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Justice Realization Crush is a skill of Taek's personal attribute, Kim Gu.


One of Kim Gu's signature attacks in 'The Head' webtoon.[1]

Taek uses his fist to deliver a blow that has enough power to defeat a Field Boss.[2]


Instance Description
Episode 36 Taek used Justice Realization Crush to defeat King Crocodile during the Subjugation Round.[2]
Episode 37 Taek and Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Justice Realization Crush and Moonlight Slash respectively at the same time on Octonash in her monster form which was able to scar her.[3]
Episode 48 AFter being struck with the The Sword of Doom's Day, Hardcore Levelinng Warrior counterattacked and the fake Umai (Zero in disguise) with a Justice Realization Crush he had Borrowed from Taek.[4]
Episode 87 Even after having his stats reset to Level 1 during the Siege Round, Taek's Justice Realization Crush destroyed Giga's castle in one blow.[5]
Episode 105 Taek used Justice Realization Crush on Zhang Fei but it was blocked by his 1.8 Zhang Long Steel Spear.[6]



Kim Gu

Translation Notes & Errors

Main Article: LINE Webtoon Translation Issues

正義具現정 의 구 현 Crush is translated as Justice Righteousness Implement Realization Crush by LINE Webtoon.

정의 is the Korean form 正義 which means "justice; righteousness; fairness". 구현 is the Korean form of 具現 which means "embodiment; materialization; realization; manifestation"

The correct translation for this is Justice Realization Crush, Realization of Justice Crush, Implementation of Justice Crush or Justice Implementation Crush.

Notes & Trivia

  • Taek's Justice Realization Crush is the equivalent of Kim Gu's Lv. 1 Justice Realization Crush. Unlike Kim Gu's version, Taek's does not have a Lv.1 next to it.
  • Curiously, before Kim Gu executed his Justice Realization Crush in The Head Chapter 8, "강냉이 Lv.1" preceded it. 강냉이 literally means "corn" but it is used as slang to mean teeth that fell out due to a person being beaten in a fight, and this is because the teeth are somewhat similar to those of corn grains. For example "원 펀치 쓰리 강냉이" would mean "One punch, three teeth". 강냉이 and 옥수수 both are standard Korean for "corn" but 옥수수 is preferred in Seoul.