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Hellfire is a High-level flame attribute magic used by Wizards.[1][2][3]


The user gathers a ball of fire in their palm before blasting it at the target. The higher the spell power of the user, the more powerful the Hellfire is.

Hellfire can damage both the user and allies if used in a congested space.[2][4]


Arc Description
Season 2 Episode 104 During his Formal PK with The Best Swordsman, Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Hellfire to nullify The Best Swordsman's Water Dragon Wave.[3]
Episode 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior gathered a large fire ball in his palm before blasting a Hellfire that wiped out the entire frontline of Scallion Head's Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union.[1]
Season 2 Episode 98 The Level 3 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Demon King Chimera) used Hellfire on The Best Swordsman. The Best Swordsman countered it with Water Dragon Wave.[5] Hardcore Leveling Warrior predicted The Best Swordsman's move and used the steam created by the clash of their skills as a pathway to enable his Nightmare colleagues to escape the battlefield through Nightmare Choco Bibi's space magic.[5]




Notes & Trivia

  • The skill is a Wizard Class skill, but the Hardcore Leveling Warrior who himself is a gamble was most likely able to acquire it using his 'bet' skill.


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