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Skills & Abilities

"I'm overpowered" Hardcore Leveling Warrior


Hardcore Leveling Warrior's skills in combat are legendary in Lucid Adventure. He is referred to by several players as the the 'Best Player' in the game and is almost universally admired for his skill and power.

In his prime he was by far the most powerful player in Lucid Adventure and having achieved the max level, something that was originally thought to be impossible. As well as being the strongest player, he was one of the most powerful beings in Lucid Adventure.

He has defeated several powerful characters in the series such as Master Swordsman, Heart Heater, Rigos, Secretary Park, Secretary Kim and Light. He was even able to wipe out Scallion Head's Alliance single-handedly without suffering any damage.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's level and stats get reset when he dies which is unique to his character. Unlike most players characters that have a steady trajectory towards their characters levels, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's power varies throughout the series, going from the strongest player to the weakest player in the game. The skills he acquired remain in his skill tree so he needs to regain his stats to have access to them.

Game Intuition:


"You know what they say to aspiring gamblers? "Hardcore Leveling Warrior is the best gambler in the world....!"" Hungry Ghost
Hardcore Leveling Warrior's class was not revealed early on but there have been clues dropped about it as the series has progressed. According to him, he is the only person in Lucid Adventure that completed the Job Advancement Quest for his class.[9]

The Spirit of Mirror looked into his mind and referred to him as a 'Gambler'.[10] His class allows him to to take other players stats and skills in a Formal PK as a reward, allowing him to use Swordsman Class skills like Moonlight Slash and Wizard Class skills like Hell Fire.[11][12]

He can borrow stats and skills from party members when he is in a PK/PvP[12][13] pays them back with interest. He can use attacks that can give random damage based on luck.

Normally in MMORPG games, there is a bottoming out of growth effeciency and a cap on stats so it impossible to Max out all the stats, but with HCLW being able to take stats, he is possibly the only player in Lucid Adventure that can achieve the Max Level granting him power that cannot be rivalled.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior becoming the #1 Ranker and becoming an All-Stat despite the huge risk of his Class is testament to his strategic judgement.

Attribute Manipulation: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to boost his stats both temporarily and permanently through a variety of methods.

Power Borrowing:

Power Lending:

Talent Theft:

  • Swordsmanship:
  • Healing Ability:
  • Magic Skills:


Newbie Leveling Warrior

Newbie Leveling Warrior (AE 4)

"The strongest player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior. But even he had his newbie days..."
At some point in the early days of Lucid Adventure, the novice Hardcore Leveling Warrior was a level 12 gambler. He used his strategy and luck to defeat the level 34 Mama Queen Rabbit.[14] Equipped with the Random Sword, he luckily drew the Depressed Cat Sword which allowed him to trap the Mama Queen Rabbit in an illusion and proceeded to kill her.[14]

Character Reset: Tabula Rasa Arc & PvP Final Arc

Hardcore Leveling Warrior after being reset at the start of the series and before the PvP Round Final

"Oh, and I heard that...your stats go back to one once you I right?" Zero

Due to his personal attribute, Hardcore Leveling Warrior has the unique characteristic of having his stats and level reset when he dies.[15][16]

After having both his level and stats reset to 1, he became the weakest in the game as his stats and levels are that of a newbie. This has so far happened to him twice in the series, the first being when he was killed by the Zombie Dragon and the second being when he was killed by Sad Smile's personal attribute and familiar, the Contractor.[15][17]

Despite having the lowest level and stats in the game, he was able to defeat Scallion Head and take his stats by relying on a bit of Luck and strategy.[11][18] During the PvP Round Final, Dark was able to rewind him back to his Rank 1 form which allowed him to defeat Team Light single-handedly.[16]

Low Strength: As his strength was back to level 1, Hardcore Leveling Warrior could no longer wear the armour he had on during the PvP Round. He needed the help of his teammates to get it off.[16]

Low Accuracy: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's accuracy was so low that he could not land a punch on a low level Pink Rabbit. He missed multiple punches.[15]

Low Durability: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's durability was so low that a light tap from a Pink Rabbit was enough to break the bones in his arm and send him flying as well as almost deplete his HP.[19] A blow from Scallion Head was enough to almost completely deplete all of his HP. Scallion Head to heal him throughout the fight so he didn't die quickly and to prolong his suffering.[11]

Kubaba's Holy Sword: Black Magic Dungeon

Cubana's Divine Sword1

"It's over Great Demon" Hardcore Leveling Warrior
After equipping Kubaba's Holy Sword, HCLW gained the stats of the Combat Angel, Kubaba. He was able to easily defeat the de-horned Lazie.[20] After completing Dark's Job Advancement Quest. Hardcore Leveling Warrior reached Level 15.[21]

Enhanced Attack Power:

Enhanced Speed:

Leaf Dungeon

Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Leaf Dungeon Arc) (Episode 13)

"I'm always so lucky" Hardcore Leveling Warrior
During the Leaf Dungeon Arc, By the time HCLW's Party cleared the 5th floor of Leaf Dungeon, he reached Level 30 after his party cleared the fifth floor.[22] He was still no match for Bamboo Spear Man who could critically injure him with one hit[23] but he managed to defeat him by using his Hidden Gate, which increased his strength and regeneration by 77 times.[24]

Nightmare: Hidden Gate Opened


"Black skill window? I've heard of it...!! But I heard it's a bug that immediately gets you penalised once you use it!" Beubeu

Preliminary Round & Subjugation Round

Hardcore Leveling Warrior during the Subjugation Round

During the Subjugation Round, Rigos detection skill put him at a 1 star threat compared to Tac and Pooh Upooh who were 2 stars.[25] He was able to fight on par with Zero after boosting his stats significantly by Nightmare, although Choco Bibi has since said that Zero seemed to be restraining herself.[26] Even after the Subjugation Round, his punches were unable to inflict any damage to a powerful character like Master Swordsman because his level was still too low.[27]

Nightmare: Nightmarization 50%

Nightmarization 50% 1

"I don't care what you say! This is my real world!!" Hardcore Leveling Warrior speaking to Zero

Hohoian Leveling Warrior


"They become lv one temporarily when they fall into it (Hohoian Lake)..." Heart Heater

