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Lucid Adventure! In that world I am...The Strongest
 ― Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's skills in combat are legendary in Lucid Adventure. He is referred to by several people as the the 'Best Player' in the game and is universally admired for his skill and power. His reputation is so vast that quite a number of rankers from Giga and elsewhere came to watch him during the PvP Round Semifinals, despite Hardcore Leveling Warrior no longer being the no.1 ranker.[1] He has defeated several powerful characters in the series such as Kkakdugi, The Best Swordsman, Heart Heater, Ligos, Lu Bu, No Name, Secretary Park, Secretary Kim and Light.

In the early years of Lucid Adventure, the rookie Hardcore Leveling Warrior discovered the tremendous potential of 'The Bet' skill in his gambler skill tree. With the combination of his high luck stats and the 'bet' skill, Hardcore Leveling Warrior gained power at a rapid pace. If the opponents didn't have enough mooney, he took their items. If they didn't have any items, he took their skills. And whenhis betting skill level maxed out,he was able to take unique items that were bound tby the original owners or even thier stats. After he consumed his enemies stats and items, he became a ranked player in no time.[2]

When he became ranked no.88, Hardcopre Leveling Warrior's reputation led to The Best Swordsman recruiting him for the Zara Guild. Despite being defeated in multiple duels by The Best Swordsman, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was the first person to scar the then ranked no. 3 The Best Swordsman. During his time in the Zara Guild, Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated several powerful opponents that included the ranker Kkakdugi and a Level 90 Cobalt Castle.

After the dissolution of Zara Guild, Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated the then Ranked No.3 The Best Swordsman to become the ranked no.3 player. Just before he became the No.1 Ranked player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated the powerful NPC, Heart Heater. Hardcore Leveling Warrior eventually rose to being the no. 1 Ranked player. In his prime, he was by far the strongest player under the heavens and was one of the most powerful beings in Lucid Adventure. He wiped out Scallion Head's Alliance single-handedly without suffering any damage after using only 2 skills. He was said to have surpassed the humanly limit.[3] It is implied that he was on the verge of achieving "something even higher".[4]

Due to his personal attribute, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's level and stats get reset when he dies which is unique to his character. Unlike most player characters that have a steady trajectory towards their characters levels, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's power varies throughout the series, ranging from the strongest player to the weakest player in the game. The skills he acquired remain in his skill tree so he needs to regain his stats to have access to them.

After getting his level and stats reset to 1 due to Zero's machinations, Hardcore Leveling Warrior began leveling up and training with Dark and Sora. Bit by bit, he slowly began recovering his former power. Using just his wits, the level 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated Scallion Head.[5][6] He was able to defeat General Manager Park during the Preliminary Round. Even more impressive from the Hardcore Leveling Warrior was his ability to deflect every single one of Light's light spells, speaking volumes of his incredible speed and agility.[7] During the Subjugation Round, he was rewound to his ranked no.3 form and he single-handedly overwhelmed Ligos, a 5 star level monster and the strongest Monster in the Subjugation Round's history.[8]

He recovered The Treasured Sword of the Knights - The 7 Truths after winning a duel against Zero and regained his strength stat after completing Novelist Han's Quest. Just before the Siege Round, he was able to easily defeat the 15% clone of the Rank No.40 Player, Heriach, easily, a feat that both Dark and Sora could not do combined. He was able to defeat the overpowered Lu Bu with the help of his team during the Siege Round after executing Lacerate(切).

During the Pooh Upooh rescue mission, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was once again able to easily defeat Scallion Head despite the latter being buffed by Nightmare and using Nightmare weapons. He retrieved his Golden Gauntlets and Golden Boots after winning his 'bet' against Scallion Head. Sad Smile believed he could take down the mighty Giga Empire simply because he had Hardcore Leveling Warrior on his side.[9] During Dark's Birthday, he was able to use his smarts and wit to defeat the Level 99 Master Archer, Kyo, and even managed to hold his own against her for a short time. Two weeks before the start of the PvP Round, he was able to duel with Akira and perhaps could have defeated him without Yopi's intervention.

By the time the PvP Round started, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was amongst the strongest players in the tournament and The Best Swordsman theorised that he had less than 10% of his prime powers. After successfully passing The Trial of a Dragon, Hardcore Leveling Warrior equipped the partially recovered the Memory of Cintamani during the PvP Round Semifinals and was said to have displayed the power of a top ranker for a brief time during the climax of his duel with No Name. Despite being overpowered by No Name, Hardcore Leveling Warrior managed to defeat her after using Lacerate(節) for the first time.

During the PvP Round Final, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was rewound back to his Rank No.1 Form by Dark and we saw a glimpse of his true power. He critically injured the Level 99 Master Wizard Light with a simple flick of his finger and he defeated 2 Rankers and a powerful gambler in under 10 seconds without using a skill.[10] The power difference between The Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior and the estimated Ranked No.3 Majin Form Light was like Heaven and Earth. Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated the most powerful Giga Team in the Combat Tournament's history single handedly in less than 6 minutes despite fooling around and one of his opponent using Nightmare powers directly from Zero.[11]

Despite being gone from Lucid Adventure for over 2 years, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's legend has only risen to the point of myth. New enemies and high rankers have appeared and displayed their incredible strength, which has only served to highlight the absolute strength of Hardcore Leveling Warrior in his prime.

After the God of Combat perished, a new ranking system was re-established by Lucid Ball which ranks each user based on the power of the world itself, with the limit set by Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had reached the humanly limit in the past when he was ranked no.1 Player.[12]

Both Sora and Dark adopted the different combat styles of Hardcore Leveling Warrior, with Dark's adopting Hardcore Leveling Warrior's tenacious side that tried to find an answer with every combination of skills and trickery possible while Sora adopted the side of Hardcore Leveling Warrior when he had his overwhelming stats and powerful skills. Similar, yet different, both Dark and Sora were getting closer to Hardcore Leveling Warrior in their own way.[13]

The current no.1 ranker, Stone, wants to fight Hardcore Leveling Warrior as no one else in the current era can give him a challenge.[14] Such is the legend of Hardcore Leveling Warrior that Han Gun-Ho believes that if Dark finds Hardcore Leveling Warrior in the Demon World, Dark Land will be the biggest winner of the Great War.[15]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's body was chosen by Nightmare to create the "ultimate entity" by fusing him with both Nightmare and the Demon King's karma. The one-eyed Nightmare believes that he is currently the strongest being in Lucid Adventure and with him, Nightmare has 100% chance of winning against all of Nightmare's enemies.[16] He is currently using the Nightmare Players as his experience shuttle to level up.[17][18][19]

Despite being a level one, he was already a all stat from the start . Despite being a all stat, he does not have access to all his skills. When he reached level 3, he already had 8 skills and had to use skill points to unlock other skills, but can learn 80 more at that point . Due to having the power of the master devil, he has the master devil attribute which allows some skills to be upgraded to master devil's exclusive skills. When he gained the repair skills, there was a error (most likely due to nightmare) which allowed his repair skill reach level 99 and grant him a new title called repair master. It allows him to repair items that are irreparable like his former items. Due to the master Devil's passive skill, his skill effects are increased by 30%

Growth History

Newbie Leveling Warrior

The strongest player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior. But even he had his newbie days...
 ― Narrator[source]

At some point in the early days of Lucid Adventure, the novice Hardcore Leveling Warrior was a level 12 novice. He used his strategy and luck to defeat the level 34 Mama Queen Rabbit.[20] Equipped with the Random Sword he acquired from the deceased Lightning Sword, he luckily drew the Depressed Cat Sword which allowed him to trap the Mama Queen Rabbit in an illusion and proceeded to kill her.[20]

Tactics: Hardcore Leveling Warrior killed Mama Queen Rabbit's babies in order to enrage her. He then used a Magic Trap to trap Mama Quen Rabbit so he could kill her.[20]

Luck: He was able to dodge an attack from Mama Queen Rabbit after Lucky Man was activated.[20] He was able to pull out the Depressed Cat Sword from the Random Sword on his first try, the exact weapon he needed in that situation.[20]


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...I fought with Heart Heater before I was ranked No.1..I barely managed to beat him...
 Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Pre-Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Episode 22).jpg

Before he was ranked no.1, Hardcore Leveling Warrior increased already incredible power was reached unfathomable heights. He was able to defeat the extremely powerful NPC, Heart Heater, with great difficulty.[21]

He had acquired The Memory of Cintamani and was on his way to completing the full Golden Armor set.[21]


He's a gambler and the rumour is that he stole skills and stats from other users to achieve perfect stats and gather 999 different skills
 Secretary Kim[source]

The Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior was the strongest player under the heavens and one of the strongest beings in Lucid Adventure. Using 'The Bet', he stole the skills and stats from other users to to gather 999 different skills and to achieve perfect stats.[22]

He was unbelievable when he was No.1...
 The Best Swordsman[source]

His reputation was so great that he was known throughout Lucid Adventure and is regarded as a Legend of Legends on the Internet.[23]

The arena's totally frozen...as if time had stopped. With awe...and...deep, instinctive fear
 ― Narrator[source]

As the Rank No.1 Player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's red aura was overwhelming. His mere presence not only sent chills down the spines of the PvP Round Final spectators, but even top rankers such as Secretary Kim and Secretary Park were cowering in fear.[24]

He activated 'The Item Set Effect of the Knights', so he must have been (an All-stat). You can only activate it if you are an All-Stat
 The Best Swordsman[source]

Once all of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's base stats became maxed out at 999, he became an All-Stat. The proof of Hardcore Leveling Warrior being an All-Stat is that he was able to activate The Item Set Effect of the Knights after equipping the complete Golden Armour Set.[25]

...Someone..who..surpassed...humanly limits...
 God of Death[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to easily defeat a powerful Imoogi by himself, he was able to wipe out Scallion Head's Union that had multiple skilled players single-handedly with just 2 skills and without taking any damage.[26]

Th-this is impossible!! How can a human be that powerful?!
 God of Blessings[source]

God of Death confirmed that he had surpassed the humanly limit[3] and God of Blessings could not believe that there was a human as powerful as him.[3] A further testament to his power is that the transcendent being, Majin Light believed that he was a glitch or even a bug and could not understand how a user could be that powerful.[22]

He just beat two Rankers without even using a skill. I knew he alone was enough, but it's amazing to see it again...
 Heart Heater[source]

Just before the start of the PvP Round Final, Hardcore Leveling Warrior proclaimed he could beat Team Light in under one minute.[27] After getting rewound to his Rank no.1 form by Dark, this was proven to be correct as he was able to knock out Light instantly with a finger flick and kill Secretary Park, Secretary Kim and Hungry Ghost in 10 seconds without using any skills. According to Elena, if he had used a skill he would have been killed them all even quicker and stopped Light from reviving as a Majin.[24]

He just took out three of them in ten seconds...
 Choco Bibi[source]

He easily overwhelmed Light in his Majin Form, causing the usually calm and arrogant Giga Vice-President to feel fear for the first time in his life. In fact, Hardcore Leveling Warrior had enough power to kill Majin Light in at any time but due to the hype he was getting, he wanted to prolong the fight long enough to display his true fighting style because he had "fans to entertain". The utter humiliation caused Light to succumb to Nightmare.[22][3]

Something's not right...! It must be a glitch!! A bug!!...how else could this be possible? He's just a user. How is he so powerful?!

