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Kim Gu was the Cartoon Character Type Personal Attribute of Taek.


A personal attribute based on the main character of The Head webtoon, Kim Gu. It grants Taek access to Kim Gu's fist-based attack techniques as well as various other buffs that aid Taek in combat.

Justice Realization Crush Series: Taek could use fist attacks of various levels that are based on Kim Gu's Justice Realization Crush.

Berserker Transformation: A hidden skill based on Taek's sheer rage from losing a comrade, Taek's Main Character_Berserk ability allows Taek to ignore fatal physical damage as if it never happened and allows him to continue fighting with a frightening level of stamina while also being unpredictable and erratic in combat, making it hard to counter him. Taek is able to wear out his opponents through sheer tenacity and ferocity alone.


Notes & Trivia

  • Kim Gu was the main character of the Naver Webtoon series, The Head.
  • This is the first Cartoon Character Type Personal Attribute that was introduced in the series.
  • Taek's 'Scarface' jacket is identical to that of Kim Gu's.
  • The Tiger symbol seen when Taek was battling Zhang Fei in Episode 105 was a reference to Kim Gu, who is known as the White Tiger.
  • Kim Gu was not explicitly mentioned in the Hardcore Leveling Warrior Webtoon but it is heavily implied that he is the Personal Attribute of Taek due to the similarities in personalities, attire and skill set.
  • Due to a tracing controversy, 'The Head' Webtoon has been permanently discontinued by Naver. Taek has been removed from the Hardcore Leveling Warrior series.

'The Head' Webtoon


Kim Gu


Kim Gu, 'The White Western Tiger', transferred to Arang industrial high school, a place where 'survival of the fittest' is law.

Kim Gu wanted to be a 'good student' and keep the promise he made to his father who told him: "do not fight in school". He tried to stay as quiet as possible even when he was bullied. Inevitably, he used his fist and unintentionally showed his true power to one of the biggest gang factions in the district, the Cheong-Cheon society. Once he showed his true power, there was no going back.

Unlike most delinquents who smoke, Kim Gu is usually seen biting candy as "smoking is harmful to the body".

He is a close-range fighter that utilises powerful fist attacks. Sometimes, when he uses a big technique the name of the technique is written in big red colors.

Skills List

  • Teeth Breaker LV.1 - Justice Realization Crush (강냉이 Lv.1 정의구현 CRUSH ): The first level of the Justice Realization Crush series. Kim Gu hist the opponent with a straight punch that has enough force to to blow them away.[1]
  • Teeth Breaker LV.2 - Justice Realization Crush (강냉이 Lv.2 정의구현 CRUSH ): The second level of the Justice Realization Crush. Kim Gu extends his hand a bit further back than Lv.1 and hits the opponent with enough force to make them back flip.[2][3]
  • Teeth Breaker LV.3 - Justice Realization Crush (강냉이 Lv.3 정의구현 CRUSH ):

  • Mad Max Mode: Kim Gu first entered the 'Mad-Max' Mode when he found out his friend, Kim Byungsik (Korean:김병식), had gone to recuse Kwon Summer (Korean: 권여름) alone. In this state, his aggression, speed, power, stamina and durability were raised and he was able to quickly recover from blows and counter attack immediately. Kim Gu was previously driven into a corner by Kang Dong-hyung's (Korean: 강동현) kicks, but after entering 'Mad-Max' mode, he knocked him out with a Justice Realization Crush. When Kang Dong-Hyung regained his consciousness and attempted to attack Kim Gu, but the force and pressure from Kim Gu's spirit forced him to his knees which left him embarrassed. Kim Gu defeated multiple rain makers and defeated Go Sung-kook (Korean: 고성국) in a single blow using Teethbreaker Lv. 3 Justice Realization Crush. In this state, he was able to take the full swing of a baseball bat to the back of his head and not even flinch and deliver a blow strong enough to break a person's shin. The problem was that in this state, Kim Gu could not distinguish friend from foe and attacks indiscriminately. He attacked Kim Byungsik when he attempted to calm him down and had to be headbutted to the ground in order to regain his sense.


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