Hola is the younger sister of Kusham and the Personal Attribute Unlocker that unlocked the personal attributes of Dark, Sora, and even Yopi himself.


Hola has the appearance of a young woman with short blonde hair and cat features such as large cat ears and a fluffy tail. She wears a sleeveless skin tight black shirt, yellow short shorts with a grey belt, black ballerina shoes and golden accessories with colorful gems such as bracelets, rings and a collar.



Hola has a relaxed and carefree attitude. She seems to live a life free of troubles as she's always free and lounging around according to Kusham. However, when her expertise is needed, she is very good and can be trusted according to Heart Heater as she is the one who unlocked Yopi's personal attribute.




Hola is Kusham's younger sister. She lives and lounges around Kusham's shop until her expertise is needed. She doesn't like it when Kusham talks to her about business and calls him a "fatty".


Heart Heater

Hola and Heart Heater are good friends and seems to have known each other for a while. Hola is interested in Heart Heater as she always wants to go on a date with him and was disappointed when Rim comes instead of him. Because of Heart Heater's dragons, Hola enjoys dragon riding with him. She also thinks that Heart Heater has the most dangerous smell before Dark.


They are friends despite that Hola was disappointed that Rim came by instead of Heart Heater and said she didn't need him.

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