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Hidden Gate also known as Black Skill Window (검은 스킬창, Geom-eun Seukilchang), is is a dark version of a players skills window. It is a considered a bug in Lucid Adventure.


The Hidden Skill window grants the player incredible power.

The use of a Dark Gate gets a player immediately punished once they use it. Hardcore Leveling Warrior was chased by the Guard NPC[1] and Giga Guild Security Team[2] after he used it in Leaf Dungeon.[1]

If a player uses the skill during a quest and they are caught by the guards, the quest becomes invalidated so it is best to leave the party and escape.[1]

It seems Giga players can use it without any penalties as Light was seen using it during the Preliminary Round.[3][4]

After seeing Light's Hidden Gate, The Bug Hardcore Leveling Warrior said Light was close to 'the secret', which left Light confused.[3]

The conditions for acquiring a Black skill window has not been revealed.


Leaf Dungeon

As he was about to be killed by the Red Player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior opened the Hidden Gate and used his Lucky Coin, granting him Strength and Regeneration x77.[1]

The Combat Tournament - Preliminary Round

Light brought out his Hidden Gate to attack the Bug Hardcore Leveling Warrior but before he could use a skill from it the Bug Hardcore Leveling Warrior jumped off a cliff, telling Light he was close to 'the secret'.[3]

As he was about to be attacked by Sora and Dark, Light opended his Hidden Gate and used Dark Light.[4]

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Notes & Trivia

  • The Hidden Gate is a bug like Nightmare. Even the appearance of the eyes is similar when both bugs are used. The exact relation ship between both skills has not been revealed as of yet.
  • It seems like only authorised personnel can use the Hidden Gate without a penalty, similar to Nightmare.


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