Justice Righteousness Implement Realization Crush also known as J.R.I.R. Crush is a skill of Tac's Personal Attribute, Kim Gu.


Kim Gu's signature attack in 'The Boss' Webtoon.[1]

Tac uses his fist to deliver a blow that has enough power to defeat a Field Boss.[2]

Even when Tac is at Level 1, the blow has enough power to destroy the opponents castle in the Siege Round in one blow.[3]


Tac used J.R.I.R. Crush to defeat King Crocodile during the Subjugation Round.[2]

Tac and HCLW used J.R.I.R. Crush and Moonlight Slash consecutively on Octonash in her monster form which was able to scar her.[4]

Even after having his stats reset to Level 1 during the Siege Round, Tac's J.R.I.R. Crush could destroy the opponents castle in one blow.[3]

Tac used J.R.I.R. Crush on Zhang Fei but it was blocked by his 1.8 Zhang Long Steel Spear so he took no damage.[5]

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Notes & Trivia

  • Tac's J.R.I.R. Crush could be the equivalent of Kim Gu's J.R.I.R. Crush Lv.1. Unlike Kim Gu's version Tac's does not have a Lv.1 next to it.


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