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I hate idiots...And those who borrow money and do not pay it back are the biggest idiots amongst idiots.
 ― Heart Heater[source]

Heart Heater Vermillion Qeentharin,[6] more commonly known as just Heart Heater,[1] is a High-Level NPC that specialises in giving hidden and rare high-rank quests, rides blue dragons, and acts as a private money lender (loan shark) in Lucid Adventure. Together with his Assistant Rim, they serve Dark as his underlings.

Due to some unforeseen circumstance, he participated as a member of Dark's Party in the PvP Round. In the second season, Heart Heater helps Dark to run Dark Land's political affairs. During the Big 4 Guild Summit, Heart Heater represented Dark Land and dueled Xiang Yu of Giga to decide the leader of the Players' Union. Despite being critically wounded by Xiang Yu, Heart Heater defeated his opponent thanks to the intervention of the Dragon of Evil. Heart Heater is currently serving as one of the four strategists of the Players' Union.


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Heart Heater is a tall man with jade green hair and bright red eyes with a downward scar underneath his right eye and eyepatch covering his left eye. Throughout the journey, he wore a blue suit vest with white long sleeved collar tee underneath, blue pants, orange necktie and shoes. He also wore a blue coat draped around his shoulders but removes it during battle.

Two years later, nothing much changed on his appearance but his hair is now styled into a slicked back and his eye patch no longer had a strap.

In the past, Heart Heater still had his left eye and didn't have a scar. He also wore sleeveless brown leather armor over his white long sleeved shirt and a brown leather waist armor. Somewhere down the line however, he had grown long green hair and had gotten the scar. He had dragon-shaped shoulder plates with a gauntlet on the left side. He wore a tattered coat over dragon plated armor, black dragon plate leg armor and boots. He had lost his left eye at that time when the Dragon of Evil took it.


Being the descendant of a Noble family, Heart Heater has always carried himself in a well-mannered, exemplary fashion befitting his noble origins. He doesn't use any profanity and is usually extremely calm and collected in most situations.

His most notable trait, however, is his lust for money, rivaling that of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's. To Heart Heater, money is far more valuable than even life and he would rather die than write off a debtors debt.[7] He even sees wars as nothing more than an opportunity to make a fortune.[8] Even when he was threatened by an Ancient Dragon, Heart Heater still tried to make a deal.[9] He is also never late in asking back for money he is owed.[10]

He hates idiots, especially the ones that don't pay back the money they borrowed from him.[10] He nails the fingers of those who have not paid him back on a wall in his Quest House, showing his ruthless side.[10]

Heart Heater's favorite tea is Earl Grey and he can be seen drinking it on several occasions in the series.[11] He also likes to eat candy and can be seen eating it from his brown pocket pouch.[12]

Major Battles

  • Heart Heater vs Hardcore Leveling Warrior
  • Heart Heater vs Blood Golem
  • Heat Heater vs. Magma
  • Heart Heater vs. Dark
  • Heart Heater vs. Xiang Yu
  • Heart Heater (100% controlled by Dragon of Evil) vs. Xiang Yu


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Translation Notes


Heart Heater's class is "사채업자" which LINE translated as "Private Money Lender" in Episode 1 and then Loan Shark in Episode 164.

사채업자 literally means "loan shark; private money lender; underground lender". Either one is fine but Loan Shark is usually associated with the word. The wiki uses Loan Shark.

Notes & Trivia

  • Heart Heater's aura as seen by Dark is a Black Dragon. This fits his 'Dragon' motif.
  • Heart Heater has appeared in other Naver Webtoon series.
    • Heart Heater also appears in the Webtoon Sindorim as 'H. Heater. Heart Heater first appeared on the Hardcore Leveling Warrior series on January 24, 2016. Sindorim started it's serialization on August 8, 2016 and he appeared in it's 3rd Episode which was on 16th of August 2016. There was a lot of controversy as to whether Sindorim plagiarized and stole the character, bit in fact the two writers went to the same college and have a very close friendship.[13]
    • As with Sindorim, the author of Hardcore Leveling Warrior has a close friendship with the author of the Webtoon Troll Trap. Hear Heater also appears in Episode 48 of the Webtoon Troll Trap as 'H', the private loaner. He appears as a private-loan contract who has a large a amount of goods and is capable of selling and borrowing rare objects and weapons that are not available on the normal markets.[14]
    • He also makes a brief cameo appearance in the Webtoon Linkboy prologue.[15]
    • Heart Heater makes a cameo in Episode 5 of the naver webtoon, Do you know the road (당신의 과녁).
    • Heart Heater Made a came in Episode 1 of the Naver Webtoon Taebaek: The Tutorial Man (태백 : 튜토리얼 맨이난). The author of Taebaek: The Tutorial man has said that Heart Heater will not feature as a character in the series.
    • Despite appearing in different webtoons, the character itself is very similar across all his various webtoon appearances and they all have similar background stories.
  • It is possible that Heart Heater is inspired by Ciel Phantomhive of the Black Butler series.
  • Kim Sehoon uploaded 4 pictures of a younger Heart Heater on his twitter.
    • The first tweet revealed Heart Heater's full name in a twitter post saying: "소년의 이름은 하트히터 버밀리온 퀸타린. 진홍색 눈을가진 퀸타린 가문의 아이." This literally translates to "The name of the boy is the Heart Heater Vermilion Quintarin. A child of Quintarin family with crimson eyes."[6]
    • The second picture was a picture of Heart Heater watching the snow with the caption "소년은 생각 했습니다. ‘오늘 따라 눈이 더럽게 많이 내리네.’" which literally means "The boy thought. 'It's snowing a lot today.'"[16]
    • The 3rd and 4th Pic are of a young Heart Heater silhoutte and a young Heart Heater watching the scenery. '집을 나온 소년은 목적지도 없이 눈길을 걷고 또 걸었습니다. "결국 얼어 죽을거야!" "통통한게 맛좋아 보이는걸!" 겨울까마귀들이 소년의 머리위에서 떠들어댔습니다. 소년은 생각했습니다. "시끄러운 까마귀들. 난 통통한게 아니라 체격이 좋은거야.". This literally translates to: The boy who left the house walked and walked without a destination. "I'll eventually die freezing!". "Chubby looks delicious!" Winter crows rattled over the boy's head. The boy thought. "Noisy crows. I'm not chubby, I have a good physique."[17]
  • There has been an amount of people that originally thought that Heart Heater was a player and not an NPC.
  • The author revealed that Heart heater's birthday is April 1st.[18] He shares the same birthday as Constant.