Undead in Cobalt Castle

Current Appearance1

Just before the Subjugation Round, HCLW was capable of easily defeating the 30% Clone of the Number 40 Ranker, Heriach. He was able to destroy the clone with a Moonlight Slash despite it having the God's Body passive ability that makes it invulnerable to all weapon attacks. When Dark asked him how he did it HCLW said he was "beyond" physical attacks.[28]

Siege Round Arc & Pooh Upooh Recovery

Hardcore Leveling Warrior during the start of the Siege Round (Episode 78)

During The Siege Round came about, he is able to hold off a Heroized Fengxian for a short period of time with 3 Lucky Coin buffs[29] and even defeat him with Lacerate although it should be noted Fengxian was distracted by Sora and had lost one arm.[29]

He was able to easily defeat Scallion Head in a PvP, despite the former wielding a 'bug' weapon that was capable of deleting players, having his stats boosted by Nightmare as well as equipping the Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon and Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon. It was implied by HCLW he could defeat his entire Guild.[30]

Sword Mage Mode

Sword Mage Mode1

Dark's Birthday & Prelude to the Siege Round


Equipped with 3 Piece Golden Items, HCLW was able to fight the Level 99 Master Archer Kyo and despite seemingly being at a disadvantage, he was able to force her to hold cancel her attack which blinded her and then he proceeded to kill her. It is unclear if he could have defeated her without using such a ruthless strategy.[31]

Just before the PvP round, HCLW was able to hold his own against Akira in a PvP. Akira is a 2nd in command of Yopi Land and had even won a previously Combat Tournament. It is possible that HCLW could have killed Akira with Lacerate if not for Yopi's timely intervention.[32] Tac also believed Lime was not strong enough to defeat him.

PvP Round Quarter Finals

"Hm...compared to his prime days when he had all of the items...let's see...I'd say...less than 10%."

Master Swordsman

At the start of the start of the PvP Round, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was on his way to regaining his former power. At the start of the PvP Round, despite being one of the strongest contestants, Master Swordsman believed that HCLW had less than 10 percent of the strength of his prime days when he had his items and stats.[33]

His level and stats were greater than that of Dark and Sora, so it can be surmised that his level was greater than 90.[34]

During the PvP Round Quarter Finals, he was able to defeat Magma and Lime. When Poo Upooh took over his body, she saw that he had so many skills but that they had so many conditions and came to the conclusion that that was the reason he mains Moonlight Slash all the time.

PvP Round Semi Finals

HCLW during the PvP SF

"I'm...kind of in a good mood. I'll let you off the hook with a few beatings" Hardcore Leveling Warrior
By the time the PvP Round Semi Finals came about, Hardcore Leveling Warrior equipped the partially recovered The Memory of Cintamani, which struck fear into Team Taoist who believed it had been fully recovered. Hardcore Leveling Warrior started showing off, but it was a bluff by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, to hide Heart Heater's wounds.[35]

At the start of the match, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's movement was overwhelming and he used high level skills such as Storm Cutter, Lacerate and Hell Fire, but there was something missing. It seemed like he was controlling his power and going easy on Team Taoist but that was actually his maximum output.[35][36]

During the fight, Hardcore Leveling Warrior used the Goblin's Slots Machine to increase the number of Lucky Coins he had to 30 and used his Lucky Coin to buff his stats and resistance. Even with all the various buffs, he was overpowered by No Name who had purified her Nightmare power.[37]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior flipped 12/30 Lucky Coins to face No Name. His basic stats such as Strength, Intelligence, Agility, Dexterity and Luck were all maxed out at 999.[38] He was temporarily able to match No Name using her purified Nightmare power blow for blow and use high level magic spells. During this point he displayed the combat prowess of a Top Ranker. He eventually fell at a disadvantage when No Name unlocked her True Personal Attribute. This forced him to retreat constantly as his buffs wore off. He was able to defeat No Name with a Lacerate after putting all his stats into Intelligence. Hardcore Leveling Warrior lost both The Sword of Honor and The Memory of Cintamani from No Name's attack.[39]

Enhanced Strength & Attack Power: Hardcore Leveling Warrior already had close to the maximum strength at 988.[40][41] After flipping 12/30 Lucky Coins, his basic stats including his power drastically increased, exceeding the 999 limit.[38] He was able to temporarily match a No Name who had purified her Nightmare power blow for blow.[42]

After buffing his intelligence stat, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lacerate was powerful enough to defeat No Name in her Awakened form and reduce her HP to Zero, although it should be noted that she was revived because she had an extra life.[39]

Enhanced Speed: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to dodge Wolf Man's Beast Claw at point blank range.[35] After flipping 12/30 Lucky Coins successfully, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to match No Name using her purified Nightmare power in speed. They moved so fast that normal users could not see what was going on and needed a buff given to them by the Gods of Time and Space that enabled them to see it in slow motion.[42]

Enhanced Durability: Hardcore Leveling Warrior used a Lucky Coin to temporarily increase his Fire Resistance which allowed him to survive his own Hell Fire that blow up bombs on No Name's Santa Maria.[37]

Enhanced Intelligence: Hardcore Leveling Warrior buffed his intelligence with a Lucky Coin which allowed him to use Storm Cutter.[35]

After flipping 12/30 Lucky Coins, his Intelligence was 999 temporarily. He was able to fire 6 Hell Fire's without any cool down and even combine them together to use the rare and super advanced Devil's Explosion.[42]

Skill Usage: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to combine Storm Cutter and Moonlight Slash into Moonlight Storm Slash after flipping a Lucky Coin.[43]

After flipping 12/30 Lucky Coins successfully, he was able to use advanced spells in just a few seconds.[42]

Ragnarök: After The Combat Tournament

Hardcore Leveling with a Lucky Coin after The Combat Tournament (Episode 171-

Hardcore Leveling Warrior itemising a Lucky Coin

"I can only make one (Lucky Coin) with the Experience I got from the Tournament" Hardcore Leveling Warrior
After the Combat Tournament, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to create and itemise a Lucky Coin which means that his level was at least 30.[44][22] His stats and level were actually never revealed as he was logged out of Lucid Adventure when his real life body suffered mortal wounds.

Rank No.88: Zara Guild

"I heard you're pretty strong..I've always wanted to fight you..."