Only when Majin Light was fully consumed by Nightmare was he able to match the Rank 1 player.[3] Ultimately, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to defeat Team Light, including a Nightmarized Majin Light in under 6 minutes, despite spending a large amount of time fooling around.[11]

That Feeling...when you stand on top of everyone...! But then...I saw Something. Something even higher...
 Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Something even higher than Rank No.1...

Having surpassed the humanly limit in Lucid Adventure, it was implied that Hardcore Leveling Warrior was on the verge of something even greater. A doorway to a higher realm was opened to him, but before he could ascend he was struck down by Zero.[4]

After the God of Combat perished, the ranking system was re-established by Lucid Balls which ranks each user based on the power of the world itself, with the limit set by the ranked no.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, who had reached the humanly limit in the past.[12] 14 years later, none of the players had come close to the combat power of Hardcore Leveling Warrior in his prime. This was until the battle between the current first ranker Stone and the Demon King Ge Des, during which Stone's combat power's measured value reached 99.27% of the Lucid Ball reference value set by Hardcore Leveling Warrior in his prime.[28] This caused the shocked Zhuge Kongming to question if both Stone and Ge Des had surpassed the first ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[28]

Even in this state (100% True Awakening), I don't think I can beat That Guy in his prime.
 The Best Swordsman[source]

After using his 100% True Awakening, The Best Swordsman was hailed as "the strongest human" that the powerful Demon Prince, Ruud Ra Kan, had ever met. The Best Swordsman said that even after using 100% of his True Awakening, he is still no match for Hardcore Leveling Warrior in his prime.[29]

That's why we need Hardcore Leveling Warrior. The only one who can win against 10 to 20 monsters like that (Nightmarized Ruud Ra Kan)...is Hardcore Leveling Warrior!
 The Best Swordsman[source]

Despite The Best Swordsman using his 100% True Awakening, unlocking his hidden skill and using his Personal Attribute Hero Weapon, The Best Swordsman and the Grass Roots Guild were overwhelmed by a Nightmarized Ruud Ra Kan. The Best Swordsman believed that the Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior is the only person that can 10 to 20 monsters on the level of a Nightmarized Ruud Ra Kan and win.[30]

Physical Abilities

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's physical abilities are the highest amongst all the players. As an All-Stat, all his stats are maxed out at 999 and further amplified by 'The Item Set Effect of the Knights'.


He sent and opponent through 10 mountains in his prime, which would make him over 3 times stronger than his ranked no.3 Form that had a strength stat of 900+.[31] He was able to cause a damage of 9999 to Choco Flavoured Potato Soup with just a bag of Gold.[26] According to The Best Swordsman, Hardcore Leveling Warrior could fight an Imoogi barehanded and defeat them in a single blow.[25] A simple flick from Hardcore Leveling warrior's finger sent the Level 99 Master Wizard Light flying out of God's Arena while stunning and critically injuring him.[24] He was able to break free from Secretary Park's Lasso of Yin and Yang with just his sheer strength.[24] The force Hardcore Leveling Warrior used to slam Secretary Kim onto God's Arena was enough to kill her.[24]


Equipped with all of his Golden Items, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was immune to all forms of physical damage. Even the Paralysis Sword, which would otherwise have dealt critical damage and ignored defense, only paralyzed him, forcing Zero to remove his armor to harm him.[26]


The Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior's resilience stats are about a 100 times stronger than the strongest players.[22] Hardcore Leveling Warrior survived complete exposure to an Imoogi's deadly venom without any damage.[26] He tanked Secretary Kim's Valkyrie Cannon Shot at point blank range without suffering any damage.[24]

Even after his Magic Immunity was disabled by Majin Form Light's Dolce, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to instantly recover from Majin Light's ultimate attack, Madō - Destruction, which had extremely high destructive capabilities; Hardcore Leveling Warrior even called the attack "cute".[22]

He was able to parry a Nightmare Blast from a Nightmarized Light with his bare hands despite Nightmare's ability to pierce stats and defences; It should be noted that the attack did affect Hardcore Leveling Warrior as his hands were slightly damaged from parrying the blast.[3] Please note that there was a mistranslation by LINE Webtoon in which Hardcore Leveling Warrior said he "recovered better than a python". Hardcore Leveling Warrior said no such thing in the Naver version. For more info on this please click here

Movement Speed and Agility

Hardcore Leveling Warrior dodged multiple weapons thrown at him by Scallion Head's Alliance members at point blank range without receiving a single hit.[26] Hardcore Leveling Warrior moved so fast that Light could not follow his movement.[24] His reflexes are so high that he was fast enough to block all the light beams from Light's Multi-Holy Light with his hands.[22] Hardcore Leveling Warrior easily dodged multiple sword strikes from Majon Light at point blank range and even used back-flips in his evasive motions.[22]


As the Rank 1 player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to fly at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground. It is unclear if this is a skill acquired from other players or from his Items. He was even more proficient in the air than Secretary Kim in the air, who herself is an expert.[24]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior's swordsmanship is one of the highest seen in the series. He completely sliced apart an Imoogi with multiple unskilled slashes.[26] A single Moonlight Slash from Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to wipe out most of Scallion Head's Allaince.[26] A single unskilled slash from Hardcore Leveling Warrior killed Secretary Park and shattered Secretary Park's Thricapo.[24]

A single unskilled slash from Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to neutralise Secretary Kim's Spear of Heavenly Summoning skill.[24] As the Rank No.1, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to use Lacerate(節), the same version as Novelist Han who is one of the forms of Han Gun-Jae, the Absolute God of Lucid Adventure.[32] The damage from his Lacerate(節) was so high, that Light's character has not fully recovered 14 years later (2 years real world time).[12][33][34]

Dual-Wield: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to wield two swords at the same time. He equipped the Sword of the Knights and the +16 Hero Sword during his final showdown with the NIghtmarized Light.[3]

Magic Power

Hardcore Leveling Warrior had superior magic power to Majin Light who himself is a transcendent being composed purely of Magic and had a mana that exceeded 9999.[35][22] A single Hellfire from Hardcore Leveling Warrior wiped out the entire front line of Scallion Head's alliance.[26]

Non-Incantation: Rank No.1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior can cast spells without any incantations and use them as soon as he thinks of them.

Magical Trap Construction: he giant magic trap that Hardcore Leveling Warrior set up was so strong that Yopi had to stop Taek from confronting him.[36]

Barrier Magic: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is capable of using powerful barrier magic. He created a barrier that was capable of deflecting Light's Multi Holy Light that is capable of piercing dragon scales.[22] He can create a 100 Fold Barrier that can protect his teammates from Nightmare Light's Nightmare Dragon Blast that was capable of destroying God's Arena, something no mortal should have been able to do; Hardcore Leveling Warrior did not come out unscathed from the attack.[3]

Restoration Magic: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to use a powerful healing spell that can completely recover his targets HP, MP and stamina.[22]

Anti-Magic Neutralisation Traps: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to lay traps that are capable of neutralising anti-magic spells.[22]

Poison Resistance

Hardcore Leveling Warrior has an unknown level of poison resistance. He was completely unharmed by the Imoogi's venom.[26]

Magic Nullification

The Ranked No. 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior had near Absolute Magic Immunity. Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Magic Immunity can be disabled, as seen when Majin Light used Dolce to nullify the spell which, which left him vulnerable to magic attacks.[22] He could survive a 20 combined magic skills attack that no one had previously survived without taking any damage.[26] He was unharmed form Majin Form Light's Mana Storm which had enough power to completely tear apart Open Your Mouth, Here Comes the Healing in her FRI13 Form.[22][37] Majin Light's Multi Holy Light that can pierce dragon scales did no damage to Hardcore Leveling Warrior although it did sting.[22]

Skill Reflection

Has a passive skill that can automatically deflect skills that range from magic attacks, weapon attacks and even information analysis skills. The skill fails to activate if the skills used on Hardcore Leveling Warrior is deemed unavoidable by 'The System'.[24]

Skill Information Analysis

Hardcore Leveling Warrior has a passive skill that enables him to instantly analyse and acquire information about a skill used on him.[24]

Overwhelming Number of Skills

In his prime, Hardcore Leveling Warrior had access to 999 skills that he had stolen from other players.[25][22] So far, he has the highest number of skills revealed in the series including both players and NPC. He has a variety of skills from different classes such as Swordsman, Magician, Healer and even Divine skills.

