This page will list all the acknowledgements and people/wikis that aided in making this wiki.


  • Sehun-Kim - Creator of the series and the main reason this wiki even exists. His Facebook page can be found here, and his blog can be found here.

Translations & ContentEdit

  • Naver - Giving Sehun-Kim the original platform to post his series on.
  • LINE Webtoon - Translating the series twice a week from Korean.
  • Hartigarm Scans - Their early translations of the series were a massive help. There were some translation errors with the Webtoon series and they helped massively in understanding some words. They stopped translating the series once the official translations by Webtoon began.
  • VsBattle Wiki - helped me with the short explanation of the main character skills especially Monarch Laciel.


  • One Piece Wiki - Aided with the format of the character pages and gave me the idea of splitting the Personal Attributes into separate pages.
  • Sword Arts Online Wiki, Overlord Wiki and Final Fantasy Wiki - RPG-related series that aided me in categorising pages as well as the helping massively with writing the terminology used within the series.
  • UnOrdinary Wiki - Helped with the Story Arcs and the Speculation category.
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