Master Swordsman
Hardcore Leveling -88 Ranker1a

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Rankled #88

4 years ago, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was ranked 88 by Giga scouts. He was capable of scarring the then #3 Ranked Master Swordsman, something that hadn't been done previously. His reputation was big enough that he was able to get a fan such as Constant.[45]

He was proficient enough in combat to defeat the enemy Guild leaders life. Despite his gathering of skills and power, he suffered 113 consecutive losses to the Rank 3 Master Swordsman.[46] Hardcore Leveling Warrior was constantly upgrading his equipment despite it making him broke.[47]

He defeated several powerful characters such as the Ranker, Radish Kimchi and the Guardian of the Cobalt Castle, a Level 90 Cobalt Golem.[48]

Enhanced Strength: Hardcore Leveling Warrior had a strength stat of 800+ which he stacked up to beat Master Swordsman. A single unskilled punch from him was able to crush the Ranker, Radish Kimchi's armour like it was nothing.[48]

Enhanced Speed: Hardcore Leveling Warrior could enhance his speed using the Lucky Coin. He used it to double his speed stat during his fight with Radish Kimchi.[48]

After increasing his strength drastically with a Lucky Coin, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to catch a blow from the level 90 Cobalt Golem.[47]

Enhanced Durability: Hardcore Leveling Warrior displayed a high level of durability. He jumped off the back of a Wyvern that was very high up in the sky and landed on the ground without dying. He survived an explosion from several undead zombies, although it depleted a lot of his HP.[46]

After buffing his defense with a Lucky Coin, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to endure a blow from the Cobalt Golem. The force from the blow caused the ground beneath Hardcore Leveling Warrior's feet to crack.[47]

Enhanced Gambling Skills: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to use Lucky Coin as well as Lucky Three! Three Cards to use a variety of skill from various classes.[47][49]

Enhanced Swordsmanship: He could defeat undead monsters with a single skilled sword slash.[46]

Rank No.3: The Very First War

"It's Incredible...that there's a human this strong..."

Hardcore Leveling Warrior with his Rank 3 powers during the Subjugation Round

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was ranked the 3rd strongest player by Giga scouts during the war on Nightmare.[50] The #3 Ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to single handedly suppress a Nightmare attack on Caste Ideizeu.[51] He was strong enough to defeat Master Swordsman and take his Moonlight Slash skill.[52]

When he saved Sora from Nightmare a year before the start of the series, a pile of dead Nightmare soldiers can be seen, further showing his power.[50]

"I've never met a strong as he is..." Rigos
After regaining his #3 Ranker power during the Subjugation Round of The Combat Tournament, he was strong enough to overwhelm Rigos, 5* ranked monster that was known as the strongest Devil. Only when Rigos used Nightmare was he able to close the gap in Power. He was still able to defeat Rigos in under 6 minutes.[51]

Enhanced Attack Power: The Rank 3 Hardcore Leveling Warrior had strength stat of 900+.[51] It is unknown if this is his base strength stat or augmented strength stat with Items.

Whilst looking for Armes, Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated 3 Nightmare soldiers with 3 unskilled slashes.[53]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior blow from a stand still was equal to a blow from a running Rigos. He sent Rigos through 3 mountains with a headbutt. His Moonlight Slash was capable of bisecting Rigos in half.[54]

An accidental unskilled kick to the jaw of the Nightmarized Rigos was able to stun the Demon King, although it should be noted that Rigos had taken severe damage already and his body was already at the limit.[51]

Enhanced Speed: During the Nightmare occupation of Ideizeu, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to slash two Nightmare Soldiers so fast that they did not realise that they had even been cut.[51]

Enhanced Durability: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was unharmed from an Ice slash from Rigos' Sword that was capable of freezing a multiple mountain range area. He only got a slight scratch on his armour. He was able to block blows from Rigos sword that could easily blow up a city.[54]

His durability was so high that he took a sword strike directly to the forhead from Rigos sword unharmed, which caused Rigos' Sword to shatter into pieces.[54]

He survived a blow from a Nightmarized Rigos although he did take some damage from it.[54]

Enhanced Gambling Skills: Hardcore Leveling Warrior able to use High Level Gambling skills such as the Golden Lucky Coin, Lucky Three! Three Cards and Lucky Punch.[51]

Enhanced Magic Power: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to escape Rigos High Tier Ice spells with a high level magic of his own.[54]

Pre-Rank No.1

"...I fought with Heart Heater before I was ranked No.1..I barely managed to beat him..."

Hardcore Leveling Warrior

Before he became the #1 Ranker, Hardcore Leveling Warrior increased already incredible power was reached unfathomable heights. He was able to defeat the extremely powerful NPC, Heart Heater, with great difficulty.[55]

He had acquired The Memory of Cintamani and was on his way to completing the full Golden Armor set.[55]

It is unknown if Hardcore Leveling Warrior had maxed out is stats at this stage.

Rank No.1: The All-Stat

"He was unbelievable when he was No.1..." Master Swordsman

Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Episode 2)

The Rank 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior was the strongest player and one of the strongest beings in Lucid Adventure. He stole the skills and stats from other users to achieve perfect stats and gather 999 different skills.[56] His reputation was so great that he was known throughout Lucid Adventure and is regarded as a Legend of Legends on the Internet.[57]

"...Someone..who..surpassed...humanly limits..." God of Death
Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to easily defeat a powerful Imugi by himself, he was able to wipe out Scallion Head's Union that had multiple skilled players single handedly with just 2 skills and without taking any damage.[15]

"Th-this is impossible!! How can a human be that powerful?!" God of Blessings
God of Death confirmed that he had surpassed the humanly limit and God of Blessings could not believe that there was a human as powerful as him. A further testament to his power is that the transcendent being, Majin Light believed that he was a glitch or even a bug and could not understand how a user could be that powerful.[56]

"Something's not right...! It must be a glitch!! A bug!! else could this be possible? He's just a user. How is he so powerful?!" Majin Light
He believed that he could one shot Team Light, which was proven correct during the PvP Round Finals.[21] After getting rewound to his Rank 1 form by Dark, this was proven to be correct as he was able to defeat Light, Secretary Park, Secretary Kim and Hungry Ghost in 10 seconds without using any skills. According to Elena, if he had used a skill he would have been able to kill them all even quicker and stopped Light from reviving as Majin Light.[58]

