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"I'm The Hardcore Leveling Warrior, I'm the best"
Ethan Gong, better known as Hardcore Leveling Warrior in Lucid Adventure, is the main protagonist of the Hardcore Leveling Warrior series. He is the former #1 Ranker and former First Battalion Commander of the Zara Guild. He is currently competing in the PvP Round of the Combat Tournament as a member of Dark's Party.

His goals are to regain his #1 rank and earn enough money in order to repay his debt to Chairman Kim.


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The Real WorldEdit

Ethan has scruffy black hair, a look which he has had since his childhood[1] as well as black eyes. He often looks tired, with bags under his eyes. Ethan mostly wears black long sleeve shirts and dark turquoise cargo pants.[2]

After playing Lucid Adventure continuously day and night, Ethan developed a stubble that made him look even more unkempt. He has since shaved it off.[3]

Lucid AdventureEdit

His character in Lucid Adventure looks about the same as his real life appearance with scruffy mid-length red hair that seems to stand on end, giving it a rising, flame-like appearance and red eyes. During his early years in the game, his hair was mid length and grew a bit longer just before he became the #1 Ranker.[4]

When he became the #1 Ranker, his hair became even longer and more fiery, reaching as far down as his mid back.[2] He retained this look even after his level got reset.[5]

Scallion Head used a sword attack that resulted in HCLW getting a bald patch on the top of his head.[6] This lead to people referring to him as 'baldy', which greatly frustrated him. He hid his bald patch with a grey-colored beanie hat[7] and applies ointment regularly to make his grow back.[8]

After losing his beanie hat during his duel with Akira, he is currently sporting a shorter albeit unkempt hairstyle.[9]

He was pretty skinny when he first created his character in Lucid Adventure[6] but became sturdier as his strength stat increased. After his level got reset back to 1[5], he reverted to looking skinny once again. Since he raised his strength stat to 900+, he has regained the sturdy look he had at the start of the series.[10]


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