Divine Skill user: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is the only known player shown using a divine skill. He was able to use Lacerate (節), the same version that Novelist Han used, implying that his power had not only surpassed the human limits, but had perhaps approached the realm of the gods.[3]

Season 1


Oh, and I heard that...your stats go back to one once you die...am I right?

Due to his personal attribute, Hardcore Leveling Warrior has the unique characteristic of having his stats and level reset when he dies.[26][38] After having both his level and stats reset to 1, he became the weakest in the game as his stats and levels are that of a newbie.

Just yesterday I was The Best...and now...I'm a complete noob
 ― Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

This has so far happened to him twice in the series, the first being when he was killed by the Zombie Dragon and the second being when he was killed by Sad Smile's personal attribute and familiar, the Contractor.[26][39]

Despite having the lowest level and stats in the game, he was able to defeat Scallion Head and take his stats by relying on a bit of Luck and strategy.[40][6] During the PvP Round Final, Dark was able to rewind him back to his Rank No.1 form which enabled Hardcore Leveling Warrior to defeat Team Light single-handedly.[38]

Physical Abilities


As his strength was back to level 1, Hardcore Leveling Warrior could no longer wear the armour he had on during the PvP Round. He needed the help of his teammates to get it off.[38]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior's durability was so low that a light tap from a Pink Rabbit was enough to break the bones in his arm and send him flying as well as almost deplete his HP.[41] A blow from Scallion Head was enough to almost completely deplete all of his HP. Scallion Head to heal him throughout their fight so he didn't die quickly and to prolong his suffering.[40]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior's accuracy was so low that he could not land a punch on a low level Pink Rabbit. He missed multiple punches.[26]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior taunted Scallion Head continuously which made led to Scallion Head losing his composure; Scallion Head could have beaten Hardcore Leveling Warrior anytime in their PvP but his rage made him want to prolong Hardcore Leveling Warrior's suffering. Eventually Hardcore Leveling Warrior continuously swung the Paralysis Sword and was able to strike Scallion Head with the 100th strike and win his PvP, upsetting the odds.[40][6]

I need the money. How will I get paid if my patron dies?
 ― Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior draws the Cracked Long Sword from the Random Sword (Episode 7).jpg
After acquiring the stats from Scallion Head, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Dark and Sora head to the Black Magic Dungeon to complete Dark's Job Advancement.[6] With the aid of Sora, the team cleared the first floor of the zombies easily.[42] Hardcore Leveling Warrior pushed Dark out of Borgoba's attack which left his legs crushed because he didn't want his employer (dark) to die without paying him. Eventually he guided Dark which led to Bogorba's death.[42]

In the top floor, despite his part being overwhelmed by the de-horned Rajie, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to defeat the Great Demon with the timely aid of Kubaba's Holy Sword.[27] After the completion of the quest, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's level rose to 15.[27]

Luck: Hardcore Leveling Warrior drew the Cracked Long Sword on his first draw from the Random Sword during his party's battle with Borgorba, which proved useless in the battle.[42] He drew the Boing Boing Sword on his second draw from the Random Sword which simultaneously blocked a critical blow from Rajie and enraged Rajie at the same time.[43] At the critical moment, Hardcore Leveling Warrior drew the perfect counter to Rajie by drawing Kubaba's Holy Sword on his third draw from the Random Sword; he did this just in time to save Dark from Rajie's fatal blow.[43]

Tactics: Hardcore Leveling Warrior didn't kill the Zombie Leader in the first floor so he could gain information of the Black Magic Dungeon Witch on the second floor.[42] In order for Dark to gain some fighting experience, Hardcore Leveling Warrior encouraged Dark to his Bogorba with the 100th strike of the Paralysis Sword.[42] Using the information he acquired from the Zombie Boss, Hardcore Leveling Warrior viciously tickled the Black Magic Dungeon Witch with a leaf in order to get information about the boss of the third and final floor, Rajie.[42]

Main Article: Kubaba's Holy Sword

It's over Great Demon

 Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

After equipping Kubaba's Holy Sword, Hardcore Leveling Warrior gained the stats of the Combat Angel, Kubaba. With the power gained from the sword, Hardcore Leveling Warrior easily defeated the de-horned Rajie.[44]

Holy Power infused Attack Power: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's attack power was enhanced, particularly when fighting against demons. The sword did 90 damage but this increased to 999 when facing off against demons.[44] He was able to cut Rajie's right arm off when previously Rajie could not be damaged by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's party members.[43] A single sword strike from Hardcore Leveling Warrior defeated Rajie and violently fragmented a large line of the Black Magic Dungeon's stone floor.[44]

Dark Magic Suppression: Due to the holy power, a slash from Hardcore Leveling Warrior neutralised Rajie's Hellsing.[44]

Enhanced Speed: Hardcore Leveling Warrior speed and agility increased after equipping the sword. He was faster than the de-horned Rajie. He was able to sneak up behind Rajie and dodge Rajie's blasts.[44]

High-Speed Flight: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to fly at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground.[44]

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Main Article: Swordmage Mode

After coming to the conclusion that he could not match Lu Bu in physical combat, the level 1 Hardcore Leveling Warrior had a change of plan and decided to fight Lu Bu using magic. He successfully flipped a Lucky Coin to buff his intelligence stat which led to his maximum mana increasing significantly. With his mana capacity increased, Hardcore leveling Warrior had access to 20 more skills during the buff time.[45]

He was able to equip both the Royal Cobalt Blade and An Apprentice Wizard's Hat to go into Sword Mage Mode. In this "form", Hardcore Leveleing in this mode, all normal attacks enchant magic skills and his magic proficiency becomes 100%.[45]

Despite using this buffs, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was mostly on the defensive, he used skill such as Switch, and Five Barriers and Slow Area before forcing Lu Bu to Return to Base using Force Use Skill. Once the buff wore off, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's items were disarmed as he no longer had the stats to equip them.[45]

Enhanced Magic Power: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Mana increase allowed him to cast magic consecutively and without any casting time.

  • Barrier Magic: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to create 5 Barriers that can each take 1000 damage.[45] By the time Lu Bu's Party was invading his team's castle, he could cast a single barrier over his entire castle to shield it from Bubble's Color-Mixed Bubble.[46]
  • Precognition: Hardcore Leveling Warrior can read the trajectory of an attack and dodge it.[45]
  • Forceful Skill Activation: Hardcore Leveling Warrior can forcibly activate the skills of others. He used forced Lu Bu to return to his base.[45]
  • Time Manipulation: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to slow down time in a small area of the target.[45]
  • Flight: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to fly at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground.[45]

Main Article: Lucky Coin

To stop the rampaging Lu Bu from destroying the secret underground stores, Hardcore Leveling Warrior flipped 3 out of his 5 Lucky Coins. After successfully flipping three Lucky Coins, Hardcore Leveling Warrior significantly buffed his strength, defense and speed.[47]

In this form, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's body is covered in a red tint. Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to briefly match The Heroized - Lu Bu blow for blow. The problem is that the lucky coin buffs wore off three times faster than usual.[47]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior held out long enough for the Hohoians equipped with the unique items to be created.[47]

Enhanced Physical Abilities: Three of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's physical abilities were enhanced.

  • Enhanced Strength: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's strength was enhanced enough for him to match Heroized Lu Bu.
  • Enhanced Speed: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's speed enhancement enabled him to keep up with the Heroized Lu Bu.
  • Enhanced Defense: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's buffed defense enabled him to take a blocked sword strike from the heroized Lu Bu.
Enhanced Swordsmanship: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's increased strength and speed enabled to him to block blows from the Heroized Lu Bu and even match his pole weapon strikes blow for blow.[47]

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Hardcore Leveling with a Lucky Coin after The Combat Tournament (Episode 171).jpg

I can only make one (Lucky Coin) with the Experience I got from the Tournament
 Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

After the Combat Tournament, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to create and itemise a Lucky Coin which means that his level was at least 30.[48][49]

His stats and level were actually never revealed as he was logged out of Lucid Adventure when his real life body suffered mortal wounds.

Demon King Chimera

(마왕의 영혼 +악몽, mawang-ui yeonghon +agmong)

A vessel strong enough to house the soul of the Demon King....There's no one else but than him"
 The Crow[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was chosen as the final culmination of Nightmare's Chimera Project which aimed to fuse players with the strongest monsters in the game. As the strongest player, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's body is the only one that can successfully fuse with the demon king and retain his ego.[16] The Crow believes that Hardcore Leveling Warrior is "The Ultimate Entity" and the "Strongest Weapon" that guarantees that Nightmare has a 100% chance of winning against its enemies.[16]

In the real world, Gong Won-Ho's body was sedated in Mingjung General Hospital and forcefully used in Han Gun-Ho's dark experiments, which Han Gun-Ho was conducting to clear the game.[50] Gong Won-Ho's real life body was kept unconscious as experimental drugs were forcefully injected into his body and caused him a lot of pain and made him lose his mind and his memories.[50] His game avatar was kept in a vat tube as his mind was continually split and dominated in order to fall under the complete control of Han Gun-Ho.[16] In his mental space, his mind was encroached upon by Nightmare and The Crow guarded it from invasion.[51]

His mental space was eventually breached by Dark via Dark's Time personal attribute. Dark managed to grab the left arm of the unconscious Hardcore Leveling Warrior before Dark was forcefully removed from Hardcore Leveling Warrior's mental space by his personal attribute after The Crow appeared.[51]

After the the defeat of the Demon King Ge Des by Haru, The Crow combined the soul of the 3 demon princes and Hardcore Leveling Warrior awakened as the first successful chimera.[16]

Demon King Attribute: As a chimera with the soul of the Demon King, Hardcore Leveling Warrior gained the Demon King Attribute which allowed him to utilise Demon King exclusive skills and weapons.[52][53]

Support powers: Using his Lucky Coin skill, Hardcore Leveling Warrior can buff his allies in various ways and make them exceed their limits.[54][19]

Party Effect (파티효과, patihyogwa): Hardcore Leveling Warrior can participate in battles by buffing his allies with his lucky coin skill, which allows him to gain combat experience and level up without actually physically taking part in the battle himself.[19]


Right now, he's currently the strongest being in this world
 The Crow[source]

After being combined with the soul of the Demon King via Nightmare, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was "reborn". The Crow proclaims that he is the strongest being in the world currently. Even at level 1, he is an All-Stat once again. He easily swatted away Nightmare Sora minimal effort.[55]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior gets reoccurring stinging pain in his arm, which The Crow suspects may be related to Dark grabbing Hardcore Leveling Warrior's arm in his mental world.[51][55]

Nightmare The Best Swordsman was shocked at the power he exuded at level 1.[16]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior participated in the Nightmare Players battles with a buff in order to get combat experience. He used the Nightmare players as his experience shuttle.[19] He used the party effect with his Lucky Coin to level up from 1 → 2.[19]

Physical Abilities

His basic stats are already All-Stat...Even though he's at Level 1
 The Crow[source]

As an All-Stat, all of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's physical abilities are at the 999 limit without any skills or buffs.

