Han Soo-Ah is the eldest daughter and second child of Giga's Chairman, Han Sung-Gong. She is a Giga Group director, the current Lord of Bromorten and the head of Giga Group Mythical Division.

She is in constant competition with her younger brother, Han Gun-Soo, for their father's recognition. During the Combat Tournament, she backed Team Giga No.3 who were eventually eliminated in the Siege Round by Team Choco Bibi.




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Han Sung-Gong

Han Gun-Ho

Han Gun-Soo

Han Gun-Woo

Han Gun-Woo is Soo-Ah's cousin. They have not been shown having any interaction but it can be assumed that Soo-Ah dislkies Gun-Woo like the rest of her family. When they met at the Combat Market, she completely ignored him.[1]


Secretary Kim

Secretary Kim works directly under Han Soo-Ah. She treats him like a servant and commanded him to first pay the cash to the Frog Merchant and then to try and pull out the Ego Sword.[1]

General Manager Song

Grass Roots Guild


Choco Bibi

Skills & Abilities

As a director and heir to Giga, as well as being the Lord of Bromorten, Han Soo-Ah is an extremely wealthy and influential figure both in the real world and in the game. Her status means she has powerful players at her disposal such as the rankers Heriach and Apple. It remains unclear if she possesses any actual combat prowess.

Vast Wealth: As a director and heir of Giga Group, Han Soo-Ah is extremely wealthy. Immediately she showed up to the auction for the Ego Sword, all the other competing players gave up instantly, knowing they couldn't compete with her financially.[1]

Castle Lord's Skills: Han Soo-Ah is able to use Castle Lord skills.

  • Power Level Measuring: Han Soo-Ah is able to measure the power level and accomplishments of a player within her area of control.

Skill Tree

Lord's Skills

  • The Lord's Eye: Han Soo-Ah can read all of a character's information that are in the areas that are under her command command.
  • The Lord's Guard: Han Soo-Ah can bestow a protection magic to those who serve her. When in an are protected by another Lord, it prevents Han Soo-Ah's servants information from being read by The Lord's Eyes.



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Translation Issues

'한수아' literally translates to 'Han Soo-Ah' (or Han Su-a). Line Webtoon has translated her name as 'Sua Han'. This wiki will be using the correct form.

Notes & Trivia

  • Soo-ah, also spelled Su-a, is a Korean feminine given name. Its meaning depends on the hanja used to write each syllable of the name. There are 67 hanja with the reading "soo" and 29 hanja with the reading "ah" on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names. Due to the author not using any Hanja with her name, the actual meaning of her name is impossible to determine.


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