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"You guys all have 'Lucid Adventure' accounts right? Login tonight! I will write my will in there"

Han Gun-Jae, known as Sword Master, Alpaca Man and Novelist Han in Lucid Adventure, was the Chairman of Giga Group, The Creator and Absolute God of Lucid Adventure.[1] He was the father of Han Sung-Gong, Han Sung-Joo and Han Sung-Hyun as well as the paternal grandfather of Han Gun-Ho, Han Soo-Ah, Han Gun-Soo and Han Gun-Woo. After creating the game, Han Gun-Jae's Divine character came to be known as Sword Master. To help him enjoy the world of Lucid Adventure, Han Gun-Jae split his soul into 2 other characters, Alpaca Man and Novelist Han.

As Alpaca Man, Han Gun-Jae was a member of Keynes Party that took part in a former iteration of the Combat Tournament. Keynes Party served as a minor antagonist during the Leaf Dungeon Arc. Alpaca Man later joined Bamboo Spear Man's Party and competed in the last ever Combat Tournament. His team was eventually knocked out in the Siege Round by Team Light.

As Novelist Han, Han Gun-Jae travelled around the Lucid Adventure world to learn about it from a more grounded perspective. He used the ideas and experiences he acquired during his journey to write a novel he titled "Lucid Adventure". On his travels he took on Sora as an apprentice and trained her for some time. He also gave Hardcore Leveling Warrior 500+ Strength stat and the Divine Skill, Lacerate (節), skill as rewards for completing a quest.

In the real world, Han Gun-Jae contracted an unknown illness. He gathered his family in the hospital telling them to log into Lucid Adventure as he will be leaving his will online. Soon after that, he fell into a coma, but his consciousness remained online in Lucid Adventure.[2]

In the game, he was constantly chased by the Giga, who were trying to capture him in order to control Lucid Adventure completely. After finally meeting Han Sung-Gong in the game, Han Gun-Jae's 2 other avatars were reabsorbed into his Sword Master form as he attempted to remove his son from the game. Unfortunately, he was defeated by his eldest son. After engaging Han Sung-Gong in Lucid Adventure, the rest of his power was used up and he he was forced to log-out and his life is was hanging on by a thread.[3][4] He remained in The Subconscious World and aided Hardcore Leveling Warrior in returning Lucid Adventure after he was killed by the Contractor.

After the conclusion of the PvP Round, he used the last bit of his power to see Han Gun-Woo in Lucid Adventure, encouraging him one final time before finally passing away.[5]

His will that was broadcast all over the world upon his death, stated that whoever reached the end of the game will inherit the position of Giga Chairman. This lead to multiple people vying for control of the game.


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Real World

Han Gun-Jae was an elderly man with gray hair. He often had stern business-like expression on his face. Han Gun-Jae almost always wore a suit and tie together with a long-sleeved buttoned shirt.

Lucid Adventure

Sword Master was Han Gun-Jae's default avatar in Lucid Adventure .

Alpaca Man's most distinctive feature was his head, which is stylized to look like his namesake. His body is covered in brown Alpaca wool. Having large broadd shoulders and large arms, Alpaca Man was abundant in both height and width.

Novelist Han bore the most similar appeareance to Han Gun-Jae's real world appearence. He had grey hair and visible wrinkles. He wore large circular sunglasses with a yellow bridge and temple as well as grey tinted lens.

Major Battles

  • Novelist Han vs Cobalt Castle undead
  • Sword Master, Alpaca Man and Novelist Han vs Multiple GF-999

Translation Notes & Issues

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The character's real name '한건제' literally means 'Han Gun-Jae'. For some unknown reason, Line Webtoon has changed the character's name to 'Roy Han'. This wiki uses the original translation which the author of the series intended.

Notes & Trivia

  • Han Gun-Jae's game name, Sword Master was mentioned by Dark in Episode 19 but his real name was revealed in Episode 21. Han Gun-Jae was first seen in a flashback in Episode 6 and his Sword Master silhouette was first seen in Episode 6. The Corrupted Spirit of Grasses materialised a strong enemy that took on Sword Master's appearance in Episode 19. His first true appearance as 'Sword Master' in the series was in Episode 21.
  • He is the only player that has been seen with the ability to use multiple characters at the same time in Lucid Adventure.
  • Han Gun-Jae splitting himself into three pays homage to the Christian doctrine of the Holy Trinity, where there is only one God in three hypostases: while distinct in their relations with each other, they are stated to be one in all else, co-equal, co-eternal and consubstantial, and each is God, whole and entire.
  • It is implied but not specifically stated that the poison that Zero tried spreading through Han Gun-Jae's avatar in Lucid Adventure is the cause of his illness in the real world and the reason why using his ultimate skills takes such a toll on his avatar.
  • Fans have compared Han Gun-Jae's motivations and will to several other characters from various novels, mangas and films.
    • Yoo Byung Jun from the Korean light novel series, The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor. He is the owner of Unicorn Corporation and Creator of the popular VRMMORPG, Royal Road. He is (secretly) in search of an heir. The main attraction of the Royal Road is the reward that the first player to unite all the continents under one banner and become Emperor will gain. The prize money for achieving this goal is 10% of the Unicorn Corporation's sales for one month. In reality, Yoo Byung Jun has ordered Goddess Versailles to transfer the winner all of his shares, wealth and technology (this includes genetic manipulation of the winner), making him the strongest entity in the world.
    • James Halliday from the science fiction novel and movie, Ready Player One. He was the creator of OASIS, a massive online simulation used by billions of people in the story's dystopian future setting. When the story begins, the late Halliday has just willed a major prize to whosoever finds a unique, hidden easter egg in his VR realm, the OASIS. The terms of the will would give the finder his half-trillion-dollar fortune, along with administrative control over the OASIS itself.
    • Gol D. Roger from the popular pirate adventure manga and anime, One Piece. He was a legendary pirate who held the title of 'Pirate King' and owned the legendary treasure known as "One Piece". Just as he was about to be executed by the World Government to discourage piracy, his last words had the opposite impact. He stated that anyone who can find his treasure can claim it. As such, this made Roger single-handedly responsible for starting the Golden Age of Pirates.


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