"He just beat two Rankers without even using a skill. I knew he alone was enough, but it's amazing to see it again..." Heart Heater
He easily overwhelmed Light in his Majin form, causing the usually calm and arrogant Giga Vice-President to feel fear for the first time in his life. In fact, Hardcore Leveling Warrior had enough power to kill Majin Light in one attack at any time but due to the hype he was getting, he wanted to prolong the fight long enough to display his true fighting style because he had "fans to entertain". The utter humiliation caused Light to succumb to Nightmare.[56][59] Only when Majin Light was fully consumed by Nightmare was he able to match the Rank 1 player.[59] Ultimately, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to defeat Team Light, including a Nightmarized Majin Light in under 6 minutes, despite spending a large amount of time fooling around.[60]

"That Feeling...when you stand on top of everyone...! But then...I saw Something. Something even higher..." Hardcore Leveling Warrior

All Stat4

Having surpassed the humanly limit in Lucid Adventure, it was implied that Hardcore Leveling Warrior was on the verge of something even greater. A doorway to a higher realm was opened to him, but before he could ascend he was struck down by Zero.[61]

After the God of Combat perished, the ranking system was re-established by Lucid Balls which ranks each user based on the power of the world itself, with the limit set by The #1 Rank Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had reached the humanly limit.[62]

Max Stats: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is the only known player to have maxed out all his stats, leading to him becoming the only known 'All-Stat' user. This was proven by him activating the Set Item Effect of Honor, which can only be activated by an All-Stat user.[15][41]

When equipped with The Golden Armor, all his stats were at least 1049 (999+50) and he had a movement speed of at least 2098 (1049 x 2).[63]

Overwhelming Attack Power: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was the user with the highest attack power in the series. His base strength stat was at least 999 (+50; Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon). His attack power increased by 3x when he used the Sword of Honor alongside the Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon. His power is most likely supplemented by the 'Set Item Effect of Honor' but this has not been confirmed.

He sent and opponent through 10 mountains in his prime, which would make him at over 3 times stronger than his #3 Ranker form that had a strength stat of 900+.[54]

He was able to cause a damage of 9999 to Choco Pork Stew with just a bag of Gold.[15] He was able to defeat an Imugi with unskilled sword slashes and according to Master Swordsman, he could defeat them in one blow and barehanded.[15][41] A single Moonlight Slash was able to wipe out the remnants of Scallion Head's Allaince.[15]

A simple flick from his finger was able to stun and critically injure the level 99 Master Magician, Light. He was able to break free from Secretary Park's Lasso of Yin and Yang with just his sheer strength and defeat the Rank 49 Player with a single unskilled slash which also broke his weapon.[58]

A single unskilled slash from Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to neutralise Secretary Kim's Spear of Heavenly Summoning skill. The force Hardcore Leveling Warrior used to slam Secretary Kim was enough to kill her.[58]

The damage from his Lacerate (節) was so high, that Light's character has not fully recovered 14 years later (2 years real world time).[62][64][65]

Overwhelming Movement Speed: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Base Speed was at least all his stats were at least 1049 (999;+50 via Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon) and he had a movement speed of at least 2098 ((1049 x 2; Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon).[63] It was most likely higher.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior dodged multiple weapons thrown at him by Scallion Head's Assassins at point blank range without receiving a single hit.[15]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was so fast that Light could not follow his movement. He instantly appeared in the air to clash with Secretary Kim, almost looked like he teleported.[58]

Magic Immunity: The Rank 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior had Magic Immunity due to spell. It is unclear if the spell itself is a result of a skill or his items.

He could survive a 20 combined magic skills attack that no one had previously survived without taking any damage.[15]

Even when facing the estimated #Rank 3 Majin Light, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was still had an overwhelming advantage. He was able to survive all of Majin Light's destructive spells without any damage due to his Absolute Magic Immunity.[56]

As it is a spell itself Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Magic Immunity can be disabled, as seen when Majin Light used Dolce to nullify the spell.[56]

Invulnerability: Equipped with all of his golden itmes, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was immune to all forms of physical damage. His HP did not drop despite being paralyzed and being physically assaulted by Zero, although his face did get badly bruised.[15]

Overwhelming Magic Power: His base Intelligence stat was at least 999 (+50; Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon). It is most likely increased by set effects and titles but this has not been confirmed. His Hell Fire wiped out the entire front line of Scallion's Head Alliance.[15]

The giant magic trap that Hardcore Leveling Warrior set up was so strong that Yopi had to stop Tac from confronting him.[35]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior had superior magic to Majin Light who himself is a being composed purely of Magic and had a mana that exceeded 9999.[56] He was able to fire 100 different spells at Majin Light from a single skill.[56]

Overwhelming Durability & Regeneration: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's recovery stats are about a 100 times stronger than most players and even greater than that of Imugis, who themselves have great regeneration.[56]

He could survive exposure to a Imugi deadly venom without any damage.[15]

Even after his Magic Immunity was disabled by Majin Light's Dolce, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to instantly recover from Majin Light's ultimate attack, Madō - Destruction, which had large destructive capabilities, even calling the attack 'cute'.[56]

Overwhelming number of Skills: In his prime, Hardcore Leveling Warrior had access to 999 skills that he had stolen from other players.[41][56] So far, he has the highest number of skills revealed in the series including both players and NPC.

He has a variety of skills from different classes such as Swordsman, Magician, Healer and even Divine skills. after acquiring Lacerate, it is possible that Hardcore Leveling Warrior has access to 1000 skills but this was never confirmed.

  • Divine Skill user: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is the only known player shown using a divine skill. He was able to use Lacerate (節), the same version that Novelist Han used, implying that his power had not only surpassed the human limits, but had perhaps approached the realm of The Gods.[59]

Flight Capability: As the Rank 1 player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to fly, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground. It is unclear if this is a skill acquired from other players or from his Items. He was even more proficient than Secretary Kim in the air, who herself is an expert.[58]

Overwhelming Luck: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to defeat the previously undefeated Hungry Ghost in the Hwatu game of Seotda. Despite the latter being buffed by the God of Blessings and having a 'luck' stat of 999, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to get a superior draw to him and defeat him. It is implied that his 'luck' stat transcended 999, but this has not been confirmed.[58]

Overwhelming Aura: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's aura as the Rank 1 was red in colour. His mere presence not only sent chills down the spines of the spectators, but even top rankers such as Secretary Kim and Secretary Park were cowering in fear.[58]

Combat Style

"Able to come up with unpredictable combinations of skills from various classes. If he really did retrieve 'The Memory of Cintamani' completely, then all of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's skills would've been unlocked and he can show of his old combat style"

Rank -1 HCLW

Hardcore Leveling Warrior favours close-range combat and tends to utilise his sword to engage his opponents, but he is more than capable of fighting mid to long range as well. He is ambidextrous when using his weapons and is capable of switching his sword arm without a change in his attack efficiency.[66]

He has acquired 999 skills, mostly through consuming the skills of other players. This allowed him to come up with unpredictable combinations of skills from various classes,[35] ranging from advanced magic spells to advanced sword attacks. The more skills he can employ and the more unpredictable he will be which increases his chance of victory. Overall, he is an all round fighter capable of adapting to almost any given situation and relies on a combination of strategy, luck and combat skills.

