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The Human-Demon War was a war that occurred in Lucid Adventure.


In the distant past, a war broke out between human and demons.[1]

The 'Demon King - Sic', a descendant of 'Hoi' tried to collect the power of the first corrupted king 'Iho', and corrupt the world. He became the second corrupted king[2]

The Knights, a powerful group created by the descendants of 'The Heroes' who saved the world with 'Hoi', brought the scattered humans together as one and battled against the demons.[2][1]

The First Knights sacrificed their souls to seal the soul of 'Sic'. Among them, even when all the other knights fell, the one who sealed 'Sic' after fighting the remnants of the Demon King for over 100 days was a Descendent of the First Hero and leader of the Knights who never gave up in the final moments of despair - The Light of Hope that never goers out in the human realm, The Grand Master - Haru.[2]


After Sic was sealed, the demons eventually lost the war and disappeared into the beyond. A seal was placed on the demon world which forced them to the outskirts of the human world.[3]

The Dragon of Evil observed the war between the Ancient Knights and the Demons and grew fond of the Ancient Knights. He decided to make the Dragon Knights based on the Ancient Knights of antiquity.[1]

Thousands of years after the Demon World was sealed, New Nightmare opened the sealed gate and released the demons back into the human world. Nightmare has gathered the power of Demons and Named Monsters to wage war on the rest of the world.[4][3]

Notes & Trivia

  • The actual name of the war has not been revealed.
  • There is no exact time fram for when the war occurred. From what we know, it occurred a thousand years after Iho was defeated by Hoi and 'The Heroes'.[2] Arachnea stated that the seal on the demon world was there for thousands of years.[3]