Holy Light is high level offensive magic attack used by Light.[1]


Orbs of light gather around Light, firing penetrating beams of light with high accuracy[1]

It seems like Light can control the number of light beams used.

The beams of light can be bent to get at targets.[2]

The attack i so pwoerful that a Level 70 Sora who is a tanker would have been killed in one hit by the skill.[2]



The Combat Tournament - Preliminary Round

Light used Holy Light to kill the VIP Assassins of Yopi Land after neutralizing their attacks.[1]

Light used Holy Light against Hardcore Leveling Warrior but it was ineffective against the latters Magic-Neutralizing Armour.[2]

Light then used it Holy Light again, this time bending it in an attempt to hit Sora and Dark but once again, Hardcore Leveling Warrior neutralised it with his Magic-Neutralizing Armour.[2]

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Notes & Trivia

  • It is unknown if Holy Light contains Holy magic or simply just a 'normal' light beam attack.
  • The Holy Light used on Rigos in Episode 43 by Hardcore Leveling Warrior was mistranslated as Chain Holy Light by Line Webtoon.
  • The Holy Light used by Light on Tempest during the PvP Round in Episode 113 was mistranslated as Chain Holy Light by Line Webtoon.


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