Kim Sehoon (김세훈) is a South Korean webtoon artist, and the author of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior series.

Future Works

Kim Sehoon has stated in an interview that he has not thought of any future projects at this moment due to being preoccupied with The Hardcore Leveling Warrrior series. He did state that he does think about Heart Heater's back story.


Appearances in Lucid Adventure

Kim Sehoon's avatar in Lucid Adventure is pink coloured. It has appeared at several points in the series as easter eggs.

  • Kim Sehoon's avatar has a wanted poster in Heart Heater's office and has a bounty of 309 G.[1] It is unknown what he did to incur the bounty.
  • One of the weapons thrown at him during the ambush by the Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union had Senhun Kim's avatar's face on it's pommel.[1]
  • The pommel of the Random Sword is Kim Sehoon's character's head.[2]
  • His avatar's face is on the heads side of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lucky Coin.[3]
  • The pink hoodies used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior and his alliance members during the Subjugation Round is modelled after Kim Sehoon's own avatar.[4]
  • In Dark's flash back, the capsule toy vending machine had Kim Sehoon's avatar and his avatar's face on it. The toy Dark got from the was Kim Sehoon's character.[5]
  • Kim Sehoon's avatar appeared in the 'vegetable tuna and cracker' advert.[6]

Notes & Trivia

  • He got married on June 23, 2017.
  • Kim Sehoon said he likes all his characters, but his favourite is Dark because he is the easiest to draw and does not take much time to paint.[7]
  • He stated in an interview that he admires Youngsoon Yang, the Author and Artist of the Webtoon Denma link. So he got the idea of the AE from that work. For example
  • One of Kim Sehoon's favourite webtoon at present is Your Target (당신의 과녁). He made a sketch of the main character on his blog.
  • Kim Sehoon was awarded the Encouragement Prize at the 2014 Webtoon star contest for his work 'Cut Across the Sky'.
  • He has a close friendship with Oh Se-hyeong (오세형), the author of Webtoon 'Sindorim'. They both went to the same college.
    • They both use each others characters in their respective webtoons.
      • Heart Heater appears in 'Shindorim' as a supporting character and is based on Kim Sehoon's Heart Heater that appears in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior Series.
      • Akira has the motif of the character 'Thunder', the main character of 'Shindorim'.

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