Hell Fire is a High Tier fire spell[1][2] used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It is a Wizard class skill.[1]


The user gathers a ball of fire in their palm before blasting it at the target.The higher the spell power of the user, the more powerful the Hell Fire is.


User Arc Description
Hardcore Leveling Warrior The Reset Arc Hardcore Leveling Warrior gathered a large fire ball in his palm before blasting a Hell Fire that wiped out the entire frontline of Scallion Head's Anti-Hardcore Leveling Warrior Union.[1]

Notes & Trivia

  • Hell Fire can damage both Hardcore Leveling Warrior and his allies if used in a congested space. He told his party members to get as far away as they could before using it on the materialised enemies of The Corrupted Spirit of Grass.[2] He also didn't use it on the Shadow Dolls in the congested space of The Cave of Atonement for fear of inflicting damage on himself.[3]


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