He is a ruthless fighter that is not above talking advantage of any situation. He will do anything to gain an advantage as long as it can let him win even if it means using a bug that can potentially get him banned from the game.

He also relies on deception and misdirection in order to confuse his opponents and even his own allies. He deceived people into thinking his magic deflection was a Personal Trait of his rather than that of his armor which led people to thinking he was more powerful than he was, giving him an advantage in combat.[67] He is also very secretive about his class and personal attribute, not even disclosing information on both to his allies.[67][52]

After his level was reset, he mainly uses his Lucky Coin to gain various buffs to the stats. He uses Hell Fire as his main mid to long range attack as and mains Moonlight Slash as his main melee attack.

Since the Siege Round, HCLW has been using Lacerate a lot more alongside Moonlight Slash as his main sword attack. According to Upooh, HCLW mainly uses Moonlight Slash, because many of his skills had certain conditions for use.

Tactical Skills

Even without his high stats, HCLW is a formidable opponent. His greatest weapon is arguably his mind, possessing the ability to devise and execute strategies with incredible speed and precision. In his younger years, he was in a Top 10 Lead school for academic improvement.[26]

He has had a vast array of combat experience, making him highly adept in combat. He is arguably the most knowledgeable player about Lucid Adventure and is privy to a lot of his secrets.

HCLW's usual approach to combat is to identify an opponents strengths and weaknesses through careful observation, gradually learning how they react in any given situation. He remains aware of all actions that allies and opponents make, even things that seem insignificant at the time or that he doesn't yet understand whilst he keeping track of where everything is located in relation to everything else, even features that lack obvious practical use.

This is done either through watching a previous fight of the opponent where HCLW has time to prepare a strategy beforehand in order to maximise his chances of winning. This could be seen with HCLW observing Dark's duel with Akira[68] and using the information to aid him in his own duel with Akira.[32] He usually has several contingencies in place in case his plan doesn't succeed[24] and is able to quickly switch his plans and adapt to the new situation very quickly.[24]

If he cannot plan beforehand, he usually forces his opponents to reveal their abilities by provoking them. This was clearly illustrated during the Siege Round, when HCLW provoked the rash Fengxian into revealing his abilities which allowed him to create better counter measures later in the round.[69]

After consuming the skills and items of players and becoming famous, HCLW uses the 'bait' strategy in order to lure a gullible target into accepting a betting trap. He pretends to be weak and baits the target with some sort of prize. It sounds simple enough but thanks to this intricate trap, HCLW became an All-Stat Player.[30]

As he is a solo player, he set up traps after defeating monsters to prevent a PK.[35]

Despite being a lone wolf, HCLW is capable of working extremely well in a team. Once he identifies an opponent's weakness, HCLW can quickly formulate an elaborate and unorthodox plan to take advantage of it, efficiently utilising each of his allies' unique skills to that purpose. This was shown during the Siege Round, despite Fengxian's Party being stronger HCLW was able to devise a strategy based on his luck and the advantage that his team got in the Subjugation Round to build a 'Market' that equipped the Hohoians with unique items.[29]

He is also able to take advantage of his allies skill which could be seen during the Subjugation Round. He was able to grasp Dark's Rewind ability immediately after Sora told him about it, which then led to him giving Dark his Lucky Coin in order to increase the success rate of his skill which in turn allowed HCLW to temporarily regain his #3 Ranker powers to defeat Rigos.[25]


Having been at the summit of Lucid Adventure, HCLW naturally became extremely arrogant which has put him in precarious situations. He sometimes let's his guard down when he believes that his opponent is weak such as when he let Choco Pork Stew freely stab him with the Paralyzing Dagger which eventually led to his current predicament.[15]

This was also shown during his fight with Rigos where he even admitted he might have been going a bit easy on Rigos after regaining his #3 Ranker form abilities. This again almost led to him being defeated.[54] When fighting Team Light, he could have won and prevented Light from becoming demonic Light had he used one of his skills.

When fighting he can sometimes overthink things and lose focus which allows his enemies to gain an upper hand.[70]

HCLW has a self-admitted temper problem. He can sometimes lose his temper which could have adverse effects on both himself and his allies. He lost his cool in his fight with Zero and used Nightmare to fight her, despite the fact that he could have faced expulsion from the game by Giga[71] which would have led to dire consequences for him in The Real World.[24] He was fortunately saved by the timely intervention of God of Combat.[71]

He lost his temper after watching Dark get brutally beaten by Akira. He started a fight against Akira without a mutual consent which would have led to him having a PK, making him a Red Player and would have led to his expulsion from The Combat Tournament.[68] He would also risked being the enemy of the whole of Yopi Land.[72]

Personal Attribute

Absolute Luck: A passive skill that grants Hardcore Leveling Warrior overwhelming luck that aids him in combat and non-combat situations. It allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to be extremely lucky in times of crisis. It allows him to win gambling games, deliver maximum damage in skills that give random damage and get the items from defeated bosses. The conditions for triggering it have not been revealed. Despite the great advantages of his personal attribute, there is a huge risk involved as his stats are reset to 1 if he dies.[15][73] Even in the Siege Round where every other player gets two lives, his stats still get reset if he dies once.[74] This means that only one mistake can undo months and even years of hard work.

Skill Tree

"He's a gambler and the rumour is that he stole skills and stats from other users to achieve perfect stats and gather 999 different skills" Secretary Kim giving a scout report


These are gambler skills that are associated directly with the gambler class.

