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Whenever and wherever...I save the world!
 ― Haru[source]

Haru[1], also known as Grand Master Haru[2], was a human in Lucid Adventure. She was the descendant of the Legendary Warrior of the The Heroes[1], "The First Grandmaster"[1] and the "Leader of the Knights"[1]. She is renowned as "The Strongest Human of All Time".[2]

During the Human-Demon War, she led the knights in the fight against the demons. After all the Knights fell, Haru alone sealed the Demon King Sik after fighting his remnants for over 100 days and she was hailed as "The Inextinguishable Light of Hope of the Human World".[1]

She was the first person to pull out and use the legendary sword of the Golden Armour set, the Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths. Haru descended after Stone released his last sword and she fought Ge Des in Stone's place.[2] Haru defeated Ge Des and resigned him to the same fate as his father, killing him with the very skill that sealed Sik.[3]


Haru was a yellow eyed woman with light brown/almost blondish hair styled into a low ponytail. She wore white plated armor with colorful gem ornaments all over it. She also wore silver earrings with blue and red diamonds on either side.



As the First Grandmaster of the Knights, Haru was highly respected by all. Due to her extremely strong will, she did not give up even in times of despair and she was seen as "The Inextinguishable Light of Hope of the Human World"[1]

She was extremely courageous and righteous which is evidenced by the fact that she could utilise Light Sword - Will in combat. Even after being dead for a long time, she was immediately ready to fight when she was summoned into the world to face Demon King Ge Des.[2]


The Knights

The exact nature of her relationships with the Knights is not known, but she obviously trusted them enough to lead them into a battle that decided the fate of humanity.[1] She apologised to them when she used their souls to destroy the Nightmarized Ge Des.[3]

Dragon of Light

It is unknown what kind of relationship they had or if they even had one. Haru was summoned from one of the warrior swords that was in the care of the Dragon of Light.[2] She was aware that it was the Dragon of Light's mana keeping that was allowing her to maintain her form.[3]



Their relationship is unknown but they presumably were hostile to each other. Haru is the one that finally sealed the remnants of Sik after his soul was sealed by the 7 knights.[3]

Ge Des

Haru thought Ge Des was evil and was surprised that she was fighting Sik's son after such a long time and was surprised with his abilities. She said she hadn't faced anyone like him in her time but ultimately she was able to defeat him without suffering any damage.[3]


Haru is widely accepted to be one of the most powerful figures in Lucid Adventure's history. Such was her power that she is still hailed as "The Strongest Human of All Time" to this very day.[2]

As the Grand Master and leader of the Knights, Haru held authority over the powerful group of knights that faced Demon King Sik. Haru was the first ever Grandmaster and the first wielder of the Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths. As such, she was an extremely powerful person. A testament to her power is the fact that she fought against the remnants of the Demon King alone for 100 days and was the one that finally sealed Sik forever.[1]

Her skill, Sword of Creed - Soul Ether, appears to be well known amongst the ancient demons as Le Zilk in his death quickly recognised the light that Sora used to eviscerate him was identical to Haru's.[4]

The biggest testament of her power could be seen during Stone's battle with Nightmarized Ge Des. Stone, the current no.1 ranked player who is an All-Stat and whose combat power may even exceed the ranked no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior's, summoned Haru as a last resort after he was completely overwhelmed by the Nightmarized Ge Des.[2][3]

Haru's power was on full display during the fight with Nightmare Ge Des, where she used several attacks that extended out of Lucid Adventure itself and could be seen from space;[3] Lucid Adventure is 10 times it's original size from the first season.[5] The Nightmarized Ge Des was shocked at Haru's power and could not believe that his father faced such a powerful being.[3] Haru went toe to toe with the Nightmarized Ge Des and eventually defeated him without suffering any damage and doing so while under a time limit as the Dragon of Light's mana was running out.[3]

Physical Abilities: As the Strongest Human ever[2], Haru more than likely possessed extraordinary physical abilities.

  • Strength: Based on her being able to pull out and wield the Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths, Haru's strength stat is at least 500,[6] but it is most likely in excess of this.
  • Stamina: Haru fought the remnants of Sik alone for 100 days.[1]
  • Durability: Haru blocked a sword strike from the Nightmarized Ge Des with her sword and did not take any reverberated damage even as the force from blocking it caused the ground underneath her to crack.[3] Haru received no visible damage after being hit by Ge Des's proclaimed "soul-melting flame" that caused a large explosion and caved in the ground Haru stood on.[3]

Hero Exclusive Items Usage: Due to being a descendent of the First Hero, Haru can use hero-only items such as Light Sword - Will.[1]

Swordsmanship: Haru is undoubtedly extremely proficient at wielding sword weapons. She wielded both Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths and Light Sword - Will at various points in her lifetime.[1][6] She proficiently wielded her sword and was able to block multiple slashes from the Nightmarized Ge Des that were able to split the ground apart.[3]

  • Light Energy Swordsmanship: Haru was capable of eviscerating her targets with a mass Light energy and is famed for the Sword of Creed - Soul Ether skill.[4] She used the Light energy beam from her sword to destroy the proclaimed "planet destroying" 99 meteors summoned by the Nightmarized Ge Des and the Light beam extended all the way outside of Lucid Adventure and could be seen from space.[3] Using the Sword that contained the soul of the seven Knights that sealed Sik, Haru completely neutralised a Nightmare Blast from Ge Des and killed the Demon King in one attack; the attack reached outside of Lucid Adventure and could be seen from space itself.[3]


Level Known


Instance Notes
??? Strength: ≥ 500 N/A Based on being able to pick up the Treasured Sword of the Knights.[6]

Skill Tree

Haru Skills

  • Sword of Creed - Soul Ether: Haru creates an enormous powerful blade of light that completely eviscerates her targets.[4]This is based on what Le Zilk said about Sora's The 7th Chapter - Sword of Will - Ego Sword MAX. The skill itself has not been seen.