Strength: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's strength stat is at the 999 limit.[55] Not only did he easily block a sword strike from Nightmare Sora with a piece of bone without moving an inch, the force from a simple flick with the bone sent Nightmare Sora crashing into the wall and coughing up blood.[55]

Agility: He easily dodged a sword strike from Nightmare Sora at point blank range while he was sitting down.[55]

Durability: He blocked a sword strike from Nightmare Sora with a piece of bone and took no damage.[55]

Nightmare Energy Manipulation

He has shown the ability to control Nightmare energy.
 Nightmare Choco Bibi[source]

He scattered Nightmare Sora's Nightmare mana and forcibly stopped her attempt to use her Nightmare True Awakening skill.[55]

Detection Ability

Yeah...I can feel some pretty strong guys approaching right now
 Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior sensing Dark's party approaching (Season 2 Episode 79).jpg
Hardcore Leveling Warrior detected the presence of the Dark Land party that was approaching the Demon King Castle and could also detect the people approaching as he informed the Nightmares present that their "originals" were approaching.[55] It was called "clairvoyance" (천리안) by Nightmare The Best Swordsman and Nightmare Choco Bibi.[55] The exact nature and limitations of this ability is currently unknown.

Lucky Coin Support Power

Using the Lucky Coin, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to buff his Nightmare allies.[54][19]

Stat Enhancement

Wait, that thing I caught a glimpse of...was that a lucky coin...?! Does that mean these Nightmares got stronger using Hardcore Leveling Warrior's buff?
 The Best Swordsman[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Lucky Coin buffed Nightmare The Best Swordsman enough for him to use the Duke of Loyalty and Warfare.[54]


Damn it...I'm not sure if this is a blessing or a curse.
 Nightmare The Best Swordsman[source]

Hardcore Levling Warrior has the power to bring his deceased back to life with his Lucky Coin. As long as there is at least a drop of blood of his party member, Hardcore Leveling Warrior can apply the Lucky Coin buff and perfectly revive his party member every time without fail.[19]

He used the lucky coin to revive Nightmare The Best Swordsman with Perfect Resurrection after Nightmare The Best Swordsman was killed by The Best Swordsman.[19]

He even managed to resurrect Nightmare The Best Swordsman with the Lucky Coin from just a drop of blood after The Best Swordsman destroyed Nightmare The Best Swordsman's body with Origin (元).[19]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior went from Level 1 → 2 after resurrecting NIghtmare The Best Swordsman for the second time with the lucky coin skill.[19] He continued to participate in the Nightmares battles using the lucky coin buffs and quickly acquired combat experience which allowed him to level up from 2 → 3.[56]

Lucky Coin Support Powers

Weapon Enhancement

He enchanted Nightmare The Best Swordsman's weapon weapon with the Lucky Coin while Nightmare The Best Swordsman dueled The Best Swordsman.[19]


He's already using the demon King's power to this extent! ...Even if you use the power of the Demon King, it's useless if you can't handle it properly, but The scary thing is his understanding of skills and his ability to use them effectively..!!
 No Name[source]

Once Hardcore Leveling Warrior reached level 3, 8 of his 999 skills instantly became available and he gained one stat point.[56] Even at level 3, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was extremely devastating.

Equipped with just the Treasured Sword of the Knights, Hardcore Leveling Warrior fought on an equal footing with No Name, the Queen of Nightmares. who herself had previously defeated multiple high rankers in a single attack. No Name praised him for indeed being the renowned Hardcore Leveling Warrior and saw him as dangerous.[57]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior forced No Name to borrow the power of Zero.[57] Even after Zero took over No Name's body, Hardcore Leveling Warrior won their brief duel with an unorthodox skill combination which he was able to execute in just one tenth of a second.[57] It was only after No Name equipped The Final Spear, that Hardcore Leveling Warrior was at a disadvantage for the first time in their duel. He still believed that he had a trump card left until his duel with No Name was stopped by The Crow.[57]

When confronted by Dark's Party, Hardcore Leveling Warrior held his own and believed that he could take them on by himself. He took on an Uldolmok buffed non 100% mode The Best Swordsman who wielded dual swords with just his fist and displayed incredible casting speed and good judgement to save his team.[2] Only after Dark was able to restore Hardcore Leveling Warrior's memories did Hardcore Leveling Warrior stop fighting them.[2]

Physical Abilities

Strength: He slapped away Dark with a flick of his wrist.[2] He easily broke the chains Dark trapped him with and attacked immediately without delay.[2]

His standing punch was equal to the running dual sword strike of an Uldolmok buffed The Best Swordsman who was using at least 50% of his True Awakening.[2] The force from their clash created a powerful shcokwave.[2]

Movement Speed and Agility: He dodged multiple God killing weapons from Zero's Rain of God Annihilation.[57]

Durability: Hardcore Leveling Warrior slapped away the Turtle Ship's Victorious Cannon attack without suffering any injuries.[58] He countered an Uldolmok buffed The Best Swordsman's dual sword strike with his fist and suffered no damage.[2]


Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to fly at high speeds, levitate and stand in mid-air as if he was standing on solid ground.[57]

Repair Manipulation

Haha! I acquired the master title in one shot! As expected, this body is the best!
 ― Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Due to either Nightmare, the Demon King Attribute or both, a system error caused Hardcore Leveling Warrior to raise his Repair skill from level 1 → 99 instantly after using just 1 skill point.[56] This earned him the title of Repair Master, which grants him the ability to repair non repairable items.[56]

As seen during his fierce duel with Nightmare Queen No Name, he can instantly repair damaged items even during a duel he instantly repaired his Cursed Treasured Sword of the Knights after it was shattered by No Name's Final Spear.[56]

Mind Control Resistance

Due to either Nightmare, the Demon King Attribute or both, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to refuse to No Name's Queen's Command and an error in the system was caused when Hardcore Leveling Warrior refused.[56] This mind control resistance did not extend to Han Gun-Ho's mind control, as Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Even at level 3, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's swordsmanship was at an extremely high level. Using the newly repaired Treasured Sword of the Knights, he deflected No Name's Waves of Doom and emitted a powerful red wave attack that shook the Demon King Castle.[57]

A single sword slash with his giant purple sword cut Constant in half, although Constant survived through his Liar skill.[2] He used Lacerate with and without a sword weapon, but the former was countered by The Best Swordsman's Origin (元) and the latter was neutralised and turned into food by the effect of Sora's Kitchen Knife.[2] Based on the Chinese Hanja 節 not being present in either of the Lacerates, it is assumed that he did not use perfect lacerate.

Cursed Sword Proficiency: Due to the Demon King Passive, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to to enchant his Treasured Sword of the Knights and turn it into the a demonic sword, the Cursed Treasured Sword of the Knights,[57] which he expertly wielded during his duel with No Name.[57] A single unskilled slash left a huge crater in the ground and No Name caused it to acknowledge Hardcore Leveling Warrior as dangerous.[57]

Using the Cursed Treasured Sword of the Knights, Hardcore Leveling Warrior used a Tornado Spiral Lacerate (節), a variation of the perfect Lacerate which caused huge destruction to the ground that was hit.[57] No Name was able to block it with the Final Spear, a divine grade item that is arguably the strongest weapon in the game.[57]

He managed to parry No Name's Final Spear immediately after repairing his broken sword, although it should be noted that No Name shattered his sword immediately her next attack.[57]

Using the Enchant - Demonic Sword, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was even able to demonize Zero's God Killing Weapons.[57]

Throwing Weapon Proficiency

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to accurately throw Zero's God Killing weapons in her vital spots.[57]


Due to the demon king passive, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Auto Reflector was upgraded to Tyrannical Eyes, which reflects any skill under the Master Level with a simple gaze.[57] A simple gaze from Hardcore Leveling Warrior easily deflected No Name's Nightmare Pioneer Slash.[57]

Lucky Coin Enhancements

Mana Enhancement: Using a Lucky Coin during his duel with No Name (100% controlled by Zero), Hardcore Leveling Warrior increased his mana greatly which enabled him to use a skill combination of Seizure, The Hand of the Demon King, Enchant - Demonic Sword, Bestow - Auto Reflect and Throw x99.[57]

Regeneration (⬆️): Using lucky coins, he instantly increased the regeneration ability of Nightmare The Best Swordsman, Nightmare Tempest Nightmare Drip Soup and Nightmare Cocomori, which allowed them to instantly regenerate from the injuris they suffered from.[2]

Skill Combinations

Literal: What, did you notice it?! This body's skill combo!
 ― Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to execute a skill combination to stop and reflect Zero's God Killing Weapons. In one tenth of a second, he used Seizure to take control of Zero's weapons and prevent her from controlling them, The Hand of the Demon King to increase the speed of the weapons, Enchant -Demonic Sword to Demonise the sword which applied curses to them, Bestow - Auto Reflect to prevent Zero from controlling the weapon and Throw x99 to target Zero's vital spots.[57]


He demonized the God Killing Sword, then there's a magic casting blocking skill, and with the throw skill, he put all the swords in my vital spots...! To be able to do all that instantly in 0.1 seconds..!!