  • Lucky Coin: Hardcore Leveling Warrior flips a coin. Heads, he significantly increases a random stat (e.g. strength, Spell power). Tails, nothing happens, he gets a debuff, or the enemy gets the buff. He can also give an ally the coin to use once he has manifested it. Dark's Deja-Vu spell was unable to see the future when this coin was involved, as the future constantly changed. At higher levels, multiple coins can be used at once. However, the more coins he uses at once, the faster the buff wears off.
    • Golden Lucky Coin: flips a glowing gold coin and catches it. An effect is given to Hardcore Leveling Warrior. The effect shown is:
      • Lucky Three! Three Cards: A set of cards representing various abilities Hardcore Leveling Warrior has seen are presented to Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He may pick three. Each card acts as a consumable item that allows him to use the corresponding skill.
        • Choco Bibi Teleport: One of Choco Bibi's skills. Allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to teleport to another predetermined place.
        • Lime Healing Bubble: One of Lime's skills. Places Hardcore Leveling Warrior in a bubble that heals him.
        • Lucas Han's Skill - Holy Light: One of Lucas Han's skills. fires a laser at the enemy. Was powerful enough to instantly penetrate the chest of a nightmarized Rigos.
        • Immortal Barrier: a circular golden barrier made of hexagons appears around Hardcore Leveling Warrior, protecting him from harm. It is unknown whose skill this is.
        • Water Needle: a skill obtained from a water magician in Yopi Land. Fires a high pressure jet of water at the enemy. In terms of damage it is not that strong, but it has high penetration ability.
        • Freeze: Causes water to freeze, increasing its volume. When combined with Water Needle, it was able to destroy a powerful golem by expanding it from the inside out.
  • Beginner's Luck: A passive skill of the gambler class. The effect is unknown. It seems to be a luck buff for low level gamblers.
  • All-In: One of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's ultimate skills. Hardcore Leveling Warrior throws his coins into a slot machine that appears behind him. The slot machine has a "Live or Dead" sign above it. similar to Lucky Punch, he is able to deal random damage based on random numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999.
  • Betting: Hardcore Leveling Warrior makes a bet with his opponent. In some cases, such as legal PvP, a Combat NPC can be summoned to oversee the bet. Conditions and rewards are determined by the players. Winner takes the reward, loser takes the consequences. Due to Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Gambler class, he can even take the opponent's stats and unique items and skills, even those not normally teachable, as a reward. It is noted that this skill is not bound by the rules of the game, allowing it to override all other abilities, such as allowing a sealed spirit to break free of seal placed on him simply by making that his prize if he won the game. The bet can also be used to verify if others are lying by making the condition of their loss if they lie.
    • The Ruler (The Moderator): The Ruler is a summon of the Gambler class. The ruler is able to fly. It watches the rules to be obeyed, and ensures the conditions of the bet are fulfilled. If a player attempts to break the rules, the Ruler breaks the cheaters wrists with 'The Hammer of Fairness', and nullifies any ability that would break the rules, allowing it to nullify The Spirit of Mirror's Mind Mirror ability. The Ruler is also able to verify and detect when the conditions of a bargain have been completed, so it cannot be tricked.
  • Borrow: Hardcore Leveling Warrior 'borrows' the stat(s) of an ally. This temporarily drains them of that stat(s) and gives it to Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He can also borrow skills. It isn't clear if this skill requires permission or not, as when borrowing Sora's strength he asked her and did not receive her powers until she had agreed, while he was able to use Dark and Tac's skills without having asked them first.
    • Summon Skeleton: A skill borrowed from Dark. Summons a level 1 skeleton. Hardcore Leveling Warrior used this skill to take an otherwise lethal attack for him.
    • Payback: Hardcore Leveling Warrior returns the borrowed skills and stats, this time with interest (deducted from his own stats).
    • Paralysis Resistance: borrowed from Tac, allowing him to continue moving even after stabbed by The Sword of Doom's Day.
    • J.R.I.R. Crush: A skill borrowed from Tac. Allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to deliver a powerful punch to the target. Used to counter attack Zero disguised as Umai.
  • Lucky Man: A passive skill that is triggered when Hardcore Leveling Warrior is facing an unavoidable critical attack. He is able to unintentionally avoid the attack whilst simultaneously dealing a critical attack to his enemy.
    • Lucky Punch: one of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's ultimate skills. Only usable after Lucky Man has activated. Hardcore Leveling Warrior manifests a slot machine number wheel above his head, then punches the opponent, dealing a damage ranging from 00000 to 99999, sufficient to instantly oneshot Nightmarized Rigos.

Other Skills

These are skills that Hardcore Leveling Warrior has acquired from bets, equipped items and completed quests.

