Hardcore Leveling Tank - World of Tanks is a South Korean manhwa and webtoon series written and illustrated by Kim Sehoon. It is a brand webtoon created to promote The World of Tanks IP. The series began on 30 August 2020 and concluded October 18, 2020.


This content is a brand webtoon of World of Tank, and it is another story of Hardcore Leveling Warrior delivered by Kim Sehoon. Fierce competition for the Hardcore Leveling Warrior's Team! Full-scale tank warfare, Hardcore Leveling Tank!

Hardcore Leveling Warrior’s team is back in Subjugation Round of the Combat Tournament. Right after the victor is declared, the God of Combat announces a new theme for the upcoming round: Tank Warfare. Find Hardcore Leveling Warriorand many other characters of Lucid Adventure experience “World of Tanks”. In this spinoff, you can expect: tanks, fantasy, tanks, humor, tanks, hohoians, tanks, special abilities coming out of nowhere, tanks and TANKS!!!


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Translation Notes

열렙전차 is a play on the regular series 열렙전사 (Hardcore Leveling Warrior).

'열렙' means "Hardcore Leveling" . 전차 literally means Tank.

The translation of 열렙전차 is Hardcore Leveling Tank

Notes & Trivia

  • The series has not been officially translated in English on Naver's LINE Webtoon platform.
  • The story takes place in a separate universe from the main story, and splits off around Episode 50 diverting from there.


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