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to display a his fighting prowess during his duel with both No Name and Zero. No Name was impressed with how quickly Hardcore Leveling Warrior instantly adapted to the Demon King Attribute and his ability to use the Demon King's abilities and skills effectively.[57]

Zero was shocked with how quickly Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to counter her God Killing Weapons and how he managed to come up with an unblockable combination skill, which he did in under a tenth of a second.[57]


Following the commands of Han Gun-Ho, Hardcore Leveling Warrior equipped the Helmet of the Cursed Thorn King and used the Cursed Vines of the Thorn King skill to kill the Nightmare Grass Roots Guild which made Hardcore Leveling Warrior's level jump from 3 → 66 instantly.[50] Dark's party could instinctively feel that Hardcore leveling Warrior was incomparably stronger at level 66 to level 3.[53]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior equipped the Demon King's Hellfire Set and exuded a powerful aura that made Dark's whole party shiver.[53] The Best Swordsman believed that Hardcore Leveling Warrior was stronger than when he was the first ranker.[53]

Such overwhelming power...!! He's not at max level yet, but he's already taking down the best rankers...!! If only I could absorb that power...even Zero or No Name would be no match for me!
 Han Gun-Ho[source]

Han Gun-Ho marvelled at Hardcore Leveling's power and was shocked that he was able to overwhelm rankers despite not being at max level.[53] The 11th ranked Cave believed that if he could get his hands on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's shadow, it would make him the strongest.[53] He believed that if he could absorb Hardcore Leveling Warrior's power, both Zero and No Name would not be his match.[53]

That bastard...is even stronger than when he was first ranker that I knew...
 ― The Best Swordsman[source]

In single sword strike, Hardcore Leveling Warrior killed Lu Bu, Chota and Werewolf. Even Cave's attempt to control Hardcore Leveling Warrior with his conceptual magic was futile, as Cave was easily killed by Hardcore Leveling Warrior. This showed that even some conceptual magic could not even affect Hardcore Leveling Warrior. As Hardcore Leveling Warrior easily overwhelmed the rest of Dark's Party, The Best Swordsman called him a "monster" and believed that Hardcore Leveling Warrior was stronger than when he was the first ranker.[53]

Even if everyone uses their abilities to attack, we are the only ones getting more and more exhausted...This is truly infinite power...!
 ― The Best Swordsman[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior easily blocked a combined attack from the Grass Roots Guild. He can cast 76 magic spells attacks simultaneously, which caused heavy damage to the Turtle Ship x Santa Maria.[59] Dark summoned Ancient Dragon Chupa and Sora confronted Hardcore Leveling Warrior with a giant form of Ego, but both Sora and Ancient Dragon Chupa were defeated in a single blow from Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[59] Hardcore Leveling Warrior continued to spam 78 magic skills and The Best Swordsman described Hardcore Leveling Warrior's power as infinite.[60]

Heart Heater said that the only beings that could stand up to Hardcore Leveling Warrior now that he is wielding the power of the Demon King are the two Primordial Dragons, the Dragon of Evil and the Dragon of Light.[60]

Even with the aid of Giga's 13th team, Hardcore Leveling Warrior could not be stopped. He killed 3 of the 13th Team members that attacked him easily in one attack.[61] The Best Swordsman believed that only by someone's sacrifice would the space wizards be able to transfer the Primordial Dragons to face Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[61] The Best Swordsman decided to sacrifice himself in order to buy that time and trapped himself with Hardcore Leveling Warrior in Uldolmok's barrier.[62]

Physical Abilities

It is unknown the exact stat changes that occurred when Hardcore Leveling Warrior went from level 3 → 66, but after equipping the Demon King's Hellfire set, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's physical stats were at least 1865, which puts him above the level of an All-Stat.[53]

Strength: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's strength stat is at least 1865 with the Demon King's Hell Fire Set equipped. The force from a single blow from Hardcore Leveling Warrior sent Sora flying into Ancient Dragon Chupa, causing Sora to cough up blood and Ancient Dragon Chupa to be neutralized.[59]

Regeneration: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's regenerative powers is extraordinary. He instantly healed after being stabbed by Gorilla's spear weapon.[61]


Although I was able to block off that Lacerate with mine...his Lacerate is even closer to the perfection than my own. I wasn't able to even block all of it!
 ― The Best Swordsman[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's already tremendous swordsmanship is further enhanced by the Demon King's Hellfire Set, which increased both his attack power.[53] With the Demonic Sword - Demon King Sik equipped, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's attack power is at least 8531.[55][53]

A single Lacerate from Hardcore Leveling Warrior, which was partially blocked by The Best Swordsman's own incomplete Lacerate and which parts of the attack was turned to food by Sora, killed Chota, Werewolf, Lu Bu instantly.[53] The Best Swordsman barely blocked part of the lacerate with his own lacerate, but admitted that Hardcore Leveling Warrior's was near perfect unlike his.[53] Sora could only block part of the slash using her Kitchen Knife and said that the skill was more than she could handle.[53]

A single slash from Hardcore Leveling Warrior sent a wave that instantly cut through Cave's conceptual magic and killed Cave.[53]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's multiple sword slashes sent waves that damaged The Turtle Ship, despite The Best Swordsman using Uldolmok's Sea Currents to neutralize some of the slashes.[53] The Best Swordsman believed that the he could only block one or two more attacks like that.[53]

He is able to combine his demonic swordsmanship with Demonic Magic to create a combination skill, as seen when he empowered the Demon King Strike with the Flame of Doom.[60] Choco Bibi at had to teleport Dark out of the combination skills trajectory and said it was dangerous.[60]

Magic Defense

Crazy...he's truly a monster. This reminds me of when he was at his prime as the first ranker.
 ― The Best Swordsman[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior immediately covered himself with multiple magic defense skills after reaching level 66.[53] Dark could not believe how many magic defense skills Hardcore Leveling Warrior had covered himself with and knew that his card's magic would not work on Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[53]

A combined blow from The Best Swordsman, Cocomori, Tempest, Choco Bibi and Drip Soup was easily blocked by Hardcore Leveling Warrior's barrier. This reminded The Best Swordsman of the first ranked Hardcore Leveling Warrior.[59]

The barrier was temporarily weakened by Constant's Last Lie, which allowed Dark successfully hit Hardcore Leveling Warrior's forehead with an arrow that contained the Location Tracking card.[59] The barrier quickly regenerated though.[60]

Magic Power

This ominous and powerful mana that can be felt beyond the world. Perhaps, The Demon King has been created using Hardcore Leveling Warrior.
 ― Heart Heater[source]

With the Demon King's Hellfire equipped, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's intelligence stat is at least 1865,[53][55] which is almost double that of an All-Stat. Such is his magical power that Heart Heater could feel his ominous and powerful mana beyond the Demon World and in the Human World.

The Best Swordsman Uldolmok's field trapping Hardcore Leveling Warrior (Season 2 Episode 104).png [60]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior is can cast 78 magic attacks at the same and can continuously spam it without little to no cooldown time.[59] The 78 magic attacks damaged the turtle ship heavily.[59] Choco Bibi had to continually teleport his party members away from the magic attacks and the the rest of Dark's Party had to keep deflecting them to protect the ship.[59] Even after The Best Swordsman used Origin (元) to clear a pathway for Constant to use the Last Lie on Hardcore Leveling Warrior's barrier, Hardcore Leveling Warrior just continued to spam magic attacks.[59]

Under Han Gun-Ho's instruction, Hardcore Leveling Warrior used a magic attack with the intention of wiping out Dark's Party and the Turtle Ship x Santa Maria.[62] The attack had to be neutralised by The Best Swordsman, who had to lift Uldolmok from the Turtle Ship x Santa Maria, an narrow it's field on Hardcore Leveling Warrior in order to absorb the magic attack.[62]

Fear Resistance

Even in the presence of Ancient Dragon Chupa, Hardcore Leveling Warrior did not experience the fear effect that immobilised powerful being such as The 12 Labour of Hercules form Heriach and the 100% Nightmarized Le. Rajie with the power of Ligos.[63][64] This means that the Demon King Hardcore Leveling Warrior is a being that is equal to or on higher level of existence than Ancient Dragon Chupa, an Ancient Dragon.[59]


He has monster-like power, but he's not using it properly. The 'real' Hardcore Leveler dude wouldn't have aimed his skill like that!
 ― The Best Swordsman[source]

Despite having monster like power that was said to exceed the power he had in his prime, Hardcore Leveling Warrior could not use his skills properly. As noted by The Best Swordsman, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's mind was completely controlled by Han Gun-Ho while his 'real' personality was suppressed.[60] This meant that Hardcore Leveling Warrior was using attacking patterns he would not normally use if he was sentient.[60] One of such attacks he used that the 'real' Hardcore Leveling Warrior would not use was the Flame of Doom empowered Demon King Strike that he used in attempt to finish off Dark.[60]


Main article: Nightmarization

What is this dark effect...? Skill..Nightmarization?
 Hardcore Leveling Warrior[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior Nightmarized (Episode 55).jpg
Nightmare is a bug that changes the user's skills, personality and everything else. The user can get much stronger in a short period of time.[65] It grants the user the ability to use Nightmare which significantly increases the players stats such as strength, speed, regeneration and defence as well as imbuing all their skills with the power of Nightmare, which nullifies all defensive attributes.[31]

The then ranked No.88 Hardcore Leveling Warrior, along with the Zara Guild members, was forcefully Nightmarized when the Nightmare core with Constant resonated with the huge Cobalt gemstone and infected everyone within the vicinity with Nightmare.[66]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was shocked when he was Nightmarized.[66]

Black skill window? I've heard of it...!! But I heard it's a bug that immediately gets you penalised once you use it!