  • Hell Fire: A skill associated with the Wizard class. It is a high tier spell that unleashes an enormous torrent of flames. One of his preferred spells. During the Leaf Dungeon Arc he could only use this when buffing his spell power with Lucky Coin, though by the Preliminary Round Arc he can use it without needing to buff himself. However, it is noted to have the potential to damage him as well if used in small spaces.
  • Moonlight Slash: a one sword skill that delivers a powerful slash to the target. He acquired this skill as a reward for defeating Master Swordsman during a 'bet'. It is a copy of the Lacerate skill.
    • Moonlight Slash - Tornado: By doing a Moonlight Slash while rotating, Hardcore Leveling Warrior projects far more slashes than normal in a vortex towards the opponent.
    • Moonlight Slash x 99 - Sword Dance Wave: Hardcore Leveling Warrior executes 99 consecutive Moonlight Slashes in quick succession which unleahses a wave that cuts the intended target.
  • Bash: A Swordsman class skill. HCLW delivers a sword strike to the target. The skill was first seen in his skill tree during the Leaf Dungeon Arc, but he was unable to use it due to his low level. He used it against Dongchun, but he was saved by Scallion Head.
  • Mana Toss: gives some of his own mana to an ally.
  • Hell Explosion: causes Hardcore Leveling Warrior to emit a huge fire explosion from his body. He was able to break free of Rigos's Blizzard skill using this skill.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior Headbutting: Hardcore Leveling Warrior delivers a powerful headbutt. It was strong enough to send Rigos through 3 mountains. It is unclear if it is an actual skill or if it is just HCLW doing a simple headbutt with his overwhelming stats.
  • Copy Skill: A skill that allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to copy a skill he has seen.
    • Weapon Break: A skill copied from Cocomori. It breaks a weapon Hardcore Leveling Warrior comes into contact. He used this to break free of Guillotine after it had immobilized him.
  • Self-Burning: Lights himself on fire in a vortex of flame, damaging enemies around him. Unclear if he damages himself.
  • Lightning Fist: HCLW channels electricity through his fist before delivering a blow to the target. He stole this skill in order to counter Master Swordsman's alleged weakness to electricity due to his water skills.
  • Tornado Slash: Hardcore Leveling Warrior slashes the target upwards in a whirlwind motion, creating a tornado like effect.
  • Lacerate (節): The true, stronger form of Moonlight Slash. When used by Novelist Han, the skill's creator, 'Lacerate (節)' cut apart the clouds in the sky and negated a monster's Low-Mid regeneration. After regaining his #1 Ranker powers temporarily, HCLW was finally able to use 'Lacerate (節)' to defeat a Light (???) that had fully succumbed to Zero's Nightmare power, which implied that you perhaps need to be at least an all-stat to use this version.
    • Lacerate (切): Unlike Novelist Han who used 'Lacerate (節)', HCLW was only able to use 'Lacerate (切)'. Although it instantly killed Dark Warrior's Helmet Mode Fengxian, and cut down an entire castle in a single move slash it was still incomplete due to HCLW not completely comprehend the skill's command as it requires a high intelligence stat to use. HCLW had to buff himself with Lucky Coins in order to use Lacerate (切). The (切) implied that he was still not fully able to comprehend the skill.
    • Swordless Lacerate: The skill can be used without a sword as shown when he used his Sworldess version to defeat Scallion Head. During his fight against Team Yopi Land, it seems that he no longer needs to buff his intelligence to use Lacerate and can enter the skill command easily.
  • Maximum Survival Instinct: A passive skill that grants the player a wild animal's instinct. It is an animal attribute that detects danger. The user is able to view auras around others. The size of the aura corresponds to their power. HCLW gave Dark and Sora the skill and trained in how to use it, but it is unclear if he has it. He was able to view Light's aura and gauge his strength early in the series.[21]
  • Dodge: After using a Lucky Coin buff, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to evade a close range attack by side stepping it with speed.
  • Switch: a skill used in Swordmage Mode. Reads the path of the enemy attack and dodges it.
  • Barrier: sets up an invisible magical barrier around the user. Hardcore Leveling Warrior set up 5 of these in an instant, and each can take up to 1000 damage before breaking. He also used a wide range variant to protect an entire village from destruction.
  • Slow Area: slows time in a small target area. Was used to slow down Fengxian's attack by slowing down the motion of his arm.
  • Lord of Ignes: described as top tier magic, but it is unknown what it does, or if Hardcore Leveling Warrior actually has this skill, as he never cast it, instead using it as a threat to trick his opponent before switching to another spell.
  • Force Use Skill: forces a specific skill of the enemy's to activate. Was used to force Fengxian to teleport back to his base by activating his Return to Base skill,
  • Bash: a sword attack associated with the Swordsman Class. Delivers a sword strike to the target.
  • Master's Instinct: a passive skill that detects extraordinary speed or spell power using a hidden stat called Instinct, allowing Hardcore Leveling Warrior to detect and dodge attacks that break the attack speed limit.
  • Hero's Body: consumes own HP to break the range limit of actions. Can only be used with strength stat over 999.
  • Storm Cutter: HCLW emits a ball of energy from his palm which creates spherical blades of wind that cuts the target.
  • Moonlight Storm Slash: After flipping a Lucky Coin, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to combine Storm Cutter and Moonlight Slash to deliver a powerful vertical slash that created a vortex.
  • Magic Magnet: A magic skill that rounds up small projectiles together into massive attack. In Hardcore Leveling Warrior's case, he can even control large scale spells scattered randomly.
  • Devil's Explosion: Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses Magic Magnet to fuse 6 Hell Fires into a large explosion.
  • Auto-Reflector: Hardcore Leveling Warrior automatically deflects detection magic.
  • Automatic Skill Analysis: The skill used on HCLW is automatically analysed after it is blocked by the Auto-Reflector.
  • Magic Immunity: A passive magic spell that grants the #1 Rank HCLW absolute magic immunity. It allows HCLW to neutralize all magic attacks including powerful spells from Majin Light. It is still a spell and can be disabled. It is unclear if this a skill he has in his skill tree or if it granted to him by his golden items.
  • Blazing Tiger: Hardcore Leveling Warrior summons a giant flame-shaped target that attacks the target.
  • 100 Consecutive Rounds of Magic: Hardcore Leveling Warrior rapidly fires a 100 different spells in quick succession at the target. The speed of the spells is so quick that even Majin Light was unable to dispel it after dispelling only 4.
  • Anti-Magic Disable Trap Spell: A spell that disables the targets anti-magic spells.
  • Perfect Cure: A spell that fully restores a targets HP and MP. It is the highest recovery spell seen in the series.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Speciality - 100 Layer Barrier: Hardcore Leveling Warrior creates a powerful barrier that has 100 layers. After each layer is destroyed the Barrier number goes from 100/100 to 0/100.

Hidden Gate Skills

A dark version of the players skills window. Grants a secret set of extremely powerful abilities caused by a bug. Any player caught using the bug is immediately apprehended by The Security Team. Hardcore Leveling Warrior used the 'Spirit of Mirror's' Mind Mirror skill to cover this 'sin' leading his use of this skill to be erased from everyone else's memory.

  • Lucky Coin: when Lucky Coin is flipped with the Hidden Gate opened, HCLW's strength and regeneration increase by 77.

Nightmare Skills

A power that is considered a 'bug' in Lucid Adventure. Use of Nightmare increases the users stats significantly and imbues their attacks with the power of Nightmare, allowing them to neutralize all defences. The continued use of Nightmare erodes the players features and corrupts them.

  • Nightmarization: HCLW was Nightmarized after the cobalt gem stone resonated with the bug in Constant's pocket and infected the whole Zara Guild. His stats were significantly increased and his attacks were imbued wit the power of Nightmare which nullifies all defences.
  • Dark Coin: A dark version of the Lucky Coin. Allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to enter Nightmarization 50%.
    • Nightmarization 50%: Increases Hardcore Leveling Warrior's stats significantly and allows his attacks while ignoring defense. Continued use of this skill can cause him damage.


  • Sword Mage Mode: After buffing his intelligence with a Lucky Coin, HCLW had access to 20 more skills during the buff time. Hardcore Leveling Warrior equips the Royal Cobalt Blade and An Apprentice Magician's Hat. In this form, all his normal attacks enchant magic skills and his magic proficiency becomes 100%. He was able to use the skills in his skill tree that required a higher intelligence and mana capacity that he had in his regular form such as Switch, Barrier, Slow Area and Force Use Skill.

