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Alpaca Man was one of the avatars used by Han Gun-Jae in Lucid Adventure. As Alpaca Man, Han Gun-Jae was a member of Keynes Party that took part in a former iteration of the Combat Tournament.[1] Keynes Party served as a minor antagonist during the Leaf Dungeon Arc. Alpaca Man later joined Bamboo Spear Man's Party and competed in the last ever Combat Tournament.[2] His team was eventually knocked out in the Siege Round by Team Light.

When Dark Village was invaded by Giga, Alpaca Man fought alongside Han Gun-Jae's other avatars, Sword Master and Novelist Han, to protect the village of his grandson. Along with Novelist Han, Alpaca Man was reabsorbed into Han Gun-Jae's Sword Master avatar as Han Gun-Jae attempted to permanently remove Han Sung-Gong from the game.[3]






Although little of Alpaca Man's combat ability was revealed, he was implied to be a very strong character. He broke Hardcore Leveling Warrior's arm after putting him in a full nelson, albeit a low level HCLW.[4]

Strength: As Alpaca Man, Han Gun-Jae had the 3rd highest strength stat behind Hardcore Leveling Warrior and Lu Bu during the Siege Round of the Combat Tournament.[5] Using the broken piece of a status as a projectile, he was able to destroy destroy two Giga's GF-999 which boast a high defensive power.[3]

Speed: Despite his large size, Alpaca Man was quick enough to sneak up on Hardcore Leveling Warrior and put him in a full Nelson.

Combat Style

From the little we have seen of Alpaca Man in combat, he relies on his high strength stat and has been shown to use grappling moves as well as using objects as projectiles.

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