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Hohoian Adventures are short cartoons that focus on the Hohoians. They are uploaded on both the author's blog and the official Hardcore Leveling Warror instagram every Saturday and Wednesday at 11 KST. The author credits Min-Jung (민정) and Ji-Yeon (지연) for creating it.

The series appears to be non-canon but this has not been officially confirmed.

Episode 1 - The Hohoian Makes an Appearance!

(1화 - 호호이안 등장!, 1hwa - hohoian deungjang!)

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Picture 1

Heart Heater: Welcome. This is the Quest House.

Heart Heater: I am NPC Heart Heater

Picture 2

Heart Heater: Oh my...It's not me today. This way

Picture 3

Hohoian: I'm the one/It's me

Picture 4

Hohoian: It's hohoian!

Episode 2

Notes & Trivia