Combination Skills


Level Stats Instance Notes
Max All-Stat Episode 1
Period Level Known


Rank Info
Zara Guild Arc Unknown Strength: 800+ 88
The Very First War Unknown Strength: 900+ 3
#1 Ranker Max All Stats: 999 (+50) 1 Base stats were all 999 (+50 from the Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon).
Tabula Rasa Arc 1 All Stats: 1 Unranked
Black Magic

Dungeon Arc

15 Unknown Unranked He was Level 15 after clearing the Black Magic Dungeon.
Leaf Dungeon Arc 30 Unknown Unranked Level 30 after clearing th 5th floor.
Preliminary Round Unknown Unknown Unranked
Subjugation Round Unknown Unknown Unranked His level was too low to inflict any damage on Master Swordsman after the Subjugation Round.[53][27]
Pooh Upooh

Recovery Quest

Unknown Unknown Unranked
Novelist Request Quest Unknown Strength: 488,

Intelligence: 115,

Dexterity: 50,


Speed: 12.[41]

Unranked After completing the quest he gained 500+ Strength which took his Strength stat to 988.[40][41]
Siege Round 1 at the start Strength: 500+ at the start Unranked Once he reached Max Level, his stats returned to what they normally were.
PvP Round Final 1 All Stats: 1 Unranked Was reset after getting killed by Sad Smile's Contractor.[58]
PvP Round Final Max All Stats: 999 1 (Temporary) Regained his #1 Ranker powers after Dark used his Rewind skill on him.[58]
Ragnarok ≥ 30 Stats: Unknown Unranked He gained enough experience to create a single Lucky Coin. Lucky Coin skill is unlocked at Level 30.[22]


The Little Girl's Love

Passive skill gained from successfully completing a Novelist Han's quest. The little girl (Laling) has max affection for Hardcore Leveling Warrior.



Hardcore Leveling Warrior earned the title 'Baldhead' (Hangul: 쑥대머리, Romaja: ssugdaemeoli) after his hair was cut off by Scallion Head's Sword Dance of Nightmare. Immediately after he lost his hair, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's rage stat increased.[75]

It is due to this title that Hardcore Leveling Warrior is mocked for being Bald by other characters even when he was wearing a beanie hat. He was constantly called 'Baldy' (대머리, daemeoli) which annoyed him.


Hardcore Leveling Warrior acquired the 'Hero' title after passing 'The Trial of the Dragon' of the Dragon of Evil. The title allows Him to equip 'Hero Exclusive Items'.[76]

Unfortunately for HCLW, he cannot equip Hero items because the retrieved items he used when he was number #1 (Golden Gauntlet and Golden Boots) were contaminated by Nightmare. Heart Heater was barely able to contain them with Anti-Nightmare Magic so they can't be used to their full potential.[77]

Hero items cannot be equipped along with contaminated as there will be an adverse reaction.[77]


Quest Status Start End
Cobalt Castle Request Kill Imoogi Incomplete Episode 1 -
Warlock Job Advancement Quest Complete Episode 6 Episode 10
Secret Quest Complete Episode 13 Episode 21



  • Golden Plate Suit of Fire Dragon: Breastplate of The Golden Armor set. Effect unknown.
  • Golden Plate Gauntlets of Fire Dragon: Gauntlets of The Golden Armour set. All stats are increased by 50 points, and damage is tripled if used with The Sword of Honor.
  • The Jeweled Belt Of The Third King: Effect unknown.
  • Golden Plate Boots of Fire Dragon: Boots of The Golden Armor set. They double the speed of their wearer. They are indestructible, and even thorns that are enchanted to "pierce through anything and anyone regardless of their strengths" are unable to penetrate them. Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses their invulnerability to block attacks he otherwise could not take. They also allow the wielder to triple jump.
  • Deers Old Shield:
  • Deers Belt:
  • Dragon Scale Armour: Armor made from Dargon Scale. HCLW used this during the Leaf Dungeon Arc. Stats unknown.
  • Magic-Neutralizing Armour: An armor set that deflects magic, causing even high tier magic that would one-shot people comparable to Hardcore Leveling Warrior to simply sting a little without doing any real damage. However it cannot be repaired, so once destroyed it is finished.
  • Double Step Boots: The boots HCLW wore when he was the #3 Ranker. The stats are unknown but when one of the boots is destroyed, his movement speed was reduced by 20%.
  • High Defence Armor:
  • Low Quality Shield:



  • Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths: A legendary weapon capable of bisecting mountains with a single blow. Increases all Sword Skills by +5. It can only be used by the one contracted with it, repelling others who try to pick it up with a forcefield.
  • +16 Hero's Sword: Presumably a sword of some kind. Effect unknown.
  • Paralysis Sword: A legendary blacksmith's failure, this weapon only deals one damage. However, every 100th strike the dagger will instead ignore all defense stats and deal critical damage (in the sense that it is enough to near-lethally damage the target) in addition to paralyzing the target. The special skill of the dagger is unidentifiable, requiring prior knowledge of it to understand its effects.
  • Random Sword: A sword that randomly transforms into any other sword existing in the world when drawn (though it can only transform once every 10 minutes). However, this sword was lost, so it should be specified if he still has it in battle. Swords it has transformed into include:
    • Depressed Cat Sword:
    • Cracked Long Sword: An ordinary long sword that is sold at stores. Its power is decreased due to cracks.
    • Boing Boing Sword: It's a soft jelly type sword that makes you feel good when you touch it. It's a souvenir of Jelly Village. It has the special effect of guarding against one physical attack, regardless of its damage.
    • Kubaba's Holy Sword: The power of the combat angel Kubaba dwells in the sword. Once it defeats the opponent, it is sealed in the ground for 99 years. All damage done with this sword is multiplied by 11.1 against devils and demons, and as an "advent" type sword it grants the wielder the stats of an angel. Due to its sealing, the Random Sword was lost.
  • Lucky Long Sword: Has an damage of +25 and increases his luck stat by 3 points
  • Giant Deers Axe: A giant axe seen presumably acquired as a reward for defeating Deer Man on the 6th floor of Leaf Dungeon.
  • The 3rd Sword - The Sword of Doom's Day:
  • Royal Cobalt Blade: It does little physical damage but a normal attack enchants a magic skill.

Magical Items

Gambler Items

Consumable Item

  • An Antler 14
  • Potions
  • Meat with herbs

Other Items

Real World Items


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