After being driven into a corner by The Player Eater, Hardcore Leveling Warrior opened his Hidden Gate. Using the Hidden Gate, his Lucky Coin flip that usually only buffs one stat buffed both his strength and regeneration by 77 times. Hardcore Leveling Warrior's right eye acquires a black/dark blue tint that emits a bluish aura.[67] The incredible buff cannot be maintained for long.[67]

With this, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to easily overwhelm the Player Eater; previously, The Player Eater overwhelmed a party containing Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Dark, Sora and Le. Rajie.[67]

The hidden gate is a bug in the game that leads to the user being sanctioned immediately after it is used. For this reason, Hardcore Leveling Warrior had to leave Dark's Party and flee Yopi Land in order to avoid being penalised. Upon arriving bacl at Yopi Land, he was chased by the guards.[67] If Hardcore Leveling Warrior was caught by the guards, the quest that he completed with Dark's party would have become invalidated.[67] He was chased by Giga's Security Team all the way to The Cave of Atonement, where he managed to cleanse his "sin" by defeating Spirit of the Mirror.[21][68]

It appears that the Black Skill Window buffs skills he has access to but does not let him use skills that were above his level at the time such as All-In and Betting.

Enhanced Lucky Coin Buff: The Lucky Coin only buffs 1 stat in normal circumstances, but using the Black Skill Window, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to buff both his strength and regeneration stat by x77.[67] As with a normal Lucky Coin buff, this buff does not last long.[67]

  • Enhanced Strength: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's strength stat increased by 77 times.[67] A single blow from Hardcore Leveling Warrior cracked the Player Eater's armour.[67] He broke the Player Eater's sword with a single blow and completely shattered the Player' Eater's armour with multiple blows in quick succession.[67]
  • Enhanced Regeneration: Hardcore Leveling Warrior's regeneration was buffed by x77. Hardcore Leveling Warrior's right arm that was crushed by the Player Eater instantly regenerated.[67] He Survived being pierced by multiple bone spears and regenerated instantly.[67]
  • Enhanced Swordsmanship: Despite Hardcore Leveling Warrior's low level, he was able to execute the One Sword Skill - Moonlight Slash thanks to his Lucky Coin buff and instantly defeat the Player Eater.[67]

Main article: Nightmarization 50%

I don't care what you say! This is my real world!!
 Hardcore Leveling Warrior to Zero[source]

In order to confront Zero, hardcore Leveling Warrior flipped his Dark Coin and was 50% Nightmarized. Hardcore Leveling Warrior's facial features are distorted, with his eyes having a blue tint that emits a sky blue streak. There are multiple thick veins surrounding the upper right side of his face.[69]

In this form, Hardcore Leveling Warrior can use the power of Nightmare that negates all defences. Hardcore Leveling Warrior's stats are buffed to an incredible level and he is able to use skills that are above his current level.[69]

Hardcore Leveling warrior is granted 50% the power of Nightmare without fully becoming a Nightmare himself. His stats are significantly increased and his attacks are able to ignore the opponents defence.[69] Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to use skills that were above his current level such as Copy Skill and even his ultimate skill, All-In.[69]

There is a possibility of Hardcore Leveling Warrior damaging himself with continued use of this skill.[69]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to match Zero blow for blow in this form and even "defeated" her in their duel which allowed him to regain the Treasured Sword of the Knights.[69]

Due to Nightmare being a bug, Hardcore Leveling Warrior use of this skill alerted Giga and he was under arrest until the timely intervention of God of Combat. The skill leaves Nightmare traces in Hardcore Leveling Warrior which was later removed by God of Combat.[70]

Enhanced Swordsmanship: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to break Zero's Needle and Guillotine.[69] The clash between Hardcore Leveling Warrior's All-In and Zero's Sword of Avarice created a dome of energy; the force of which could be felt from a fair distance away.[69]

Skill Replication: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to copy the Weapon Break skill that Cocomori used to break the sealed Ego Sword.[69]

Luck: Hardcore Leveling was able to get 99999 on the the slots machine during the activation of All-In.[69][71]

Gambler Abilities

Main Article: Gambler

You know what they say to aspiring gamblers? "Hardcore Leveling Warrior is the best gambler in the world....!"
 Hungry Ghost[source]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's class was not revealed early on but there were hints clues dropped about it as the series progressed. According to him, he is the only person in Lucid Adventure that completed the Job Advancement Quest for his class.[42] This claim is questionable with the introduction of another gambler, Hungry Ghost.

The Spirit of the Mirror looked into his mind and called him a 'Gambler'.[72] His class allows him to to take other players stats and skills in a Formal PK as a reward, allowing him to use Swordsman Class skills like Moonlight Slash and Wizard Class skills like Hell Fire.[40][73]

He can borrow stats and skills from party members when he is in a PK/PvP[73][74] pays them back with interest. He can use attacks that can give random damage based on luck.

Normally in MMORPG games, there is a bottoming out of growth efficiency and a cap on stats so it impossible to Max out all the stats, but with Hardcore Leveling Warrior being able to take stats of players through 'The Bet'. He is the only player in Lucid Adventure that can achieve the max level granting him power that can only be rivalled by the current ranked 1 Stone.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior becoming the ranked no.1 player and an All-Stat despite the huge risk of his class is a further testament to his strategic judgement.

Power Borrowing: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to borrow skills and stats from his part members.[73][75][74]

Power Lending: Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to lend his stats to members of his party.

Skill and Stats Theft: Due to the special nature of the gambler class, Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to steal the skills and stats of other players during a PK or a Bet. With this ability, Hardcore Leveling Warrior has gathered various stats and abilities from multiple classes including swordsman, wizards and thieves.

Adjudicator Summoning. Hardcore Leveling Warrior is capable of summoning a Ruler to moderate his Bets.[68]

Luck Based Attacks: Hardcore Leveling has several attacks that deal damage based on probability/ and luck such as All-In and Lucky Punch.

Luck Enhancement: Hardcore Leveling Warrior has several passives that boost his luck.

Luck Based Stat Enhancement: Through the Lucky Coin, Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to boost his stats temporarily by flipping a coin.

Gambling Games: As a gambler, Hardcore Leveling Warrior is able to make Bets using Gambling items such as dice.

Lucid Adventure Knowledge

Hardcore Leveling Warrior is one of the most knowledgeable players when it comes to Lucid Adventure. Over the course of the series has has used his knowledge of his game to aid him in clearing quests and defeating opponet's that would have outmatched him in a head on confrontation


Even without his high stats, Hardcore Leveling Warrior is a formidable opponent. His greatest weapon is arguably his mind, possessing the ability to devise and execute strategies with incredible speed and precision. In his younger years, he was in a Top 10 Lead school for academic improvement.[69]

He has had a vast array of combat experience, making him highly adept in combat. He is arguably the most knowledgeable player about Lucid Adventure and is privy to a lot of his secrets.

Hardcore Leveling Warrior's usual approach to combat is to identify an opponents strengths and weaknesses through careful observation, gradually learning how they react in any given situation. He remains aware of all actions that allies and opponents make, even things that seem insignificant at the time or that he doesn't yet understand whilst he keeping track of where everything is located in relation to everything else, even features that lack obvious practical use.

This is done either through watching a previous fight of the opponent where Hardcore Leveling Warrior has time to prepare a strategy beforehand in order to maximise his chances of winning. This could be seen with Hardcore Leveling Warrior observing Dark's duel with Akira[76] and using the information to aid him in his own duel with Akira.[77] He usually has several contingencies in place in case his plan doesn't succeed[67] and is able to quickly switch his plans and adapt to the new situation very quickly.[67]

If he cannot plan beforehand, he usually forces his opponents to reveal their abilities by provoking them. This was clearly illustrated during the Siege Round, when Hardcore Leveling Warrior provoked the rash Fengxian into revealing his abilities which allowed him to create better counter measures later in the round.[45]

After consuming the skills and items of players and becoming famous, Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses the 'bait' strategy in order to lure a gullible target into accepting a betting trap. He pretends to be weak and baits the target with some sort of prize. It sounds simple enough but thanks to this intricate trap, Hardcore Leveling Warrior became an All-Stat Player.[78]

As he is a solo player, he set up traps after defeating monsters to prevent a PK.[36]

Despite being a lone wolf, Hardcore Leveling Warrior is capable of working extremely well in a team. Once he identifies an opponent's weakness, Hardcore Leveling Warrior can quickly formulate an elaborate and unorthodox plan to take advantage of it, efficiently utilising each of his allies' unique skills to that purpose. This was shown during the Siege Round, despite Fengxian's Party being stronger Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to devise a strategy based on his luck and the advantage that his team got in the Subjugation Round to build a 'Market' that equipped the Hohoians with unique items.[79]

He is also able to take advantage of his allies skill which could be seen during the Subjugation Round. He was able to grasp Dark's Rewind ability immediately after Sora told him about it, which then led to him giving Dark his Lucky Coin in order to increase the success rate of his skill which in turn allowed Hardcore Leveling Warrior to temporarily regain his #3 Ranker powers to defeat Rigos.[80]


Having been at the summit of Lucid Adventure, Hardcore Leveling Warrior naturally became extremely arrogant which has put him in precarious situations. He sometimes let's his guard down when he believes that his opponent is weak such as when he let Choco Pork Stew freely stab him with the Paralyzing Dagger which eventually led to his current predicament.[26]

This was also shown during his fight with Rigos where he even admitted he might have been going a bit easy on Rigos after regaining his #3 Ranker form abilities. This again almost led to him being defeated.[81] When fighting Team Light, he could have won and prevented Light from becoming demonic Light had he used one of his skills.

