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Hephai is a Master Blacksmith in Lucid Adventure.[1]She used to work for Giga but left as it was not what her older sister had wanted. After meeting with Sora and Ego, she joined Dark Land and now serves them as their Master Blacksmith.


Hephai is a woman with light brown skin and long red hair. She wears a collar crop top with a massive cleavage and dark bra armor underneath, bandages fully wrapped around her left arm, she wears a mustard color glove on her right hand and dark gauntlet on the left, a waist cloth with a belt wrapped around her waist, black knee length pants and mustard colored shoes.




Hephai is a business person and is willing to go beyond for customers to purchase her weapons. She had even believed a fortune teller that told her where a good spot would be to sell, She is willing to compliment and doesn't judge other people for their weird actions so long as they buy her weapons. Although, she doesn't take disrespect lightly as when Ego ate her weapons without buying and ran away, she chased after him and is willing to beat him until he pays.

She also doesn't like it when people judge her blacksmithing methods as she shouted at Master Swordsman for telling her to lighten her hammering. She takes pride in her weapons and can recognize whether it's in a bad condition or not. As a fighter, Hephai is unrelenting and aggressive as she kept charging Sora with unhesitating attacks. Hephai is a bit sentimental as well as she told Sora about her story with her older sister before giving Sora the coin.




Hephai started playing Lucid Adventure with her sister. Together, they both sold their weapons as blacksmiths. They had a lot of small fights and disagreements but Hephai had fun playing with her older sister, going through different places and crafting new materials. She was greatly saddened when her older sister passed away.


Old Hag

When Hephai was traveling around, she had met the Old Hag who suddenly talked to her about her sister's love for her. Hephai thought she knew everything and had a conversation with her. The Old Hag told her to go to a certain place and gave her a piece of a Lucky Coin that will help her find her wishes.


Hephai thought Ego was a weird customer at first for eating her weapon but ignored his habits so long as he pays. When Ego ran away without paying, Hephai chased after him and had a fight. She thought Ego was a total freak but was interesting as he was a living Ego Sword. Hephai planned on dismantling Ego and turn him into a good weapon.

Skills & Abilities

Hephai is a Master Blacksmith and her skills are highly sought after even by Giga. Her presence alone improves the overall quality of the weapons by two in the the Guild she joins when it takes a great deal of wealth to even increase the quality by one through ordinary means.

Physical Skills: Hephai possesses strong physical capabilities.

  • Superhuman Durability: Hephai has an incredibly tough body as she was able to take an unskilled sword attack from Sora easily and without a scratch, even breaking Sora's bones in the process due to the rebound it caused. According to her, she is immune to sword attacks.
  • Superhuman Speed: Sora noted that Hephai was fast as she instantly charged and closed the gap between them, almost hitting Sora's face and destroying her coat instead.

Blacksmith Skills: As a Master Blacksmith, Hephai is incredibly skilled in blacksmithing.

  • Enhanced Crafting: The weapons that Hephai crafts or improves greatly increases in overall power and holds no weight at all. According to The Best Swordsman's Ego Sword when it was enhanced by Hephai, it's as if a hundred years worth of burden has been lifted off and could cut anything now.
  • Hammer Proficiency: Hephai is skilled with her blacksmith hammer and she is able to wield it well in combat.

Combat Style

Despite not being a combat class at all, Hephai is an aggressive fighter. Because of her high stats, she is highly confident of her attacks as they are unhesitating and sharp.

Skills Tree

Blacksmith Skills


Blacksmith Items

  • Black Hammer: Hephai wields a hammer with Black head and grey handle.



Season 2

Summit Arc

Major Battles

Notes & Trivia

  • The character may be based on Hephaestus, the Greek god of blacksmiths, metalworking, carpenters, craftsmen, artisans, sculptors, metallurgy, fire and volcanoes.