoon's instagram.jpg
    On July 7, 2020, The longest running webtoon in Korea, The Sound of the Heart (Links: Naver; LINE) finished it's serialization after 14 years. To celebrate it's completion, Naver Webtoon hosted did a #마음의소리챌린지 (Sound of Heart Challenge) on instagram. Prominent Naver webtoon artists did the challenge, which involved them drawing them drawing their own characters in the style of The Sound of Your Heart webtoon. Kim Sehoon took part and it was posted on Naver Webtoon's instagram. The full posted picture is posted in the gallery above and can also be seen on the right.

Relationships with other Webtoon Creators

  • He has a close friendship with O Se-Hyung, the author of Webtoon 'Sindorim'. They both went to the same college.
    • They both use each others characters in their respective webtoons.
      • Heart Heater appears in 'Sindorim' as a supporting character and is based on Kim Sehoon's Heart Heater that appears in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior Series.
      • Akira has the motif of the character 'Thunder', the main character of 'Sindorim'.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior with Naver Webtoon video game

On April 28, 2019, Superplanet, a mobile game developer, invited 80 fans of Naver Webtoon's "Hardcore Leveling Warrior" and held a fan meeting with artist Kim Sehoon. At the fan meeting on this day, Kim Sehoon directly prepared a gift for Super Planet, which was in the process of developing the 'Hardcore Leveling Warrior with NAVER WEBTOON' based on the webtoon of the same name as the fans, and received a tremendous applause response.[17]

On the 8th of July 2019, Kim Sehoon was given a Hardcore Leveling Warrior figure and a Sora SD figure as a gift from Superplanet and the Hardcore Leveling Warriro with NAVER WEBTOON.[18] These can be seen in the gallery below.

On 22.01.21, the GM of the game wrote a letter to the writer to convey the feelings of the develepoment team and the operations team to Kim Sehoon. The letter can be seen here.

On 06.03.21, the writer posted a message on the game's naver cafe, thanking the team for the gift he received. He also drew an image thanking them.

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