When fighting he can sometimes overthink things and lose focus which allows his enemies to gain an upper hand.[82]

Hardcore Leveling Warrior has a self-admitted temper problem. He can sometimes lose his temper which could have adverse effects on both himself and his allies. He lost his cool in his fight with Zero and used Nightmare to fight her, despite the fact that he could have faced expulsion from the game by Giga[70] which would have led to dire consequences for him in The Real World.[67] He was fortunately saved by the timely intervention of God of Combat.[70]

He lost his temper after watching Dark get brutally beaten by Akira. He started a fight against Akira without a mutual consent which would have led to him having a PK, making him a Red Player and would have led to his expulsion from The Combat Tournament.[76] He would also risked being the enemy of the whole of Yopi Land.[83]

Personal Attribute

Absolute Luck: A passive skill that grants Hardcore Leveling Warrior overwhelming luck that aids him in combat and non-combat situations. It allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to be extremely lucky in times of crisis. It allows him to win gambling games, deliver maximum damage in skills that give random damage and get the items from defeated bosses. The conditions for triggering it have not been revealed. Despite the great advantages of his personal attribute, there is a huge risk involved as his stats are reset to 1 if he dies.[26][75] Even in the Siege Round where every other player gets two lives, his stats still get reset if he dies once.[46] This means that only one mistake can undo months and even years of hard work.

Combat Style

Able to come up with unpredictable combinations of skills from various classes. If he really did regain 'The perfect Memory of Cintamani'... then all of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's skills would've been unlocked and he'll be able to show his original combat style

Rank -1 HCLW.jpg

Hardcore Leveling Warrior favours close-range combat and tends to utilise his sword to engage his opponents, but he is more than capable of fighting mid to long range as well. He is ambidextrous when using his weapons and is capable of switching his sword arm without a change in his attack efficiency.[21]

He has acquired 999 skills, mostly through consuming the skills of other players. This allowed him to come up with unpredictable combinations of skills from various classes,[36] ranging from advanced magic spells to advanced sword attacks. The more skills he can employ and the more unpredictable he will be which increases his chance of victory. Overall, he is an all round fighter capable of adapting to almost any given situation and relies on a combination of strategy, luck and combat skills.

He is a ruthless fighter that is not above talking advantage of any situation. He will do anything to gain an advantage as long as it can let him win even if it means using a bug that can potentially get him banned from the game.

He also relies on deception and misdirection in order to confuse his opponents and even his own allies. He deceived people into thinking his magic deflection was a Personal Trait of his rather than that of his armor which led people to thinking he was more powerful than he was, giving him an advantage in combat.[84] He is also very secretive about his class and personal attribute, not even disclosing information on both to his allies.[84][85]

After his level was reset, he mainly uses his Lucky Coin to gain various buffs to the stats. He uses Hell Fire as his main mid to long range attack as and mains Moonlight Slash as his main melee attack.

Since the Siege Round, Hardcore Leveling Warrior has been using Lacerate a lot more alongside Moonlight Slash as his main sword attack. According to Upooh, Hardcore Leveling Warrior mainly uses Moonlight Slash, because many of his skills had certain conditions for use.

Skill Tree

He's a gambler and the rumour is that he stole skills and stats from other users to achieve perfect stats and gather 999 different skills
 Secretary Kim giving a scout report


These are gambler skills that are associated directly with the gambler class.

  • Lucky Coin: Hardcore Leveling Warrior flips a coin. Heads, he significantly increases a random stat (e.g. strength, Spell power). Tails, nothing happens, he gets a debuff, or the enemy gets the buff. He can also give an ally the coin to use once he has manifested it. Dark's Deja-Vu spell was unable to see the future when this coin was involved, as the future constantly changed. At higher levels, multiple coins can be used at once. However, the more coins he uses at once, the faster the buff wears off.
    • Golden Lucky Coin: flips a glowing gold coin and catches it. An effect is given to Hardcore Leveling Warrior. The effect shown is:
      • Lucky Three! Three Cards: A set of cards representing various abilities Hardcore Leveling Warrior has seen are presented to Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He may pick three. Each card acts as a consumable item that allows him to use the corresponding skill.
        • Choco Bibi Teleport: One of Choco Bibi's skills. Allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to teleport to another predetermined place.
        • Lime Healing Bubble: One of Lime's skills. Places Hardcore Leveling Warrior in a bubble that heals him.
        • Lucas Han's Skill - Holy Light: One of Lucas Han's skills. fires a laser at the enemy. Was powerful enough to instantly penetrate the chest of a nightmarized Rigos.
        • Immortal Barrier: a circular golden barrier made of hexagons appears around Hardcore Leveling Warrior, protecting him from harm. It is unknown whose skill this is.
        • Water Needle: a skill obtained from a water magician in Yopi Land. Fires a high pressure jet of water at the enemy. In terms of damage it is not that strong, but it has high penetration ability.
        • Freeze: Causes water to freeze, increasing its volume. When combined with Water Needle, it was able to destroy a powerful golem by expanding it from the inside out.
  • Beginner's Luck: A passive skill of the gambler class. The effect is unknown. It seems to be a luck buff for low level gamblers.
  • All-In: One of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's ultimate skills. Hardcore Leveling Warrior throws his coins into a slot machine that appears behind him. The slot machine has a "Live or Dead" sign above it. similar to Lucky Punch, he is able to deal random damage based on random numbers ranging from 00000 to 99999.
  • Betting: Hardcore Leveling Warrior makes a bet with his opponent. In some cases, such as legal PvP, a Combat NPC can be summoned to oversee the bet. Conditions and rewards are determined by the players. Winner takes the reward, loser takes the consequences. Due to Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Gambler class, he can even take the opponent's stats and unique items and skills, even those not normally teachable, as a reward. It is noted that this skill is not bound by the rules of the game, allowing it to override all other abilities, such as allowing a sealed spirit to break free of seal placed on him simply by making that his prize if he won the game. The bet can also be used to verify if others are lying by making the condition of their loss if they lie.
    • The Ruler (The Moderator): The Ruler is a summon of the Gambler class. The ruler is able to fly. It watches the rules to be obeyed, and ensures the conditions of the bet are fulfilled. If a player attempts to break the rules, the Ruler breaks the cheaters wrists with 'The Hammer of Fairness', and nullifies any ability that would break the rules, allowing it to nullify The Spirit of Mirror's Mind Mirror ability. The Ruler is also able to verify and detect when the conditions of a bargain have been completed, so it cannot be tricked.
  • Borrow: Hardcore Leveling Warrior 'borrows' the stat(s) of an ally. This temporarily drains them of that stat(s) and gives it to Hardcore Leveling Warrior. He can also borrow skills. It isn't clear if this skill requires permission or not, as when borrowing Sora's strength he asked her and did not receive her powers until she had agreed, while he was able to use Dark and Tac's skills without having asked them first.
    • Summon Skeleton: A skill borrowed from Dark. Summons a level 1 skeleton. Hardcore Leveling Warrior used this skill to take an otherwise lethal attack for him.
    • Payback: Hardcore Leveling Warrior returns the borrowed skills and stats, this time with interest (deducted from his own stats).
    • Paralysis Resistance: borrowed from Tac, allowing him to continue moving even after stabbed by The Sword of Doom's Day.
    • J.R.I.R. Crush: A skill borrowed from Tac. Allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to deliver a powerful punch to the target. Used to counter attack Zero disguised as Umai.
  • Lucky Man: A passive skill that is triggered when Hardcore Leveling Warrior is facing an unavoidable critical attack. He is able to unintentionally avoid the attack whilst simultaneously dealing a critical attack to his enemy.
    • Lucky Punch: one of Hardcore Leveling Warrior's ultimate skills. Only usable after Lucky Man has activated. Hardcore Leveling Warrior manifests a slot machine number wheel above his head, then punches the opponent, dealing a damage ranging from 00000 to 99999, sufficient to instantly oneshot Nightmarized Rigos.

Other Skills

These are skills that Hardcore Leveling Warrior has acquired from bets, equipped items and completed quests.

