Hell Fire is a High Tier fire spell[1][2] used by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. It is a Wizard class skill.[1]

Description Edit

A fire ball gathers around the palm of the user before it is blasted at the intended target.

The higher the spell power of the user, the more powerful the Hell Fire is.

Usage Edit

Cobalt Castle Trade Route Quest Edit

The #1 Ranked HCLW used Hell Fire to wipe out the front line of Scallion Head's Guild during his SS Quest.[1]

Leaf Dungeon Edit

After using the Lucky Coin skill and increasing his spell power, HCLW used Hell Fire to destroy The Corrupted Spirit of Grass materialised enemies. [2]

The Combat Tournament - The Preliminary Round Edit

During the preliminary round of The Combat Tournament, HCLW used Hell Fire to wipe out The Archery Party of The Ten-Party Union.[3]

HCLW unsuccessfully used Hell Fire on the Master Magician, Light, who neutralised the skill.[4]

Pooh Upooh's Request Quest Edit

HCLW used Hell Fire to target the Chimer Pinky Licking's weakness, it's eyes.[5]

Novelist Request Quest Edit

Hardcore Leveling Warrior used Hell Fire unsuccessfully against Constant in Cobalt Castle.[6]

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Notes & Trivia Edit

  • Hell Fire can damage both Hardcore Leveling Warrior and his allies if used in a congested space. He told his party members to get as far away as they could before using it on the materialised enemies of The Corrupted Spirit of Grass.[2] He also didn't use it on the Shadow Dolls in the congested space of The Cave of Atonement for fear of inflicting damage on himself.[7]

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