  • Light Sword - Will: Haru's signature weapon. The attack power of this item depends on the mind of the user. The blade won't come out if there's anything wrong with the user's will, courage and righteousness.
  • Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths: A legendary weapon capable of bisecting mountains with a single blow. Increases all sword skills by +5. It can only be used by the one contracted with it, repelling others who try to pick it up with a force-field. Haru was the very person to pull out the sword and is it's first master.



At some point, she pulled the Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths from the ground and became it's first master.[6]

Human-Demon War

She became the first ever Grand Master and led the Knights in a battle against Sik. After all the Knights sacrificed their souls to seal Sik, Haru fought on against the remnants of the Demon King for 100 days. After this, she was the last one to seal Sik himself.[1]

Season 2

Advent of the Demon King Arc

After all four of his swords were destroyed by Ge Des, Stone pulled out his last sword, which caused Haru to descend and take over his body.[2] Haru immediately destroys the 99 meteors summoned by Ge Des with a large light wave emitted from her blade. She blocks a frenzied sword attack from Ge Des with her blade of Light and blasts him with a large blue Light Beam. Ge Des is undamaged and further transforms into a more grotesque form. Haru lunges forward and slashes Ge Des but he is unharmed. Ge Des blasts Haru back with a flame blast from his mouth which causes a large explosion. Haru is unharmed and hits Ge Des with the sword that contained the soul of the 7 knights that sealed Sik. The energy blast kills Ge Des and Haru leaves Stone's body.[3]


After Sik was sealed, the demons were sealed away on the outskirts of the human world.[7][8] During the Combat Tournament, Haru's weapon, Light Sword - Will was used by Sora after she had acquired the Cursed Hero title.[9][1] The sword was eaten by Ego, which transformed it into Ego Sword - Will.[10]

Le Zilk, who had transformed to Baphomet through the use of Nightmare, was killed by Sora's The 7th Chapter - Sword of Will - Ego Sword MAX skill and as he died, he noticed that the light that eviscerated him was Haru's Sword of Creed - Soul Ether.[4]

Major Battles


  • (By Haru): "Whenever and wherever...I save the world!"[2]
  • (To Ge Des): "In the name of justice, I will destroy the Evil."[3]

  • (Ge Des): "This is in revenge for the death of my father!!"[3]

  • (By Narrator): "The one who sealed 'Sik' after fighting the remnants of the Demon King for over 100 days was.. a descendant of the first hero and the leader of the knights who never gave up in the final moment of despair, "The Inextinguishable Light of Hope of the Human World", the Grand Master - Haru"[1]
  • (By Narrator): "The Strongest Human of All Time"[2]
  • (Ge Des to himself): "My father fought against such a powerful being..!!"[3]

  • Translation Notes


    Haru is called 역대 최강의 인간 in Season 2 Episode 77.

    This can be translated in various ways. The Strongest Human in History (used in LINE version), The Strongest Human of All Time, The Strongest Human Ever. All these translations basically say that Haru is the strongest human to ever exist in Lucid Adventure. The Strongest Human of All-Time as been used as we feel it conveys the fact that she is the strongest human in the past and present.

    First Sentence

    When Haru descends in Season 2 Episode 77, she says "언제고 몇번이고...나는 세상을 구한다!" which is translated as "I save the world...whenever and wherever!"

    나는 세상을 구한다 literally means "I save the world".

    언제고 means "anytime" as in "at all hours" in English.

    몇번이고 means "again and again; many times (over); several[a dozen, a good many] times; time after time; time and (time) again; often; frequently; over and over (again); repeatedly".

    A literal way of translating this would be "I save the world...anytime and over and over". Another way would be "I save the world...anyplace and anytime!".

    Ultimately, LINE's translation conveys the intent. It is a difficult sentence to interpret literally.

    International Translations

    Name Platform Language
    LINE Webtoon (Taiwanese) Traditional Chinese
    Haru LINE Webtoon (English) English
    Haru LINE Webtoon (French) French
    LINE Manga Japanese

    Notes & Trivia

    • Haru was first revealed in a flashback in Episode 151 but her first appearance in the series timeline is in Season 2 Episode 77.
    • 하루 also means "day" in Korean. Day as in "24 hours". It can also be used to refer to "daytime"; when the sun is out during the day.
    • Haru is also the name of the main character of the Rave Master series.
    • Some fans commented that Haru reminds them of Saber from the FATE/STAY Series.
    • Until the author states otherwise, it has been assumed that the Haru that descended into Stone's body was all her own power and her form was simply maintained by the Dragon of Light's mana until the author reveals otherwise. Some fans believe she may have been buffed by the Dragon of Light's mana but there is no indication of that in the webtoon.
    • Please note that the name of the weapon Haru used during her battle with Ge Des was never revealed. It is actually unclear if this is 'Light Sword - Will' that Haru used in the past or even the Sword of Creed that was referenced by Le Zilk, although some people believe that it is. Ge Des referred to it as a "Sword of the Knights" (기사단의 검)[3] during his duel with Haru. To avoid speculation, the weapon she used was left unnamed until more information is revealed by the author.
    • It was stated that Haru is a Knight in Episode 151, but it is unclear whether she is a Warrior as well. She was summoned from Stone's last warrior sword but it was never explicitly stated if she is one.