  • Hell Fire: A skill associated with the Wizard class. It is a high tier spell that unleashes an enormous torrent of flames. One of his preferred spells. During the Leaf Dungeon Arc he could only use this when buffing his spell power with Lucky Coin, though by the Preliminary Round Arc he can use it without needing to buff himself. However, it is noted to have the potential to damage him as well if used in small spaces.
  • Moonlight Slash: a one sword skill that delivers a powerful slash to the target. He acquired this skill as a reward for defeating The Best Swordsman during a 'bet'. It is a copy of the Lacerate skill.
    • Moonlight Slash - Tornado: By doing a Moonlight Slash while rotating, Hardcore Leveling Warrior projects far more slashes than normal in a vortex towards the opponent.
    • Sword Dance Wave: Hardcore Leveling Warrior executes 99 consecutive Moonlight Slashes in quick succession which unleahses a wave that cuts the intended target.
  • Bash: A Swordsman class skill. Hardcore Leveling Warrior delivers a sword strike to the target. The skill was first seen in his skill tree during the Leaf Dungeon Arc, but he was unable to use it due to his low level. He used it against Dongchun, but he was saved by Scallion Head.
  • Mana Toss: gives some of his own mana to an ally.
  • Hell Explosion: causes Hardcore Leveling Warrior to emit a huge fire explosion from his body. He was able to break free of Rigos's Blizzard skill using this skill.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior Headbutting: Hardcore Leveling Warrior delivers a powerful headbutt. It was strong enough to send Rigos through 3 mountains. It is unclear if it is an actual skill or if it is just Hardcore Leveling Warrior doing a simple headbutt with his overwhelming stats.
  • Copy Skill: A skill that allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to copy a skill he has seen.
    • Weapon Break: A skill copied from Cocomori. It breaks a weapon Hardcore Leveling Warrior comes into contact. He used this to break free of Guillotine after it had immobilized him.
  • Self-Burning: Lights himself on fire in a vortex of flame, damaging enemies around him. Unclear if he damages himself.
  • Lightning Fist: Hardcore Leveling Warrior channels electricity through his fist before delivering a blow to the target. He stole this skill in order to counter The Best Swordsman's alleged weakness to electricity due to his water skills.
  • Tornado Slash: Hardcore Leveling Warrior slashes the target upwards in a whirlwind motion, creating a tornado like effect.
  • Lacerate (節): The true, stronger form of Moonlight Slash. When used by Novelist Han, the skill's creator, 'Lacerate (節)' cut apart the clouds in the sky and negated a monster's Low-Mid regeneration. After regaining his #1 Ranker powers temporarily, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was finally able to use 'Lacerate (節)' to defeat a Light (???) that had fully succumbed to Zero's Nightmare power, which implied that you perhaps need to be at least an all-stat to use this version.
    • Lacerate (切): Unlike Novelist Han who used 'Lacerate (節)', Hardcore Leveling Warrior was only able to use 'Lacerate (切)'. Although it instantly killed Dark Warrior's Helmet Mode Lu Bu, and cut down an entire castle in a single move slash it was still incomplete due to Hardcore Leveling Warrior not completely comprehending the skill's command as it requires a high intelligence stat to use. Hardcore Leveling Warrior had to buff himself with Lucky Coins in order to use Lacerate (切). The (切) implied that he was still not fully able to comprehend the skill. The skill can be used without a sword as shown when he used his Sworldess version to defeat Scallion Head. During his fight against Team Yopi Land, it seems that he no longer needs to buff his intelligence to use Lacerate and can enter the skill command easily.
  • Maximum Survival Instinct: A passive skill that grants the player a wild animal's instinct. It is an animal attribute that detects danger. The user is able to view auras around others. The size of the aura corresponds to their power. Hardcore Leveling Warrior gave Dark and Sora the skill and trained in how to use it, but it is unclear if he has it. He was able to view Light's aura and gauge his strength early in the series.[27]
  • Dodge: After using a Lucky Coin buff, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to evade a close range attack by side stepping it with speed.
  • Switch: a skill used in Swordmage Mode. Reads the path of the enemy attack and dodges it.
  • Barrier: sets up an invisible magical barrier around the user. Hardcore Leveling Warrior set up 5 of these in an instant, and each can take up to 1000 damage before breaking. He also used a wide range variant to protect an entire village from destruction.
  • Slow Area: slows time in a small target area. Was used to slow down Fengxian's attack by slowing down the motion of his arm.
  • Lord of Ignes: described as top tier magic, but it is unknown what it does, or if Hardcore Leveling Warrior actually has this skill, as he never cast it, instead using it as a threat to trick his opponent before switching to another spell.
  • Force Use Skill: forces a specific skill of the enemy's to activate. Was used to force Fengxian to teleport back to his base by activating his Return to Base skill,
  • Bash: a sword attack associated with the Swordsman Class. Delivers a sword strike to the target.
  • Master's Instinct: a passive skill that detects extraordinary speed or spell power using a hidden stat called Instinct, allowing Hardcore Leveling Warrior to detect and dodge attacks that break the attack speed limit.
  • Hero's Body: consumes own HP to break the range limit of actions. Can only be used with strength stat over 999.
  • Storm Cutter: Hardcore Leveling Warrior emits a ball of energy from his palm which creates spherical blades of wind that cuts the target.
  • Moonlight Storm Slash: After flipping a Lucky Coin, Hardcore Leveling Warrior was able to combine Storm Cutter and Moonlight Slash to deliver a powerful vertical slash that created a vortex.
  • Magic Magnet: A magic skill that rounds up small projectiles together into massive attack. In Hardcore Leveling Warrior's case, he can even control large scale spells scattered randomly.
  • Devil's Explosion: Hardcore Leveling Warrior uses Magic Magnet to fuse 6 Hell Fires into a large explosion.
  • Auto-Reflector: Hardcore Leveling Warrior automatically deflects detection magic.
  • Automatic Skill Analysis: The skill used on Hardcore Leveling Warrior is automatically analysed after it is blocked by the Auto-Reflector.
  • Magic Immunity: A passive magic spell that grants the #1 Rank Hardcore Leveling Warrior absolute magic immunity. It allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to neutralize all magic attacks including powerful spells from Majin Light. It is still a spell and can be disabled. It is unclear if this a skill he has in his skill tree or if it granted to him by his golden items.
  • Blazing Tiger: Hardcore Leveling Warrior summons a giant flame-shaped target that attacks the target.
  • 100 Consecutive Rounds of Magic: Hardcore Leveling Warrior rapidly fires a 100 different spells in quick succession at the target. The speed of the spells is so quick that even Majin Light was unable to dispel it after dispelling only 4.
  • Anti-Magic Disable Trap Spell: A spell that disables the targets anti-magic spells.
  • Perfect Cure: A spell that fully restores a targets HP and MP. It is the highest recovery spell seen in the series.
  • Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Speciality - 100 Layer Barrier: Hardcore Leveling Warrior creates a powerful barrier that has 100 layers. After each layer is destroyed the Barrier number goes from 100/100 to 0/100.

Hidden Gate Skills

A dark version of the players skills window. Grants a secret set of extremely powerful abilities caused by a bug. Any player caught using the bug is immediately apprehended by The Security Team. Hardcore Leveling Warrior used the 'Spirit of Mirror's' Mind Mirror skill to cover this 'sin' leading his use of this skill to be erased from everyone else's memory.

  • Lucky Coin: when Lucky Coin is flipped with the Hidden Gate opened, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's strength and regeneration increase by 77.

Nightmare Skills

A power that is considered a 'bug' in Lucid Adventure. Use of Nightmare increases the users stats significantly and imbues their attacks with the power of Nightmare, allowing them to neutralize all defences. The continued use of Nightmare erodes the players features and corrupts them.

  • Nightmarization: Hardcore Leveling Warrior was Nightmarized after the cobalt gem stone resonated with the bug in Constant's pocket and infected the whole Zara Guild. His stats were significantly increased and his attacks were imbued wit the power of Nightmare which nullifies all defences.
  • Dark Coin: A dark version of the Lucky Coin. Allows Hardcore Leveling Warrior to enter Nightmarization 50%.
    • Nightmarization 50%: Increases Hardcore Leveling Warrior's stats significantly and allows his attacks while ignoring defense. Continued use of this skill can cause him damage.

Combination Skills


Stats in chronological order
Level Known Stats Instance Notes
  • N/A
AE 4 Hardcore Leveling Warrior was a novice at this point.[20]
  • Strength: 800+
Episode 53 Was presumably still ranked no.88 while at the Zara Guild.[65]
  • Strength: 900+
Episode 3 Was ranked no.3 under the Giga Ranking System.[86]
99 Episode 1 Was ranked no.1 Under the Giga Ranking System.[26]
  • All Stats: 1
Episode 2 All stats got reset to level 1 after he was killed by the Zombie Dragon.[26][41]
  • N/A
Episode 11 He was Level 15 after clearing the Black Magic Dungeon.[27]
  • N/A
Episode 13 Level 30 after clearing the 5th floor of the Leaf Dungeon.[49]
  • Strength: 988
  • Intelligence: 115
  • Dexterity: 50
  • Movement Speed: 12
Episode 69 After completing the Novelist Request Quest,

he gained 500+ Strength which took his Strength stat to 988.[87][25]

  • Strength: 500
Episode 79 Reset to level 1 at the start of the Siege Round.[45]

Retained his strength stat of 500 because he got it from Novelist Han.[87]

  • All Stat: 1
Episode 164 All Stats reset to 1 reset after he was killed by Sad Smile's Contractor.[88][24]
99 Episode 164 Temporarily regained his Rank No.1 Form Dark's Wind Up.
≥ 30
  • N/A
Episode 171 He gained enough experience to create a single Lucky Coin.[48]

Lucky Coin skill is unlocked at Level 30.[49]

1[16] 2 Episode 78 He became a Chimera. His body successfully fused with Nightmare and Demon King's Karma.[16]
2[19] Season 2 Episode 89 Presumably still an All-Stat. Gained 500 combat experience and levelled up during

Nightmare The Best Swordsman's with The Best Swordsman.[19]

3[56] Season 2 Episode 90 By participating in battles through buffing his allies, he gained enough experience through the party experience to reach level 3.[56] Out of 999 skills, Hardcore Leveling Warrior could learn 80 skills at this level.[56] He earned 1 skill point after leveling up which he used to upgrade his Repair skill from 1 to .[56]
66[50] Season 2 Episode 99 After killing the Nightmare Grass Roots Guild with the Cursed Vines of the Thorn King, Hardcore Leveling Warrior gained 456,895,489 Experience points and his level went from 3 → 6 instantly.[50] He had 440 stat points and 440 skill points remaining.[50]
66[53] Season 2 Episode 100 After reaching Level 66, Hardcore Leveling Warrior acquired the Demon King's Hellfire Set from Han Gun-Ho and equipped it.[53]


The Little Girl's Love

Passive skill gained from successfully completing a Novelist Han's quest. The little girl (Laling) has max affection for Hardcore Leveling Warrior.


Name Effect


Hardcore Leveling Warrior earned the title 'Baldhead' (Hangul: 쑥대머리, Romaja: ssugdaemeoli) after his hair was cut off by Scallion Head's Sword Dance of Nightmare. Immediately after he lost his hair, Hardcore Leveling Warrior's rage stat increased.[89]

It is due to this title that Hardcore Leveling Warrior is mocked for being Bald by other characters even when he was wearing a beanie hat. He was constantly called 'Baldy' (대머리, daemeoli) which annoyed him.


Hardcore Leveling Warrior acquired the 'Hero' title after passing 'The Trial of the Dragon' of the Dragon of Evil. The title allows Him to equip 'Hero Exclusive Items'.[90]

Unfortunately for Hardcore Leveling Warrior, he cannot equip Hero items because the retrieved items he used when he was number #1 (Golden Gauntlet and Golden Boots) were contaminated by Nightmare. Heart Heater was barely able to contain them with Anti-Nightmare Magic so they can't be used to their full potential.[91]

Hero items cannot be equipped along with contaminated as there will be an adverse reaction.[91]


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